AwesomeWeb is Awesome!

Andreas W.

Submitted 9:02 AM .Oct 16, 2014

Hi Nick. If you have work that needs to be done, send me an email. I am glad to help out. AwesomeWeb already helped me to earn an awesome 3,700 dollars since the start.;) ... yeah farewell Elance!


  1. Jacob Frank

    Again a very nice tutorial, the login area looks really simple and clean.

  2. Bark Golgafrincham

    Why would you not do this in HTML and CSS only? Nothing here requires Photoshop.

    • Good point, but before you know how to do it with HTML and CSS you need to know what little elements are required to design it right?

      However, agreed..would require some ninja skills to create in in html,CSS – maybe you want to write tutorial about that, if you can? We are paying 75-100$ for tutorial :)

          • Carlos Esquivel

            I do, right now im trying to make this in html5 with no images but is a little hard to make this exactly like the psd :|

          • Thanks a lot for this tutorial Dainis. I am a total newbie in webdesigning and I do it just for fun. I have done the same thing using HTML5 and CSS3, I am not able to improve the checkboxes unless I use js or images. any suggestions???