1. Stop Dreaming Start Action

    Nice tips Dainis, thanks, I learn a lot from your articles

    Stop Dreaming Start Actions last blog post : Follow Your Dream

  2. Jim Gaudet

    Nice, great because I am a beginner when it comes to messing with Illustrator.

    Jim Gaudets last blog post : Why are you here?

  3. @eduardo this is not that kind of article, these are just basics and were meant to. Keep following if You want to see more advanced articles about logo creation.

    @BloggerNewbie I appreciate Your words, and thanks for joining!

    @Jim this article is really about techniques and variations not how to use Illustrator, however in future I think I will do tutorials to help You use Illustrator.

  4. BloggerNewbie

    Great (and timely) article. I will definitely be following this series. subscribed to your RSS so I don’t miss a thing!


    BloggerNewbies last blog post : I Don’t Care What People Think!

  5. Santhos Webdesign

    Very simplistic, but a nice article though!

    But man, you’re site waaaay to slow!! What’s wrong with it?

  6. I know that’s pretty simple stuff, but it’s just simple article to catch up!

    @Santhos yes, I am sorry for problems You got, for a little while it will be like this, because hosting I have is really slow, that’s the problem..

  7. I find it’s well written :D
    Very useful to read before starting to make a logo. Cheers!

    Johnson Kohs last blog post : Making of Fiery Planets Collision

  8. John

    It would be nice if you actually followed this on to CREATE a logo.. not just examples of things that one might do during the creative process.

  9. Matt

    Just a typo correction in your link to “logopond”.

    Nice post though for the beginner.

    Matts last blog post : Which Layout is for me?

  10. @John You really guessed my next step – I will show You my next 1stwebdesigner logo creation process step by step – just wanted to catch up with some basics.