All About BIG and BOLD Typography: Tips and Inspiration

There are many ways to attract viewers’ attention when it comes to web design.Flash techniques, awesome photography & catchy color schemes are just some of the many methods used to create visual interest. There is something even simpler that can create a big impact…kick-ass Typography. Specifically, I’m talking about big and bold typography. When used correctly it can stand alone in a layout and still attract a lot of attention.

In this article I will be sharing:

  • Tips
  • Fonts
  • Tutorials
  • Examples

How to Make Typography Stand Out

1. Choose Your Fonts

This is crucial, because you need to match your font to your message and layout. Mismatched fonts can lead to a misleading and confusing message to the viewer if you just carelessly pick any font.

2. Creative Color Schemes

It used to be a big deal if you used mismatched colors. In this new generation, stepping out of the box may be the best thing you’ll ever do. So keep it unique when choosing color schemes for your typography. You may also want to consider the background of your layout. So just put in the right blend on your design.

3. Don’t Over-do it

Just put in the right amount of effects, colors and patterns.Over done Typography may just ruin the concept of your design. If you go for very characterized fonts, you may want to take it easy on using patterns and/or effects.

4. Put in Emphasis

You may want to make certain words pop out and get noticed. This way you convey a message that would really make the whole design memorable. Balance the font size and position in a way that it is not distracting from your “big word”. You can also use quotation marks, apostrophes or other punctuation marks  like (“,! or ?) to place emphasis on words.

5. Harmony

Make every element in your typographic design harmonious. Check if it goes well & looks good with all the other objects on your layout. Sometimes, you may end up having  the typography will be more distracting than pleasing.

Fonts for Good Typography

1. Diavlo

2. Nevis

3. Fertigo Pro

4. Alte Haas Grotesk

5. Honey Script

6. Romeral

7. COM4t

8. Diogene Bold

9. Bleeding Cowboys

10. Riesling

Bold Typography Design Tutorials

1. Photoshop Tutorials: Colorful Light Burst Text

2. The Sugar Bag Effect – Photoshop Typography Tutorial

3. Smashing Your Creative Block – Photoshop Tutorial

4. Create a Steampunk Typography  – Part IPart 2

5.Smoke Type in Photoshop in 10 Steps

6.Trendy Grunge Type – Photoshop Tutorial

7. Create a Cool Wet Ink Typography Effect in Photoshop

8. Horror Style Typography Effect with Dirt and Splatter Texture in Photoshop

9.  Super Easy Neon Style in Photoshop – Screencast

10.Tutorial: Photorealistic Perspective

Inspirational Typography

1. Getfinch

2. N. Design Studio

3. Mohanbalaji

4. Four24

5. Ryan Keiser

6. Carsonified

7. Wearecupcake

8. Kyle Steed

9. Fajne Chlopaki

10. Cool

11. We Shoot Bottles


13. Hull Digital

14. Benlind

15. YISY


17. Crowley Webb

18. Stackoverflow Carsonified

19. Maurivan Luiz

20. This by them

21.Alpha Multimedia

22. fl-2 Blog

23. Pallian Creative

24. Gummisig

25. Denise Chandler

26. Wordit


28.Lorem Ipsum


30.Household Design

Big & bold Typography gives a web design that great bang and makes its approach more aggressive. Amazing, how a bunch of over-sized letters can convey a great message to viewers.

Sheena Cavazos

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  1. e11world says

    Pretty creative sites you listed here. I love #9, 13, and 14 very much!
    Good advice about the color scheme and harmony.

  2. James Stanislawski says

    Awesome article. I wish my clients would allow me to design a website that that… Favorite Font to Use… Myriad Pro. The only ones I don’t have from that family are Myriad Pro Condensed Bold, Condensed Regular. I have the light semi extrended family, and the regular pack. If anyone knows where I can get all of them (for free) Please let me know.

  3. Jon Whitbeck says

    I’m with lemonfresh, Alte Haas Grotest caught my eye. Some of the others might do well in the right context as display type. I like the 3D harmony example as well.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. Lenny says

    I love the Alte Haas Grotesk font, there is also a Alte Haas Grotesk Next which is amazing at 900! I am having to stop myself from keeping on using it!

    Another great post.

  5. cohenass says

    I’ll Have to say I really liked that one except for the fonts you recommended on using…
    There were some pretty awful fonts up there, all with a good, classic alternative…