250+ RSS Feeds For Every Graphic, Web Designers And Bloggers To Subscribe To

title-250-rss-feedsHello there, I’ve been around the design and blogging world now for some time and since I am very active and taking serious my work, I always search for new, perspective, promising or just very popular blogs. Of course, there are big discussions about subscribing so many blogs, because it’s better if You can create your own stuff just by reading books, from your own experience or just you’re great and unique thinker. But unfortunately I am not one of those people just yet, so I feel the need to see what other blogs are writing about, analyzing which articles and why become popular and finally I got new ideas by just browsing through these blogs when I am feeling frustrated.

This list is pretty comprehensive – there are many new blogs, also several good blogs which don’t update very actively,but you can check their HTTP version then (but still those sites are great for analysis). Topics of these blogs cover graphic-design, SEO tricks, coding, programming, twittering, social marketing, podcasts, few self-improvement related blogs and actually lots more. But don’t worry if You enjoy reading my blog, you will be definitely enjoying also those blogs I am currently subscribed to.

At first I thought I should arrange this list by topics they cover (if there will be people asking me to do that, I certainly will anyway), but then again – I am offering you complete .opml list, you can download and then just delete the blogs you don’t enjoy reading. Of course, you can also subscribe to these blogs one by one, but I think the best way is to import this list, create separate folder for it and then slowly filter it – believe me it’s harder to find good blogs not to leave them!

Please don’t judge this list – of course, there will never be complete one, but we can always try! And finally at the end of this article I got you few links to other good list articles with very good design blog picks and also one nifty tool, which helped me to convert my .OPML file to HTML file, like you see it below, rapidly! I didn’t add any images, because I believe it will only slow down this article’s load time, because this time it’s really huge. What can I say – I hope you’ll find good use to this article!

