Cherry on Top: Cherry Framework Review

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WordPress theme frameworks are overwhelmingly available and famous nowadays because most designers find them easy to use, functional yet fully customizable. Using child themes that are supported by the parent framework, ‘personalized’ themes have become more attainable. There is a new framework in town- the Cherry Framework. This article is basically a Cherry Framework review.

Now, most theme frameworks come in premium versions, meaning, you have to pay some bucks just to get your WordPress site personalized. However, the spending doesn’t end there. After buying your framework, you would still be troubled by the child themes that you are going to install. Most of these child themes are not free.

TemplateMonster unleashed a new product called Cherry Framework, a theme framework that would suit all your personalization needs. The best part of this particular framework is it is free, along with some child themes!

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11 Minimalist Office Setups

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Less is more

This quote is becoming more sensible, especially for designers who have adapted the minimalist design approach. Over the years, minimalism, or the act of putting away irrelevant things to make space for the relevant ones, has become a regular part of every modern design principle. As web designers, we too, practice the same maxim. In fact, we even want to make this philosophy for living our lives. We strive to achieve such state that we even want our office setups or work space to reflect what we believe in.

For one, having a minimalist design in your office setup has its advantages:

  • It makes us focus more on ‘work’ than goofing around
  • It lessens the distraction and makes you think that you have fewer tasks to accomplish
  • It is beautiful to the eyes
  • You can actually make a small room bigger
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30 Stunning WebGL Examples and Demos in Action

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WebGL(Web Graphics Library) was released  on the Web early last year. Its ability to use HTML5 Canvas elements to generate graphics dynamically made it easy for web designers and developers to create smooth 2D and 3D effects. Here are some WebGL examples and demos you should look at.

WebGL is a branch of OpenGL based on OpenGL Embedded Systems (ES). It is a JavaScript API for drawing 2D and 3D graphics in a compatible web browser of an HTML5 canvas without the use of plugins.

This Javascript API is managed by the consortium of non-profit technology Khronos Group and work together with Mozilla Foundation. Since early 2009 they develop prototypes and deploy such technology.

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42 Picture-Perfect Premium WordPress Themes for Photographers

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Nowadays there are a lot of people in love with photography, which probably explains why Pinterest, Instagram, and other photo websites have become popular. In fact, photo websites are a growing niche. It doesn’t take much marketing; really, all you need to do is to have great photos to share and social media accounts.

So, how do you start your first photo blog? Well, we’ve gathered only the best premium photography WordPress themes for photographers to choose from!

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60 Mind-blowing Advertisements That Will Boost Your Creativity

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Love it or hate it, advertisements are all around us. Those times when you had to be horrified by those ugly banners in newspapers are gone. The classic ways of advertising are not working anymore. In order for an ad to be successful it has to resemble an “ad” as little as possible. Interaction with customers, experiments, installations etc. are taking over the world of advertisements. That’s why along with creative print advertisements (which are equally awesome), we’ve also collected some videos with next level advertising. Continue reading and check out these 60 mind-blowing advertisements to satisfy your urge for creativity.

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40 Unique and Multifunctional Premium Admin Templates To Help You Manage Your Website

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Backend web development can be compared to your local government. You don’t usually see them, but they’re doing their work (efficiency is another matter). While content management systems like WordPress or Drupal do the work most of the time, there are occasions where you can’t do without a custom solution. As you know, building an administration page yourself can be quite difficult and time-consuming.

“I’d do it myself but..” You don’t have to build it yourself. Especially when there are dozens of unique admin templates around that are responsive, clean, full of features and plugins and customizable at almost no cost. In this article, you’ll find 40 customizable premium admin templates for your next website, project or application.

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30 Excellent and Inexpensive Responsive WordPress Themes

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Responsive websites are hot right now, and they will be a requirement for every website in the coming months as the shift from browsing the internet through desktop computers to mobile devices increases. We know that many of you don’t have the time to code your own responsive website, and we also know that cheap premium solutions is always welcome. As such, we present to you 30 of the most highly rated Responsive WordPress Themes!

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44 Websites to Help You Improve Your Knowledge of WordPress

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We recently did a round-up of some of the leading design blogs that you need to follow in order to stay up to date with the latest trends in the design world. In this article we take a look at some blogs and websites that cover WordPress.

Most, if not all, design blogs have WordPress-related articles. However, these blogs deal specifically (and, in most cases, ONLY) with WordPress. Also, not all of the websites below are ‘blogs’ – some of them are feed aggregators, some are design showcases and is an email newsletter. However, they are all related to WordPress.

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41 Awesome Design Blogs to Satisfy Your Creativity Needs

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As web designers, we need to keep an eye on the latest trends in the design hemisphere. One cannot be successful unless he or she keeps himself or herself updated with the latest happenings in the design world. And when it comes to being updated, the best sources are design blogs and websites. Further more, such blogs also provide excellent tools and tips regarding web and graphic design, thereby enabling you to harness your talent to the maximum (not to mention the numerous freebies and giveaways).

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Market and Sell Your Digital Goods the Right Way

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In previous years, digital marketplaces have evolved significantly. Day by day, more and more designers, developers, photographers and musicians of all levels have started to begin their experiences with  marketplaces and selling digital files online.  These ‘stock markets’ represent a good source of revenue for people of all skills, from beginners to advanced, that is why if you have not started your adventure with these places that are great for generating income, you should consider it right now.

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