48+ Greatest Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard As I am big Photoshop fan, I really love their keyboard shortcuts – it really helps to build up working speed using them in Your workflow. Keyboard shortcuts are keystrokes or keystroke combinations to quickly execute some command.  If You like using Photoshop as designer, You will evaluate those keyboard shortcuts strength. However there are really huge amount of keyboard shortcuts in  Photoshop, there is no way You can remember them all – and that’s really not worth it so I created my own list and included there not all, but just those worthy ones and little more.

And one more fun thing – imagine You go to new design agency – You can really retain great impression as great Photoshop master, if You use those shortcuts often enough in Your workflow. I just saw my boss face when he was watching how I work – I can say – feeling was really good! :)


I will be using ‘+’ - to define two or more keyboard combinations for example – CTRL + ALT + TAB etc.

I wrote this article using Windows, so if Your are using Macintosh – CONTROL = COMMAND command and ALT = OPTION

Global keyboard shortcuts

1.You can check all Your preferences pressing CTRL + K and learn more.

2. Press TAB – to show/hide tool panels;

3. Press SHIFT + TAB to show/hide only Your palette;

4. Press F repeatedly to cycle screen modes;

5. Press CTRL + TAB to switch to Your next document;

6. Press CTRL + SHIFT + TAB to switch to Your previous document;

7. Press CTRL + T to enter free transform mode;


Tip: You can scale proportionally from center Your transform by pressing and holding ALT + SHIFT, when You are dragging.

8. Press ALT + DELETE to fill the layer with foreground color or SHIFT + DELETE to fill with background color;

Tip: You can use ALT + BACKSPACE or SHIFT + BACKSPACE to fill non-transparent pixels.

9. Press X to switch foreground/background color;

10. Press D to reset foreground/background color to black/white;


Tip: You can use ALT + DELETE shortcut to fill just current selection.

11. If You work in high zoom pressing and holding SPACEBAR comes very handy by giving You hand tool to move small distance.

Also You can use it greatly with the marquee tool (or rectangle, shape tool etc.) – just start dragging on the document,  and press  SPACEBAR while holding Your mouse and move it to desired place, resize as You want it and repeat circle until You are pleased;


12. When You are working, there are lot of experimenting going on, so very handy becomes undo/redo shortcuts :

Press  CTRL + Z to undo/redo previous activity;

Press CTRL + ALT + Z to undo multiple times;

13. While working with big files, it is very important to save often (every 5-10 min) – press CTRL + S to save Your document;

14. I always use this one – press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + S to bring up ‘save for web & devices ‘ dialog;

15. If You often use filters remember this keyboard shortcut, to repeat previous accomplished filter  : CTRL + F


16. To draw precise, symmetrical  circle or square or straight line press and hold SHIFT, while drawing it.


17. To temporarily switch to move tool while using another press CTRL + CLICK + hold you mouse

18. Open FILL dialogue by pressing SHIFT + BACKSPACE


19. You can test Your fonts easily by selecting Your text, then selecting “set font family” form and just pressing UP or DOWN buttons.


20. A always hated that I just can’t simply apply my text by pressing ENTER button..that was until I heard about some great keyboard shortcut!

So how to approve and escape text editing mode? – easy. Just press Your numeric ENTER or CTRL + ENTER

21. Increase/decrease brush size pressing  [ or ] – (left bracket or right bracket)


22. Use Your toolbar shortcuts to switch between tools faster!

Memorize shortcuts of tools You use the most.


You can easily see keyboard shortcut by mouseover on certain tool :


Use Your Zoom zoom-tool tool wisely!

23. Double click on zoom tool to zoom Your document 100% size;

Tip: You can press CTRL + ALT + 0 to get actual pixels too (100 % size)!

24. Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/zoom out Your document:

Zoom in – CTRL + +

Zoom out – CTRL + -



use Your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/zoom out –  ALT + SCROLL WHEEL UP/ALT + SCROLL WHEEL DOWN

25.  To temporarily switch to zoom zoom-tool tool, while using another press:

Quick zoom in: CTRL + SPACE + CLICK

Quick zoom out: ALT + SPACE + CLICK

26. Use keyboard shortcuts CTRL + 0 to set Your image fit to window;

27. Press CTRL + W to close just Your current open document;


Note : check out  Your palette keyboard shortcuts pressing ALT + W

28. Layers menu

Note: press F7 to show/hide Your layers menu.