Download complete .OPML file


[RSS] Smashing Magazine

[RSS] 2expertsdesign

[RSS] InstantShift

[RSS] CrazyLeaf Design Blog

[RSS] Garcya

[RSS] Positive Space Blog

[RSS] Happy Cog: News

[RSS] Dacheboard

[RSS] Think Vitamin

[RSS] Onextrapixel

[RSS] Tutzone

[RSS] Rotorblog

[RSS] The Rissington Podcast

[RSS] BlueBlots

[RSS] Naldz Graphics

[RSS] Best Photoshop Tutorials

[RSS] Digital Arts Magazine

[RSS] TOP CG Tutorials

[RSS] 90 Percent of Everything

[RSS] hongkiat.com

[RSS] wpcandy

[RSS] InteractiveBlend

[RSS] Vectordiary

[RSS] boagworld


[RSS] Tutorial Blog

[RSS] Blog.SpoonGraphics

[RSS] The Design Inspiration

[RSS] Web Design Tuts

[RSS] Google Blog

[RSS] CrazyLeaf Design Blog

[RSS] The Die Line


[RSS] Janko At Warp Speed

[RSS] My Ink Blog

[RSS] Kreativuse

[RSS] Six Revisions

[RSS] Lee Munroe

[RSS] logodesignlove

[RSS] TutorialSwitch

[RSS] Dezignus

[RSS] yensdesign – Tutorials, Web Design and Coding

[RSS] Marcofolio

[RSS] Vandelay

[RSS] Inspired Magazine

[RSS] Web Design Marketing Podcast & Blog

[RSS] The Blog of Doug Cloud

[RSS] Dzineblog

[RSS] Eating Design

[RSS] Vitamin Feed

[RSS] Inspiredology

[RSS] Audiotts

[RSS] Tutzor

[RSS] Noupe

[RSS] High Resolution Textures

[RSS] WereWP

[RSS] FreelanceSwitch

[RSS] Softalize

[RSS] Flashden

[RSS] Min Tran’s weblog

[RSS] Creattica Daily

[RSS] Sharebrain

[RSS] Fuel Your Creativity

[RSS] Dosh Dosh

[RSS] Minervity

[RSS] Ajax Rain

[RSS] DesignFeedr

[RSS] Loon Design

[RSS] Everaldo.com : Blog

[RSS] Niki’s DesignO’Blog

[RSS] styl.eti.me

[RSS] SitePoint.com

[RSS] Observin

[RSS] Beeex.net

[RSS] Spyre Studios

[RSS] Ajaxian

[RSS] CSS Globe

[RSS] Snook.ca


[RSS] Photoshop Lady

[RSS] Jenaelee

[RSS] BittBox

[RSS] Webitect

[RSS] HieuUK

[RSS] Signal vs. Noise

[RSS] CSS-Tricks

[RSS] Photoshop Tutorials and PST news

[RSS] Darkmotion

[RSS] Outlaw Design Blog

[RSS] Usability Post

[RSS] Work at Home Blog

[RSS] Pro Blog Design

[RSS] TutorialMagazine.com Tutorial Feed

[RSS] Colours Magazine

[RSS] advertising/design goodness

[RSS] Signalnoise

[RSS] We are not Freelancers

[RSS] Open Source Hunter

[RSS] Gavin Elliott |

[RSS] 640Pixels.com

[RSS] Veer: Ideas: The Skinny

[RSS] Mayhem Studios

[RSS] Weird Resources

[RSS] Kriesi.at – new media design

[RSS] Think Design

[RSS] Design Shard

[RSS] Designerside

[RSS] Fortytwo.gr – Blog

[RSS] WpRecipes.com

[RSS] Veerle’s blog: full articles

[RSS] Mashable!

[RSS] The Graphic Mac

[RSS] Planet Photoshop

[RSS] A List Apart

[RSS] Branded07

[RSS] Qvectors

[RSS] Script & Style

[RSS] ProBlogger Blog Tips

[RSS] Vectips

[RSS] Toxel.com

[RSS] CSS3 . Info

[RSS] SEOmoz

[RSS] Graphic Design Blog

[RSS] velvetmoth

[RSS] I love typography

[RSS] Wake Up Later: Freelance + Passive Income

[RSS] Copyblogger

[RSS] ilovecolors


[RSS] Andy Sowards

[RSS] CameronMoll

[RSS] WooThemes

[RSS] Giackop Design

[RSS] farfromfearless

[RSS] Mark Forrester

[RSS] Smashing Apps

[RSS] TwiTip

[RSS] PelFusion.com

[RSS] Spoonfed Design

[RSS] You the Designer


[RSS] DesignM.ag

[RSS] The Design Cubicle

[RSS] The UX Booth

[RSS] Assault Blog

[RSS] Octwelve

[RSS] 10Steps.SG

[RSS] Well Medicated

[RSS] Pshero

[RSS] Woork

[RSS] Slick Affiliate

[RSS] Web Design Ledger

[RSS] Andrew Sellick

[RSS] John Nack on Adobe

[RSS] Search Engine Journal

[RSS] Zen Habits

[RSS] The Get Smart Blog

[RSS] Productivedreams.com

[RSS] Freelance Folder

[RSS] psdfan.com

[RSS] Developer Snippets

[RSS] Daily Bits

[RSS] 24 ways

[RSS] We Are Just Creative

[RSS] Hot College Girls Guide to Graphic Design

[RSS] Design Reviver

[RSS] Cult-foo

[RSS] Reaction!

