15 Personal Social Networking Sites For Your Interests

Facebook is big, it’s crowded, and if you’re simply looking for a place to connect with family and friends, then it’s definitely overwhelming. As the most popular social site on the internet, Facebook gives you more opportunities to meet people online than anywhere else, and that’s the problem.

There are alternatives though. Whether you want to share your interests, connect with other moms, or share your photos with family and friends, there are plenty of sites to do just that without getting overwhelmed with all the things to do. Below you’ll find 15 places to connect that are just as much fun as Facebook and easier to navigate.

1. Yahoo Pulse

Show others what’s important to you, connect with your favorite sites across the internet, and share this information with those you care about. As one of the top five most visited websites on the internet, it’s also a great place to promote your business and connect with your family and friends. Much easier to navigate than Facebook, and my favorite on the list.

2. Classmates

Whether you’re looking for those you attended school with, or you just want to browse your old yearbooks, try this site. It offers the largest collection of yearbooks on the internet and the best place to find your classmates.

3. Wikia

What are you interested in? Whether it is Japanese cuisine or your favorite TV show, write about it. You’ll find thousands of interests here.

4. Cafemom

This is the number one site on the internet for moms. You’ll find groups on just about any topic you can imagine. Share your interests and your parenting skills with other moms.

5. Fanpop

Discuss music, movies, and your favorite television shows with other “fans.” Share your photos, news, videos and opinions.

6. Formspring

Get to know your friends and family better by asking them questions.

7. Tagged

Play games, share your interests, and meet new people. It’s also a great place to meet others if you are looking for a date.

8. Mocospace

The “MySpace” of mobile communities. Meet people, play games, and take your community with you on your mobile phone.

9. Badoo

Meet new people in your community. With over 120,000,000 members, you are sure to find new friends who share your interests.

10. Yoku

Chinese video sharing site. Share your videos with family and friends and make new friends.

11. Omegle

Someone once said that a stranger is simply a friend you haven’t made yet. Chat with strangers online either through video or text.

12. Circle of Moms

Another community for moms, the focus here is on parenting and family, especially young children.

13. Listal

Another site about your interests, you’ll find lists on everything from movies to famous men without their mustaches.

14. Fotolog

Create your page, post your photographs, and join groups on topics like people and lifestyles, travel, clothing, animals and more. A great place to get together with family and friends and share your photos.

15. Woome

Video chat with other people from around the world. Chat by city, guys meet girls from around the world, and girls meet guys from around the world. This site bills itself as the most fun you’ll have online.

Connecting with friends and family and making new friends becomes a lot more fun if you know where to go. By visiting these 15 destinations, you are sure to find a new place to connect.

Jinger Jarrett

Jinger Jarrett is a full time freelance writer and internet marketer. Her books are available on Amazon. She teaches one person businesses how to market online using completely free internet marketing techniques and tools.

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  1. Big E says

    Recently Enukee and Diaspora have gained a lot of steam from the Facebook Fallout. Both are privacy based websites. Personally I prefer Enukee but both sites are great.

  2. Website designing Hyderbad says

    It’s been a pleasure reading your blog. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back & read more in the future as well.

  3. Jane says

    Wonderful list Jinger! I’ve always been a fan of Wikia and ever since I became fascinated with online games :) I can always find very good dedicated wikis for each game I play and I also decided to join communities and networks to get player guides and other interesting stuff for my hobby. Thanks!