1. Steve

    Great tutorial though I was expecting few more ways to design custom twitter header .. still not bad either

  2. Awesome examples! Just the kind of thing I have been looking for for inspiration on some of our clients Twitter pages. Thank you for sharing and if I come across any more in my search I will be sure to post them here.

  3. Twitter is one of the important Social media website and it play an important role to build and E identity of any business hence the presentation of your twitter profile must be as good as possible. The Stuff here provided to design Twitter Background is really good and it will really help to designers as well as Twitter Marketers…

  4. Wow, awesome tips, I’ve always wondered how to make good use of the Twitter header page, now it’s time to try it out. Thanks.

  5. Never thought about creating my header on my own. It is easy to use something that is already created but if I can do that only in few steps why not.
    Also I like few ideas that you have here. Those 2 in the beginning are very cool.

  6. MH RONY

    Very well described tutorial.i will be waiting eagerly for this type of tutorial.Thanks to author

  7. DlaGeeka Filmy

    Nice and very inspirational set of twitter headers. I have to do something like this with mine too :) Thanks for posting this article.

  8. Paul Mountney

    I can’t afford the massive Photoshop, but i do have InkScape and GIMP. Is it possible to use these instead and still get the same effects as from Photoshop?

  9. I have it under “Edit Profile”. I’m not sure though if my twitter page has been update to new platform whatsoever but probably others have the same experience too.

  10. Matt Colangelo

    great examples of some very creative twitter header designs. Your instructions on how do design your own makes things easy for all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Very useful post! Trying to predict image sizes and resolutions in the various social media tools can take guesswork and several tries before getting it right… this will save time for myself and my clients when it comes to maintaining a consistent brand online. Thanks.

  12. emyloretta

    Im just now hearing such a great news about designing a twitter header @wpbeginner good informative collections…thanks for posting

  13. Pozzy

    I love these header designs, I think it is great that twitter has finally come-up to speed with Facebook!
    I really like the designs where you match your head up with your body…..

    But I think I prefer the really abstract backgrounds like the Adobe one you showed….. I found a really good site that has heaps of Abstract Twitter Headers.

    That site is really worth a look.

  14. This tutorial is very helpful for all designers. I personally like it . I also used it spontaneously. I am looking for such a design like it.Thanks

  15. That’s cool background! I like how they utilized the background for their brand, and those photos are cool too. Might as well change mine :)

    • Michael John Burns

      Hello Sanjay,
      Thanks for liking it. It will be cool too if you show us your end result when you finish it :)

  16. Nice, simple tutorial I can use to guide people who ask, always amazes me how many people get things like this wrong and end up with horribly stretched headers on T / FB etc. cheers!

  17. Bandy

    Just a small correction on this line. “When you scroll down to the bottom you will see Customize your own. Click change header botton and upload the JPEG file we just created.”

    On mine, I didn’t see “change header” button under settings. I have it under “Edit Profile”. I’m not sure though if my twitter page has been update to new platform whatsoever but probably others have the same experience too.

    • James Richman

      Hey Bandy,

      Thanx a lot for pointing this out.

      I just checked it out myself and You are right.
      It can be found at Settings > Profile .

      Thanx a lot once again Bandy

    • Michael John Burns

      Ooh! That’s bad. I think Twitter updated it when I was writing this tutorial the change header button is place on the design tab just right above the change background. Sorry for this Bandy. Thank’s for pointing it out. :)

    • Michael John Burns

      Hello! Isuru,
      You’re very welcome. Btw, from the inspiration I listed which on is your favourite?
      and Don’t forget to show us you’re result. :)

      • I think Ryan Seacrest and Damien Basile have utilized this new header feature quite nicely. I will give it a go once I have some free time for sure :)