[RSS] Elliot Jay Stocks

[RSS] WebAppers

[RSS] Lines and Colors

[RSS] neples

[RSS] About.com/ HTML: Popular

[RSS] David Airey

[RSS] 9rules Official Blog

[RSS] WebDesignDev

[RSS] Queness

[RSS] Fudge Graphics

[RSS] Make Design, Not War

[RSS] Redswish

[RSS] Blog Perfume

[RSS] GoMediaZine

[RSS] afrison.com

[RSS] Weblog Tools Collection

[RSS] CSSVault Blog

[RSS] Web Design from Scratch

[RSS] In the Woods

[RSS] Blog of Soh Tanaka

[RSS] Showcase Point

[RSS] Just Creative Design

[RSS] WebResourcesDepot

[RSS] Deziner Folio

[RSS] DevSnippets


[RSS] CatsWhoCode.com

[RSS] PV.M Garage

[RSS] Darren Hoyt Dot Com

[RSS] Resource Pile

[RSS] We Made This

[RSS] remy sharp’s b:log

[RSS] Mogdesign


[RSS] Design Blurb

[RSS] Ars Thanea Blog

[RSS] Digital Photography School

[RSS] mezzoblue

[RSS] Journal

[RSS] Lifesize

[RSS] Blog Oh Blog

[RSS] Arbenting

[RSS] Web Design

[RSS] Just Tweet It

[RSS] Designious Times

[RSS] Doodlage

[RSS] ferdychristant.com

[RSS] core77.com’s design blog

[RSS] Yanko Design

[RSS] iDesign Studios

[RSS] Tracey Grady Design

[RSS] Obsidian Dawn

[RSS] ReadWriteWeb

[RSS] Computer Arts

[RSS] Get Your Site Noticed

[RSS] SimpleBits

[RSS] Creative Curio

[RSS] Make Tech Easier


[RSS] Colorburned

[RSS] DaleAnthony

[RSS] Monofactor

[RSS] John Chow dot Com

[RSS] Lost and Taken


[RSS] Elite By Design

[RSS] Freelance Switch

[RSS] Web Designer Wall

[RSS] Stand Out Blogger

[RSS] Tutorial9 – Tutorial Bliss.

[RSS] SEO blog – SEO Tips, Social Media Marketing for the learner.

[RSS] Webdesigner Depot

[RSS] ImJustCreative


[RSS] DesignFlavr

[RSS] Nerd Business Blog

[RSS] Design Melt Down

[RSS] Raster Vector

[RSS] Photoshop Tutorials

[RSS] Drawn!

[RSS] wefunction

[RSS] Abduzeedo – graphic design

[RSS] Dot

[RSS] Gizmodo

[RSS] Design daily news

[RSS] Weekly Articles About Blogging – NxE

[RSS] CSS Beauty

[RSS] Stopdesign


[RSS] Function

[RSS] 1stwebdesigner

How to use .OPML file

– just open your Feed reader and start like you were just adding new feed, you should find also an option to Import Feeds. Now just find your downloaded OMPL file on your computer and upload it, it’s easy as that! If You didn’t find on your RSS Feed reader how to import feeds, I should suggest to read FAQ or put search and I am sure you’ll find explanation right away! 

Download complete .OPML file

Other related articles from other resources and Opml2HTML tool:

Enjoy, subscribe and comment and I’ll try to improve this article as good as I can! Tell me your opinion, because otherwise how can I know what You like, don’t like and how can I improve this blog to make it maybe to your new home too!

Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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    By the way, thank you for including WereWP in your list!

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    Quite a list to seep through. If you could make a top ten or top twenty to subscribe to that would be much better. Everyone should also check out AdWido for SEO and advertising — it’s done a lot for me.

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    Wow that is quite the list. Going to take awhile to go through them all. I’m looking for a rss feed that has the latest in web design news and technologies. I know google blogs is a definite but there has to be another one out there. =( I’ll keep browsing through.

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    I subscribed many RSS Feed from this list. Great Work!

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    Why didn’t you include a little information for every website you included? Only the titles are like the strict minimum…

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    I hope you understand me and you can be patient to get better list, thanks!

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    Very Nice list… Just make sure to add new feeds in the .OPML file as you adding new blogs in the your displaying list as i just saw some missing links.

    Anyway, nice job to putting all them together.


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    @Jay Zuck yeah, I understand you, same here, though i am trying to separate my time and not to spend so much time reading but more creating my own stuff :)

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    @Hannes yes, it was meant that way. I didn’t include images and more information, because actually I focused more on that opml file, which you can download and then easily filter through and understand better and faster what you want, than I ever could.

    I just thought it will be better in that way not being lazy :)

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