50 Creative Websites with Highly Unusual Navigation


Navigation plays a crucial role in the success or failure of any website. An easy to navigate website is more likely to be explored in more detail as compared to a website with more complex navigation. Regardless of the functionality of the website, the navigation is the first thing that must be taken care of.

Accomplishing matchless navigation that successfully performs its function is almost similar to mounting Mt. Everest. Getting an exceptional navigation with wonderful functionality makes the website easy to navigate and interesting for the visitors, therefore assuring a better user experience.

At this time, we have selected some websites with marvelous and distinctive navigational elements that will not only enthuse you, but will demonstrate to you how to merge novelty with realism. Enjoy!

1. Tvrdek

On this website, you may feel that the website does not have any content but once you explore its navigation, you will love to browse this website more than anything.


2. Racket

Here you will see the navigation menu hanging in the air. The navigation menu looks somewhat off the cuff but at the same time it looks so cool.


3. Iamyuna

Here the navigation may appear minimal and negligible but once you keep your mouse on the option it shows you the complete list of all available choices. The mouse over effect is simply amazing.


4. Kutztown

Kutztown creates a very artistic look with its design and typography, further the navigation adds more beauty to it.


5. Samsung Mobile

Samsung Mobile features an extremely dynamic and animated website with a unique and appealing navigation style.

Samsung Mobile

6. Case Studies

Centrally aligned navigation with some links at the top of the page is truly an extraordinary approach for a navigation menu. Clicking on any centrally aligned option will reveal the detail page.

Case Studies

7. Acko

An artistic representation even through the choice of navigation menu. Acko takes advantage of its bright color combination to make its navigation even more attractive.


8. Helmy Bern

Helmy Bern features a somewhat disorganized top navigation but the side bar and the bottom navigation menu are simply amazing. The use of the right color to create the right impact can be seen here.

Helmy Bern

9. Cathy Beck

Cathy Beck makes use of a unique approach for her site navigation. Here the navigation is set at the bottom of the page rather than the top of the page, further the mouse over effect is out of the ordinary.

Cathy Beck

10. TinyTeam

TinyTeam offers a very systematic and pragmatic navigation menu that eliminates any confusion a new visitor may have in browsing the website and finding its desired information.


11. Alexbuga

The sliding effect on mouse over is the key point of navigation plan of this website that makes this navigation extremely classy and elegant. The main navigation reveals when you place your mouse on the logo design at the top of the page.


12. Thibaud

It’s truly fun to browse this website. You can actually arrange and rotate the cards present on the home page by simply dragging and dropping them to your desired location and can see the portfolio by clicking on it.


13. Small Stone

An unusual navigation that matches the website name. Here the designer has successfully imitated a recording device as a navigation menu.

Small Stone

14. Gleis3

The navigation plan used in Gleis3 website looks somewhat like a road map that leads you to your desired location easily and effortlessly. Simply click on an option and you will get the relevant information.


15. Amore

With a horizontal as well as vertical navigation plan, this website holds its own charm. The main navigation menu is placed at the bottom of the page with some cool and beautiful mouse over effects.


16. Yodabaz

Here the navigation is presented with an animated background image sufficient enough to create that attention grabbing first impression. Clicking on the portfolio reveals some of their excellent work.


17. Sensi Soft

The whole navigation is set to be at the center that makes this website extremely well-organized and easy to navigate. The effects that this website uses are beyond the ordinary mouse over effects.

Sensi Soft

18. Nickad

Nickad brings flash into play to make its navigation menu and overall website design look stunning. This is something that you will never find in any other website navigation plan.


19. Not Forgotten Movie

The navigation options in this website are in the shape of playing cards and when you put your mouse on it, they will give a burning effect suitable with the theme of the website.

Not Forgotten Movie

20. 75b

75b also has a horizontal and vertical navigation plan. The main options or menu is placed with the vertical navigation while the sub-menus are placed with the horizontal navigation.


21. Dave

This website not only brings an exceptional use of navigation into play but also experiments with unique typography to set it apart from dozens of other similar websites.


22. Vernon Clarke

Here the whole navigation has been summed up within an icon of a film tape with some small icons on it. Besides that the website also features some exceptional work on the main page.

Vernon Clarke

23. Booma Webdesign

Simple and efficient navigation without extra or jumbled up elements. The navigation used here is also easy to understand for the new visitors.

Booma Webdesign

24. Revolution Driving Tuition

Simple and nice navigation with no more classy effects, even a novice can also understand how this website works.

