A Brush With The Elegant Ampersand

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Ampersand is one of the very few typographical characters that has been a part of our daily lives since we can remember. It was the uniqueness of ampersand that made designers experiment with the design of ampersand. The end results at times were amazing while sometimes it was hard to recognize the outcome. I might not leave a shiver down your spine when I introduce you to the history of ampersand but believe me, it is worth your time. Today, we will dive into the past and understand how ampersand become what it is today – Ampersand. Also, we will admire some of the most amazing experimental ampersand designs that designers could imagine.

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Hot WordPress Themes For Freelancers For Personal Branding

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In order to succeed as a freelancer and build a successful brand, website creation is paramount to displaying a professional image. WordPress makes it easy for freelancers to build beautiful, professional websites that are not only impressive to potential clients, but also easy to manage and customize.

The right WordPress theme can make or break your website, so its important to choose one that is clear, concise, simple to navigate and overall generally pleasing to the visitor.

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20 Mac Apps For Everyone To Help Increase Productivity

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Every hardworking employed or self-employed individual strives to be more productive at work. However, a resolution to be more productive is easier said and done. There are plenty of temptations in the office, especially for home-based workers. Sleep, idling around and even playing games are just a few clicks away. Of course, being less efficient at work will result in less quality output and in turn a smaller paycheck.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Mac apps out there to keep you in check. Here are our top 20–to do lists, documents, spreadsheets, task management and other productive office applications. The Macbook is a great innovation (thanks to Apple and the late Steve Jobs, bless him). Many of these applications aren’t free though, but we know that good things are never free these days although these apps are worth more than what you pay for.

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20 Premium WordPress eCommerce Themes And 6 Shopping Cart Scripts

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One of the coolest things that ever happened on the internet is the ability to sell things online. Not everyone has the capability to create websites that are built to sell products, it’s a good thing we have WordPress and WordPress developers to thank for their themes and scripts. In this article I will present eCommerce themes and PHP scripts that will help sell your product online using the cheapest means possible.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, WordPress has an amazing support community today that you won’t ever get lost. But of course it is always good if you have a basic understanding of how WordPress themes and scripts are created so that you can have an idea, if you have not yet, of how to edit and customize themes and scripts. A little knowledge of PHP and JavaScript is good too, but not really needed unless you want some tweaking done.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin with the selection of premium eCommerce themes and scripts!

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An Introduction to Breadcrumb Navigation

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Web design has come a long way. Gone are the days when a collection of a few static pages would complete a website. As of now it is about the ever-growing model of content creation that exponentially increases the depth of a website. A simple website can become the go-to hub of information in only a few months time. This is when the complexity of that website increases and it becomes necessary for the webmaster to handle the same.

Reducing complexity is an art and a “breadcrumb” is one tool that designers love to use. Breadcrumbs act as the navigational device for a website visitor. When used smartly, breadcrumbs make website navigation effortless. This article will enlighten you about the basics of breadcrumbs and help you understand the importance of breadcrumbs in your upcoming web design.

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Showcase of 50 Kick-Ass Travel Web Designs

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Expensive, cheap, grand or microscopic – traveling is a life-changing experience for many (including me) and you got to admit that! Mother nature tends to push you towards that inward realization that might leave you in admiration. Although traveling cannot be done virtually, web designers have walked that extra mile that has resulted into beautiful travel websites. Not only do they save us precious time, but also they pump our desires for our travel destinations.

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Setup Surveys and Capture Data with Google Forms

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Are you looking to learn more about your website visitors? If so, Google has your back. Google Docs is an excellent free online tool that allows you to create forms (surveys) for the purpose of capturing data from your online community. Google Docs allows you to create very professional looking forms, with over 60 different themes to choose from. You can customize the questions you want to ask and the answer choices you want visitors to choose from. Once the form is setup you can easily embed the form in your website or e-mail it out to a list. Feedback is captured automatically and reports can be charted and graphed for accurate analysis. Sound good so far? Let’s dig into how the process works.

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12 Useful WordPress Coding Snippets And Hacks

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We all love WordPress. What makes more and more people fall in love with it is how easy it is to customize. With a few lines you get some cool customization with all those filters, actions and hooks.

WordPress 3+ blewour minds with cool new features. But sometimes we need something quite different from the default. That’s what we’ll be talking about today.

We’ll see some useful functions and hacks to get even more from WordPress.

So, let’s Rock!

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Six Solid Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

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If you think you know what WordPress is, and what is it used for, I still believe you need to give this article a read to get to know what WordPress is really capable of. Wikipedia defines WordPress as ‘an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL‘. And indeed you are correct if you think that WordPress is one of those inexpensive and relatively easy ways to start a blog site, but WordPress has come a long way since it was only a ‘Blogging Platform’. If you don’t already know, there are two websites WordPress.com and WordPress.org which is because it has now reached a new mature level where it doesn’t only support blogging (WordPress.com) but also can be used for other different website applications (WordPress.org).

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Create Your Own Premium Membership WordPress Blog – Part 1/3

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Who doesn’t want to earn money from blogging? I mean, sometimes you have shortages, sometimes comments let you down, payment is not THAT good. But you know, it’s still better than real work, right? (Troll’s comments in 3..2..1..)

So instead of spending a few bucks in order to get a premium membership system, why not create your own? And you can also learn a little bit about WordPress. Big deal, isn’t it? And you will be amazed at how easy is to build such great feature.

This is our first post from 3 and we’ll be talking about user roles, register, show / hide content based on user’s role.

So, Let’s Rock!

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