70 Awesomely Creative Flyer Designs for Inspiration


Publishing flyers is most impressive and cheap way of advertisement if you are running a night club, selling drinks, marketing radio station or promoting any concert. It is also very frequent task among non-profit organizations and academic institution. Designing an impressive flyer is very important if you want to sell the show, here are few tips to follow while designing a creative flyer.

  • Your concept should be creative enough to catch the eye of people.
  • You should be creative in a new way, find new ways to manage photos and words in a piece of paper.
  • Make sure not to put too much information on the poster, it may put people off from even reading it in first place. “Less is more” in advertising campaigns.
  • Find high-quality printer and don’t forget to proof read before publishing.

Today we have compiled a list of originative flyer design for your inspiration, make sure to have some knowledge how to design eye-catching poster before leaving this roundup.

1. Zombie Party

Zombie Party

2. Vibetown Flyer

Vibetown Flyer

3. Vibetown Flyer 2

Vibetown Flyer 2

4. All Age Concerts Flyer

All Age Concerts

5. Aminals Flyer


6. Antikulture Wanted Flyer


7. Aphrodite Identity Flyer

Aphrodite Identity Flyer

8. Art show flyer

Art show

9. Azuli flyer

Azuli 10. Beauty World Flyer

Beauty World Flyer

11. Blackout


12. BLVD-Nights Flyer

BLVD-Nights Flyer

13. BSE Flyer


14. Casualties Flyer

Casualties Flyer

15. Chocolate Party Flyer


16. Connection Flyer

Connection Flyer

17. Dj Prowler Sessions Flyer

Dj Prowler

18. Dollop Flyer

Dollop Flyer

19. Engineer Flyer


20. Feuerwehr Flyer


21. FLY promotion

FLY promotion

22. Flyer Ban Resistance

Flyer ban resistance

23. Flyer House Event

Flyer House Event

24. Funked Flyer

Funked Flyer

25. Futurecop US Tour Flyer


26. Game Night Flyer


27. Geburtstags Flyer

Geburtstags Flyer

28. Hip-Hop Party Flyer

Hip hop party flyer designs

29. House Flyer


30. Imperial Room Flyer

Imperial Room

31. Infuse Flyer


32. John Moon’s FLYER

John Moon's FLYER

33. Kool Lovedeep

Kool Lovedeep

34. Krush Proof Fridays Flyer

Krush Proof Fridays

35. Lado B Flyer

Lado B Flyer

36. Levi”s Type1 Flyer

Levis Type 1 Flyer

37. Lucio Kahara

Lucio Kahara

38. Luke Vibert Flyer

Luke Vibert

39. Maria Picapi Flyer

Maria Picapi

40. Mashed Up

Mashed Up

41. Mikro Flyer October 2010

Mikro Flyer

42. Mixlife Mixed Live

Mixlife Mixed Live

43. Nachlee Express 2010

Nachlee Express 2010

44. Neon Rave Kids flyer

Neon Rave Kids flyer

45. Neonsoul Flyer

Neonsoul Flyer

46. Nightclub propaganda

Nightclub propaganda

47. Nikita Nipone Flyer

Nikita Nipone

48. No Doubt Flyer

No Doubt

49. October shows

October shows

50. Old School Hip-Hop Flyers.

Old School

51. Old School Party

Old School Party

52. Pantry Flyer


53. Promotional


54. Pyrotecnic Flyer

Pyrotecnic Flyer

55. Que Te Pasa Squash


56. Randall Flagg Show Flyer

Randall Flagg Show

57. Rausch Flyer

Rausch Flyer

58. Rhythmatic Launch Flyer

Rhythmatic Launch Flyer

59. RVCA Flyer


60. Senior Royale

Senior Royale

61. Sism Flyer


62. Soundbender Flyer


63. SoundHaus Flyer

SoundHaus Flyer

64. Special Move Show Flyer

Special Move

65. Stel + Kosmas Epsilon Flyer

Stel Kosmas Epsilon Flyer

66. Techno Party Flyer

Techno Party

67. Tessere Flyer

Tessere Flyer

68. The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob

69. Tropical Flyer

Tropical Flyer

70. Unity Flyer Design

Unity Flyer Design



  1. Adrianne

    These design are all very inspiring indeed. I wish i had the talent to create designs like these.

  2. Shrikrishna Meena

    Superb Collection, Excellent!!!!
    Thanks Taimur for showing such unique designs on a single spot.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing those, Taimur– wonderful post, and very instructive.

    I agree with Tixy about #67– how the heck was that done??

    The other two that really jumped out for me were #46 and #59. Thanks again!

  4. Anna

    This is a typical skit made by pimply, snotty-nosed kids who have never seen how real Flyer should be designed.

  5. andrew

    Its interesting that all those fantastic design have one thing in common….most of them are all designed organically! Great work everyone!! :)