30 Examples Of CSS Text Shadows Out In The Wild

CSS Text Shadows can create a variety of different effects on a website,like being able to create depth, dimension, contrast and so on just with the plain CSS code. Using images to show letterpress effects or text shadows are beginning to be a thing of the past in Web Design. This is new trend in Web design and if you are not using it or are not aware of it you definitely need to see those best examples and start to use these features in your own designs! In order to continue check out – 22 Advanced CSS Text Effects And Web Typography Tips.

Here is a showcase of beautiful websites using CSS to recreate what image editing programs can do.

1. atebits

2. NotePad Theme by N.Design Studio

3. Tapmates


4. Made by Tinder

5. Adii Rockstar

6. Squarespace’s Blog

The blog at Squarespace uses text shadows in headlines to make them stand out from the rest of the page.

7. Abduzeedo

8. Tim Van Damme

9. Mint

10. Anderbose

11. Northstar Web Design

12. Bright Kite

13. CSS Bake

14. Mark Jardine

15. 280 North

16. Square Space

17. Neutron Creations

18. Fuel Brand Inc.

19. Ross Brown

20. Tapbots

21. Spaceship Collaborative

22. Melissa Ward

23. Tri Vuong

24. Ordered List

25. Anton Peck

26. Meta Lab Design

27. Suciu Vlad

28. Matt Pruitt

29. All Dev Jobs

30. Flyosity

Can you think of any more websites using CSS text shadows? Let us know in the comment section below!

Nicole Dominguez

Nicole Dominguez is a self-taught teenage web designer, that founded SoDevious.Net, a resource for teenage bloggers and designers like herself. Check out her portfolio or follow her on Twitter, @sodevious.

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  1. Ben says

    Great article and I will be applying a few of the CSS style coding snippets – good post thanks.

  2. says

    Great list. I am always looking for web inspiration. Text styling is definitely one of my weaknesses. Thanks for the post.

  3. Reynolds says

    CSS text shadow is great fun, it can really make a site stand out so try to use it where possible. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Fraser says

    Thanks for the inspiration it just goes to show how simple changes can transform a site.

  5. says

    It’s amazing how big a difference such a subtle effect can have, some of these examples are excellent, although keep it away from the body text!

  6. Creare Design says

    Thank’s for the inspiration, after seeing those we’ve just added CSS 3 Text Shadows to our homepage, take a look at the homepage navigation and the 4 coloured tabs under the flash. All the Headings have subtle shadows to help the text stand out.

  7. says

    Nice list, I’m slowly succombing to CSS3 and have recently added textshadow to a design im working on and with cufon aswell its great.

    Before I was just to worried about getting my designs to validate 100% but I guess with CSS3 its not going to break anything but only inhanse designs for those that use relevant browsers …:)

  8. Alex C. says

    Great examples! I’ve used text-shadow on my website as well! It’s a really useful CSS3 effect! Too bad it doesn’t validate, yet!

  9. valiant says

    I’m blown away by how simple changes can transform a site. Tinder and Mark Jardine are my favorites on the list.

    I can see it already becoming a little overused. All over body copy in an entire blog, really? But that’s perhaps not stepping back from it–who didn’t think lens flares were SO AWESOME the first time they found Photoshop?

  10. Codesquid says

    These are some really nice effects! I have used text-shadow myself with some great results in a few sites.

  11. Ricardo says

    text-shadows are one of the most abused CSS3 features. Please keep it away from your body text.