Free Webinar: Six Guaranteed Ways To “Close The Deal” With Tricky Freelance Clients


In case you didn’t know, we regularly hold webinars that teach people how to earn more money online by freelancing. Tomorrow, November 8, 2013, we will have another free webinar. In this webinar we will share six proven techniques to help you close any deal with your prospective clients – because we know that communicating with clients is really tough.

What: Six Guaranteed Ways to Close the Deal with Tricky Freelance Clients
When: 11/8/2013 at 11AM EDT

  • 8AM Pacific
  • 9AM Mountain
  • 10AM Central
  • 11AM Eastern

Where: Sign Up here!

Join Spence as he shows you How to Find More Clients and Strategies for closing the deal!

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  • The “Hard To Get” Technique – How to demonstrate that you are in demand and increase your value to your client!
  • The “Walk Away” Technique – Learn the right time to say NO to a client!
  • The “Power of YES” Technique – Learn how to apply the very powerful Japanese negotiation technique of “YES!”
  • The “Set The Tone & Rules” Technique – Learn how to take charge and not be taken advantage of by your client!
  • The “Productize Your Service” Technique – Learn how to offer bundled services for a fixed price!
  • The “Velvet Rope” Technique – Learn how to optimize client consultations!
  • IMPORTANT: If you register AND ATTEND you will receive six exclusive handbooks covering all of these techniques in detail. You will ONLY get these books if you ATTEND…so please do not miss out!

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  1. Skylark

    Nice post.. This is very helpful to improve my knowledge. But i want to know how to optimize client consultations?

  2. elisabeth

    great webminar yesterday !
    you mentioned we could have aome handout after the webminar, i am wondering where to find them ?

    • Karl Marty Balingit

      Hey Eli!

      We’ll send you the handbooks soon through email. Thanks for joining us yesterday! ;)