30 Useful Sites Where To Submit Your Tutorials

As I am starting to write design related tutorials, I wanted to find out all the possible places, where I can submit and publish them, because it is hard to get publicity if people don’t know about Your site and articles. It doesn’t matter what’s Your reason creating  tutorials, but traffic and publicity always helps to reach Your goals.

Anyway..here comes the list with tutorial submission sites, where I think it’s worth to submit, so You can open Your own traffic sources, get new users, subscribers and mainly publicity.

1. Good-Tutorials


I think everybody will agree, this is the first place You should submit Your new/hot tutorial, because submission process only takes around 24 hours and traffic You get is pretty nice. And this site after few years just got new and much more modern and usable design.

2. Pixel2life


It takes a little longer to get Your tutorial accepted, but when it does, it’s totally worth it. You will not get so much traffic as from good-tutorials.com, but enough to be worth submit.

3. Tutorialized


One of the biggest tutorial sites around the web with pretty big traffic, problem is – it takes long time to get submitted, but just wait for it!

4. Luxa


Site with already more than 2800 members with voting system as social networking sites.

5. TutorialOutpost


Nice tutorial site with very clean and well designed design, also place to submit!

5. Graphic-Design-Links


Place where to submit not only design related tutorials, but also related articles – pretty similar as designfloat, designbump web sites.



Useful site with pretty reasonable traffic, so You can consider submitting Your tutorial here as well.

7. PhotoshopRoadmap


8. Tutorial-center


9. TutorialGarden


10. TutorialKit


11. CGtutorials


12. PSlover


13. TotalTutorial


14. TutorialMan


15. Photoshop911


16. PureGraphics


17. PhotoshopTalent


18. TutorialSubmitter


19. CGlinks




21. Tutorial-Index


22. Tutorial-Mix


23. Tutorio


24. TutorialAdvisor


25. Pixel-Groovy


26. Tutorialing


27. TipClique


28. TutorialToday


29. GFXtuts


30. CapitalTutorials



31. Faqpal

One more site I found, they write for themselves – website to find and submit tutorials for webmasters, developers, coders and surfers.

This is pretty ultimate list I found out there – I tried to avoid inactive sites and those with very small user count, so enjoy and if I have missed some good tutorial submission site – feel free and let us know! Let’s make this community smarter!

Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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  1. Kumar says

    Hey! great list I was looking out for a place where I could submit some tutorials which I have created last week.. gr8 work, keep up the good work and yeah if possible keep updating this article..

  2. says

    Thank you for this great list of tutorial sites.

    It helps me to save lot of times finding them one by one.

  3. Paul Elaine says

    Brilliant Sites added here. I’m regularly submitting my tutorials and getting traffic from these sites. Thanks for giving us.

  4. Motti says

    Awesome! very useful, thanks.

    Some of these sites have very weird requirement, such as 40×40 avatar, not exceeding 7k

  5. says

    Excellent list of tutorials. As a web designer, I spent much of the time learning from some of the mentioned tutorials. Dainis Graveris, thanks for sharing fantastic list of tutorials, I’ll put on my web site link to this web page to help people learn something.

  6. Stop Dreaming Start Action says

    Nice, great list of Bookmarking site thanks

    Stop Dreaming Start Actions last blog post : Follow Your Dream

  7. Jahangir says

    Great share, I used to submit my tutorials on few sites you mentioned in the post, didn’t know about the rest.

    Going to be very helpful for me :)


    Jahangirs last blog post : Free Islamic Icons

  8. CoryMathews says

    Thanks for the list, so many of these newer sites i have not heard of.

    CoryMathewss last blog post : Rounded Corners using jQuery

  9. says

    This is great info! Thanks for sharing this resource!

    Jamess last blog post : Innovative Site Implementation – Part III

  10. Mabuc says

    You forgot to mention PSDTuts, you can also submit tutorials that website.

    Mabucs last blog post : SEOptimise

  11. Geoserv says

    Thanks for adding my site FAQPal.com to the list. Its still new, but has a lot of quality tutorials on it.

    We are currently looking for someone to do us a logo, perhaps for free with a perm credit link.

    Thanks again.

    Geoservs last blog post : 10 Reasons Why Computers – Crash Computer Maintenance Tips

  12. Joel Drapper says

    Great list! This will be very useful when I start doing joomla tutorials.

    By the way, the default comment content textarea is filled in with annoying. Not sure if this happens when you are signed in, but for readers this can be annoying.

    Joel Drappers last blog post : How to Comment Like a Pro

  13. says

    Thanks for comments, people!

    @Art Webb sure..self-promo in the right place is ok! :)) Thanks for the link!

    @bogiesbc yes, but in Your site I don’t see option, how other people can submit their tuts.

  14. boogiesbc says

    Design your way should be also on the list with a weekly set of 20 hand picked top quality tutorials.

    boogiesbcs last blog post : Weekly top quality Photoshop tutorials #21

  15. says

    There are some of them that I have not visited before. Thanks for sharing the list! :D

    Johnson Kohs last blog post : Making of Fiery Planets Collision

  16. says

    Thanks for this one. I knew about most of these, but you reminded me of importance of advertising :)

    webozs last blog post : Link feed – submit your blog to get better page rank !

  17. narendra.s.v says

    nice list! i do submit to must of them ;)

    narendra.s.vs last blog post : How to color blur the picture using Photoshop

  18. says

    Great list, I’ll be using some of these for my post on how to start up a home computer support company.

    I’d heard of a couple of these, but not close to all of them. Again, nice list ; )

    Rob Steenwyks last blog post : How To Startup Your Own Home Computer Support Company [Part 1 – The Basics]

  19. James White says

    Nice list. Thanks for sharing.
    My Friend and I are starting up a tutorial site soon, so hopefully we can get some traffic from these sites. Thanks again.