Collaboration: An Important Factor To Have At Work


A successful project depends on how the working relationship of the workers involved are. In the process of working, collaboration is one factor that workers must have to reach their goals or be successful on the project they are working on. In this article, I will be focusing on how important collaboration is between entities.

Let us take a look on the definition of collaboration. I would like to share with you how Wikipedia defines collaboration.

A recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals, (this is more than the intersection of common goals seen in co-operative ventures, but a deep, collective, determination to reach an identical objective) — for example, an intellectual endeavor that is creative in nature—by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus.

I find this definition very appropriate on how I want you to understand collaboration. As what this definition says,

Collaboration is a recursive process…

It is a process by which you need to start from one step, finish the previous step and proceed to the other and so on to reach one goal.

Difference of Communication and Collaboration

Many people find these two words similar, but I tell you they are totally different. The only similarity they have is they both involve two people connecting with each other.

Communication is when you just deliver information from one entity to another. It just transmits in a one-way direction.

While collaboration digs deeper, it delivers information and throughout the process of delivering there is sharing or changing of thoughts and information.

Why Do Designers and Developers Should Collaborate?

I created here a chart that will help you understand on how important collaboration is.


Let us stick on the chart and answer the question on why do we need to collaborate at work with each points below.

To share own ideas

The first step is sharing of own ideas. It is important when two people express what they think of something, this applies especially to developers and designers. In this way, they can say what they think about the project they are doing.

Sharing of ideas improve analytical thinking, creativity and uniqueness.

Analytical Thinking. Of course you would like your project reach success, so all the thoughts you give must be properly thought of and will be for the good of the project.

Creativity and Uniqueness. We always want a project to be one-of-a-kind and creative. When you share ideas with this kind of goal you will always think of creative and unique ideas that can be appropriate to the project you are doing.

Sharing of ideas

Image by: Idea Maps

To come up with one concept

After sharing ideas, you can already come up with one concept. Not just a concept, but a clear and well-defined one.

What could be the benefits of having a clear and well-defined concept?

  • It will make your work very fast.
  • It will lessen critical moments.
  • It will avoid rushing onto deadlines.
  • It will lessen the expenses.

To avoid miscommunication

Wikipedia defines miscommunication as:

An interaction between two parties in which information was not communicated as desired.

A miscommunication happens when an information or message from one entity is not delivered, or delivered but not the way you wanted it to be.

When I was searching for an appropriate image about miscommunication, I have found this image that is an example of miscommunication between the CEO and employees. Please take time to read and do not skip any on what it is written on the image.


Image by: sieersht

This is one good example of miscommunication. From the CEO down to the staff, the correct message was not properly conveyed.

Miscommunication should always be avoided for this can make or break the success of a goal or a project. To avoid this one, always talk to your co-worker and share what you think. Collaborate.

In the process of doing these things, a relationship is built between the designer and the developer.

How To Collaborate

1. Think of Ideas.

When we work, we should always think of ideas. Ideas are very much important to think of. For instance with designers and developers, there are times when a designer thinks of something but seems impossible for the developer to do it. Think of not only one idea, but several yet relevant ideas.

Think of ideas

Image by: thewoodenshoes

2. Speak Up

Speak your mind. Tell what you think of your project or of one idea. Speaking improves how we think and talk to other people.

Speak up

Image by: yo_steedgirl

Be friendly when you speak up. Avoid being aggressive or boastful, this can make your co-worker feel uncomfortable towards you.

3. Listen

Collaboration is a two-way transmission. There will be times when you will have to speak, and there will be times when you will need to sit down and listen to what your co-worker has to say.

When you listen, listen attentively. This will make them listen to you well like how you listened to their insights.

Listen attentively

Image by: “Anwaar

While listening, take notes. Remember when you are still at school? When your professor talks, you take notes. This also apply at work. Notes are very useful when you want to remember something important that will bring a good effect to your work. Make sure the notes you take are the important ones.

Take notes

Image by: Colin Devroe

4. Cooperate

Collaboration will not happen if there is no cooperation between two entities. Cooperate if you think you have an idea in mind that can help your project reach success.

See how the people in this image cooperate to carry those steels? That’s how you should cooperate.


Image by: 17may

5. Know your Goals and Priorities

Goals define your priorities. You should know your goals and priorities so that you will know where you can focus yourself.

6. Be Responsible

Always be responsible, do not ever waste your resources with irrelevant things on your work. Maximize your resources by being responsible so you will reach success and be acknowledged for it.