Revolution Driving Tuition

25. Jeremy Levine

An imaginative demonstration of the navigation menu that makes this website fun to browse. Jeremy Levine takes advantage of its dazzling color combination to make its navigation even more eye-catching.

Jeremy Levine

26. Wards Exchange

The whole navigation has been placed at the side of the website design that makes this website tremendously well-ordered and easy to navigate. The effects this website uses are beyond the ordinary mouse over effects.

Wards Exchange

27. Sideshow Press

The navigation is presented with some cool and appealing effects giving this website a personal and human touch. Clicking on any option will take you horizontally to the relevant section.

Sideshow Press

28. Bountybev

Bountybev make the most of its bright color combination to make its navigation even more attention-grabbing. The use of bold typography further makes this website design hard to forget.


29. Noonstyle

Here again, the navigation has been set at the sidebar to make this website look well organized and efficient. When clicked, the website also shows the relevant options in the sidebar.


30. Vanity Claire

Easy and on the contrary an artistic approaches to design navigation for Vanity Claire that not only matches with the main concept of the website but also affords regularity.

Vanity Claire

31. EwingCole

Here, the navigation options are divided into two parts. The top most navigation reveals the content in the customary style while the second navigation is presented in a somewhat trendy style.


32. Custom Tshirts

Here the main links are presented at the top while a portfolio or T-shirt photo are presented with a mouse over effect that enlarge the photo when you place your mouse on it.

Custom Tshirts

33. Hello Goodlooking

When browsing this website, initially you may feel like that this website does not contain any content but once you explore its navigation, you will love to browse this website more than anything.

Hello Goodlooking

34. Christian Sparrow

Christian Sparrow makes use of a simple but attractive navigation plan that not only grabs the attention of the visitors but also creates an everlasting first impression.

Christian Sparrow

35. Enila

Enila has a rather jumbled navigation menu but the side bar at the top of the page makes it simple and easy to navigate, and also add an interesting feel to the design.


36. Salt Films

In this navigation menu the thing that stands out is the animated hand which gives the whole website a very unique and appealing look.

Salt Films

37. Blue Bug Digital

Blue Bug Digital makes use of an animated background that revolves 360 degree providing you a complete preview along with the navigation menu.

Blue Bug Digital

38. Section Seven

Section Seven also uses its navigation menu in an extremely creative and artistic way making the whole website look and design visually appealing and remarkable.

Section Seven

39. Sq Circle

While the website loads completely, the message says we are creative and pragmatic. That proves true when you explore the site in detail. The navigation truly is out of the box and extraordinary.

Sq Circle

40. EyeDraw

EyeDraw presents a very non-fussy and clean website layout giving its visitors an easy to navigate and understand website. The main options slide to give you a complete preview when you place your mouse on it.


41. Light Motion design

Light Motion design also provides a navigation plan or guide for those who are not very internet savvy. On the whole, the navigation is exceptional and has been designed in a very systematic way.

Light Motion design

42. Studio Stemmler

Studio Stemmler combines effective navigation, excellent design and a beautiful color combination all in a one to get this visually appealing and attractive website to the surface.

Studio Stemmler

43. Eric johansson

A fun and irreverent site that also give you the option to view the site in a more traditional way.

Eric johansson

44. Iipvapi

Innovation at its very best is what that describe this navigation menu perfectly. Simple but effective navigation with some cool effects.


45. Narrow Design

A vertically sliding navigation menu that moves to the left when one item is clicked giving its details on the remaining part of the screen.

Narrow Design

46. Organic Grid

Organic Grid holds a visually appealing website navigation that consists of more than 90% of the main page.

Organic Grid

47. Smriyaz

An extremely beautiful website design with neat and efficient navigation menu that guides its visitors how to explore the site to make the most of it.


48. Unfold

Simple but a creative approach to design navigation for Unfold that not only matches with the main concept of the website but also provides symmetry. Simply click on the top navigation links to explore the site in detail.


49. Yugop

The navigation is placed at the bottom of the page with some exceptionally animated effects.


50. Vanalen

Vanalen also presents a very unusual and unique navigation menu that is totally different from the ordinary websites. The navigation plan used in this website is rare and exceptionally creative.




  1. Tarek

    A good and unique collection. I was a little disappointed to see how many of these sites are Flash-based, which essentially means they’re built on dying/dead technology. Of course, the focus of your collection was on the creativity and presentation (not the technological means), so it was very good in that respect.

  2. Tony

    Some of the designs in the list are quite a pick but others are barely usable because users will have hard times trying to find the menus. Still, such layouts make the Web less boring and I acclaim this.