29. Press CTRL + SHIFT + N to create new layer with dialog box;

30. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + N to create new layer without opening dialog box;

31. Press CTRL + ALT + J to duplicate active layer with dialog box;

32. Press CTRL + J to duplicate active layer without opening dialog box ;

33. How to navigate between layers:

Mouse click on active layer and press SHIFT to select several layers:


Press and hold CONTROL to select or deselect definite layers;

34.Press CTRL+G to group selected layers in one group:

Tip: use CTRL + SHIFT + G to ungroup layers


35. Collapse or expand all groups in Your layers palette by pressing CTRL + CLICK on the group’s triangle:



36. Show/ hide Your layers by and holding Your  mouse and dragging it up/down. Repeat to do inverse action:


37. To mask layers, do this trick – hold ALT + MOUSEOVER on the line between layers:


38. Click and drag background layer to make duplicate. I suggest to use this action starting every new file:


39. Press ALT + CLICK on eye icon – to show/hide all layers, except active one:


40. Press CAPSLOCK to show cursor precise/standard mode;

41. Press CTRL + CLICK on layer layer to make selection:


42. Press CTRL + I to inverse current selection;

43. Press CTRL + D to deselect current selection;

44. You maybe knew about deselect shortcut, but did You know how to reselect previous selection? Just press  CTRL + SHIFT + D !

45. Press CTRL + E to merge selected layers or press CTRL + SHIFT + E to merge all visible layers into one;

46. If You ever wanted to make  Your text longer or little bit shorter with tracking, You can do it easy with keyboard shortcuts – so first select Your text and then press CTRL + ALT + > or CTRL + ALT + < to set wider or thinner indent.

47. You can easily change Your layer or brush opacity opacity by just pressing number keys – 1 = 10%, 2 = 20%, 3 = 30% etc.

48. And lastly I want to provide You with great *.pdf file I found out there.

It is 4 page PDF document with ALL possible ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3 shortcuts ! It’s great isn’t it? You can check out the list and maybe You’ll find some more great shortcuts You didn’t know about! Good luck shortcutting!

Oh, well and here is the link :


Dainis Graveris

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  1. says

    Ctrl-click layer thumbnail Load layer transparency as a selection
    I found it! Just thought I’d post that, since I brought it up. Thanks for your shortcuts.

  2. says

    Hi. I am most familiar with older versions of Photoshop. When I learned it, you could select an object, put it on it’s own layer and later if you wanted to reselect just that object you could always go back to that layer and click CTRL + mouse click on the layer and it would select the object again. I’m using CS3 now (because I just can’t get used to any newer versions) and I am no longer able to select a previously selected object. I tried your tip of CTRL+Shift+D but that didn’t select anything for me. Do you have any idea of the hotkey combination I’m talking about?

  3. Cody says

    Photoshop is such a huge program, just when you think you’ve got a handle on it you learn something new. Thanks for the list of shortcuts, definately will come in handy, I don’t think I will remember them all so will have to bookmark this post.

  4. Ian says

    this really helped me as i was always struggling with my touchpad to complete the tasks…this really saved my time..thank you for sharing

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    Like other bloggers have said… this post has taught me a few new shortcuts when working for clients. thanks!

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    I guess everyone uses these shortcut in daily use of photoshop. what about filter shortcut or in depth shortcut.

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    Ah!! This one has all the shortcuts that i use everyday, anyway…

  12. Justin Plants says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keyboard shortcuts save me so much time. Seriously, they may cut out 30 minutes of work per day! Thank you.

  13. Joy says

    It’s funny, my husband is a web designer, but doesn’t really use Photoshop a whole lot (that’s where I usually come in).
    I’ve gotten so used to using a lot of keyboard shortcuts over the years, that it’s become second nature for me to use them instead of clicking on menus and such. So when my husband is using Photoshop, he’ll ask me how to do certain things, or how to get a tool to show up, out of habit, I’ll tell him the keyboard shortcut. lol

  14. Frank Stallone says

    Hey, just thought you might want to know that #31 was exactly what I was looking for; more interesting than that is you came up #1 on Google for “adobe photoshop cs4 duplicate layer keystroke”. I am setting up my wacom tablet and I smiled when I saw your site. =)

    Just thought you might like to know that. =D

    Thanks! Frank

    P.S. I hit Reset by accident [fail moment](instead of submit) but Control+Z Saved the day for all the fields. +1 brownie points there! LOL

    Frank Stallones last blog post : MacHeist 3

  15. Señor de M says

    Hey man.
    Here is the 49!:
    control+shift+i to reverse the selection (useful to remove those tiny trasparent pixel).
    And THANKS!!!! I´ll put in practice more than 15 i did´n knew.

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    thanks for sharing,it’s very useful!

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    I’m Alreay known every shortcut so not helpfull for me but thanks ur helping others…..

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    hey what site can I visit to teach me the very basic of photoshop just a newbie here hehehe.

  24. Eric says

    Great tutorial! I mainly wanted to know about the different zoom ones so that helps me out a lot!

  25. says

    Stacy – oh, thanks I`ll fix that one shortcut.

    That’s right, designer always need to search for the ways to do same process better and faster.

    And thanks for pointing, You might be right – I am always logged in, so didn’t really caught that one.

  26. Stacy says

    you put z to swap foreground/background colors

    z selects the zoom tool.

    x swaps foreground/background.

    good list. i dont know how any serious designer can get along without using the shortcuts.

    (from a design/usability perspective i also find it curious that you put field names beneath the fields on this form :\ )

  27. says

    @Michelle thank Your, for good words!

    @Lester I know many of those shortcuts are very similar to Illustrator – but I`ll look out for them soon enough! :) thanks :)