Image by: Liz Lawley

7. Do Your Best

Always do your best in everything you do, to reach S-U-C-C-E-S-S.


Image by: Ali Eltom


I interviewed six people who already worked with a designer or a developer. This will reflect how these professionals value collaboration on their work.

1. In the 100% of time working with a designer/developer, how much is the amount of percentage you spent talking with each other?

  • 3 said 40%
  • 2 said 30%
  • 1 said 10%

With these answers, I can say that many still value talking and sharing ideas with co-workers which builds collaboration between entities.

2. Do you talk with your designer/developer even off at work?

Four people said they still talk with their co-worker even off at work. There are times when their topic is still about work, and oftentimes it’s about any topic.

One said she just talk to her co-workers if they are at work.

One said it depends on the personality of his co-worker. If he thinks their personalities won’t jive, then they only talk when at work.

Now, you may ask on why did I include this question. For me, talking to your co-workers and sharing your insights is one way of building a relationship with them. In this way, you can be comfortable working with them, and they can also be comfortable with you.

3. Rate from 1 to 10 (1-lowest, 10-highest) on how important collaboration is between a designer and a developer? Explain your rating.

Out of the six, three gave a rate of 10, two gave 9 and one gave a rate of 8.

Designer Jeizelle Anne said:

“The success of the project depends on how the designer and developer worked together, and when we are working collaboration is really needed.”

Developer Eric John said:

“I gave 10 for collaboration is one key to have a good output when working with others, especially between designers and developers. I find it also good to work when I see that the team or partners collaborate well together.”

Developer Rassel Jan said:

“Collaboration is really important especially when you are in those critical moments of the project. In my part as a developer, I should know on what are the weaknesses of the designer or what he likes to happen on a certain project and I can do that when there’s a collaboration between us.”

Developer Luigi said:

“No good project will be created if the two will not work and collaborate well. But there are persons that can do designing and developing at the same time, though rarely that happens.”

Developer Joren said:

“It is important that the two should come up with just one goal or expected output.”

Designer Benjamin Arthur said:

“If there is collaboration, the work will be easier for the two. Then, there will be a good output. If they came up with one concept, then all of their ideas will be focused there.”

4. Who do you think has the easiest work? Is it the designer or the developer?

Five out of the six said it depends on the forté of the person. If the person excels on designing, he will think that the work of a designer is easier than the work of a developer and vice versa. One person said that it’s the designer who has an easier task, since designing is the only work he/she does.

And I agree with the majority that it really depends on where you excel. If you think your passion is coding, then you will think a developer has the easier work and vice versa.

5. What is your best and worst experience between your designer/developer?

Jeizelle Anne said:

“The best experience I had is when they acknowledge the works I do. And the worst experience I had is we do not understand each other well due to language differences.”

Eric John said:

“The best experience I had is when the project was a success or the expected output was reached. While the worst is when we came to the point that we already fight. ”

Rassel said:

“The best experience is when my designer have done everything I explained. And the worst is when we already wasted an hour without getting over a small issue.”

Joren said:

“The worst experience I had is when we are experiencing misunderstandings, then what will happen is everything will be done repeatedly.”

Benjamin Arthur said:

“The best experience I had is when he acknowledge my works and tell my shortcomings in a nice way. While the worst is when he tell things that he himself doesn’t know how to do.”

To avoid negative situations, collaborate.

Share your Thoughts

How about you? How important is collaboration for you? You may also share to us your best and worst experiences with your co-worker. Comment now!



  1. Charina Torres

    Wow, that’s a good experience. You’re right, understanding must be present in everything and that includes when working. Without this one, it will be a chaos.

  2. Jodi Veritas

    I like the example provided for miscommunication. It’s the corporate equivalent of the broken telephone game. Great post.

  3. A very good experience about collaboration I have in my work with my co-worker. Sometimes I think we have the same ideas, or we’re thinking about the same things. And it is very interesting and productive work with a person that i understand you and how you think because he/she can come up with something different and vise and versa.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting articles with us. very insightful! Cya!

  4. Anonymous

    Absolutely correct, collaboration is a recursive process.. Those factors are very useful for us.. Thanks for sharing this interesting post..

  5. Bpekarek

    Collaboration… from what I have seen from work places is that you the top dogs have to really make everyone in the company feel like they are really apart of something. Let them give ideas and that they can impact the company. Instead of having 5 people making changes in the company you have 250 heads together coming up with ideas.