How to Design a Kick-Ass Facebook Fanpage

While a personal profile can only get so much attention, a Facebook Fanpage allows you to expand your reach and your profile’s capabilities. While a business profile is ok, a fanpage for your company, business, service or product is the best approach on Facebook since a fanpage has significantly more options and is more flexible than a simple profile.

For this tutorial we’ll assume that you have a freelance service (and a product) which you want to advertise on Facebook. We won’t cover Facebook ads here, only the design and structure of a fanpage which will get people interested in your product and services.

If you already have a Fanpage, you can probably skip this first step.

1) Properly Naming Your Fanpage

Proper naming is important as it’s what attracts fans in the first place. It should be highly descriptive of what your fanpage is about. It doesn’t have to be witty, snarky nor down right silly, though it can be IF that is the point of your fanpage. Since in this example we are working on a business service and product fanpage, we need the title to be descriptive of what our business is about.

Let’s say that our example business is a freelance graphic designer. So you’ll probably want your name in there (or nick-name) since it’ll help identify you. If you happen to have a catchy unique nick-name that’s also a plus. For example if you nick-name is Chykalophia, a good choice for a fanpage name could be: Chykalophia Graphic Design

Here are some top tips when picking a name:

  • If you’re a local business or service, include your area/town name. For example: If you own a car body shop in the Glenview, IL try a name like: Bob’s Car Body & Repair Shop In Glenview, IL.
  • Use your name, or nickname, in the title to differentiate yourself. This will also help you build a name for yourself and get your name out … literally.
  • Include what your business or service does. From the graphic design example, the fan page is clearly about graphic design and nothing else.
  • Length of the name doesn’t matter. Long or short are good both. Though longer might actually be better since you can put more keywords into it.
  • Put your primary business keywords (for seo) into the name … or the keywords you want to rank for.

2) Include A Larger Fanpage Profile Picture

Did you know you can easily have a portrait sized profile picture? You can! It can be at most 200px wide and 600px high! Since there is that much real-estate available, why not use it to grab attention? Do you need to use all of it? No. It depends on your design, logo and what you want to do with it.

Chykalophia Graphic DesignThe Chykalophia Graphic Design fanpage used the 200px wide space, but not all the 600px height because everything was able to fit into a smaller size.  There is also a small downsize of a taller profile picture, it pushes down all other boxes and information in the left column. So if you have some contact info in those boxes, they will go below the fold. Sometimes it’s not what you want, so make sure you know your large vs small benefits.

You can style these 200x600px picture any way you like. Though for maximum impact here some some top tips:

  • Create a profile photo which is ‘catchy’. Catchy is very relative to your niche.
  • Use a stock image, or clipart, related to your service. IE: Graphic design: make a pretty design. Automotive: use a picture of a car … ect
  • Be sure your image is 200px wide exactly. No LESS and no more. It it’s less there is a good chance Facebook will automatically resize your graphic and it will look bad and distorted.
  • Add your Name and business name/service into the graphic so it’s easy to see.
  • Try to include contact info (not pictured in the sample).
  • If your using the fanpage to drive traffic to your website, include the web address in the graphic.
  • Create a ‘bottom’ of the logo which stands out and it different. Maybe something like in the example picture. Why? This added effect can help draw in attention and fans! Because in facebook people do “judge a book by it’s cover”.

3) Add The Static FBML App

Add Static FBML Static FBML is the defacto standard when it comes to creating custom tabs (with html) for your fanpages. What the Static-FBML application offers is a very simple way for you to add (almost) any HTML/CSS code you would want and stick it into a tab on your fanpage.

Better yet, is that you can make that tab the default landing page for new visitors and non-fans!

4) Create an opt-in landing page Or a ‘Next Step’ page

Now that you have added Static FBML to your page it’s time to customize it.

One great way is to add a opt-in page. This is a page which asks (or tells) people to opt-in! This isn’t a course on opt-in pages, so I’ll only go over this briefly. There are several important elements:

  • Frespiration Opt-in PageHeader
  • Message <<== very important
  • Opt-in gift/bonus/bribe (optional but recommended)
  • Opt-in Box (you can setup an auto-responder from many companies on the internet)
  • No-spam guarantee footer message

You use the header to get your readers attention. This could be a header image, like a banner, or just some text that speaks out to the reader. Your message is crucial as this gives them a reason why they should sign up and what they’ll get once they do. The opt-in gift is just a nice little incentive for them to do so!

You of course need your input opt-in box which is where the reader will enter their name and e-mail address. Right below that should be your no-spam guarantee as it’s a proven fact that ‘that’ single line can improve the conversion rate.

The other type of quality landing page is a informative page. Or a ‘next step’ page. This type informs the viewer of something important going on with your product or service. It could also be, and is also largely used, as a ‘featured article’ area.

On Chykalophia Graphic Design Fanpage the landing page is a ‘next step’ page which encourages the viewer to go to the main website. Here the fanpage is used and a traffic source and is part of the sales funnel which ultimately leads to the main contact/sales page.

Chykalophia Graphic Design Facebook Fanpage Landing TabThis is also a good place to showcase your current and best quality work.

Be sure to also give you tab an appropriate title. Such as “Welcome!”

5) Enable The New Tab As The Landing Page For Non-Fans

Open the main page of the fanpage. Click on Edit Page. Then click on Edit Wall Settings. Change the Default Landing Page For Everyone Else to be the name of your new awesome tab.

6) Add Your Contact Info And/Or Links Everywhere You Can

On the left side bar you have a ‘note’ box, you can use it to include links and contact info. There is also a ‘Information’ box on Fanpages, so use that specifically for contact details like work phone number, main website and contact e-mail.

Be sure to also fill in all the relevant information in the default ‘Info’ tab. Many people will go there first to find where to contact you.

Last but not least: CONTENT & Interaction!

7) Interacting With Fans And Providing QUALITY Content

One of the reasons people use Facebook is for interactions. Thus use your fanpage NOT just to post your stuff, but talk to your fans. Encourage interactive in many ways, such as:

  • Hold small contests.
  • ASK for comments
  • Contact people directly and ask for input and responses. It’s also probably a good idea to give them some special deal, discount or bonus for doing so.
  • Things that get people thinking.

Though it may not seem like it, but people respect quality information. Thus after a little while you’ll see people joining your fanpage because they find it useless and great.

But how to get people to say ‘yes’ on your site?

The first step is this:

  • You need to answer their question or need and solve their problem.

If you are a graphic designer, you need to interact with people and show them that YES! You can create awesome designs for them which work and make money for them.

While posting content on the wall is a great way to get people to connect with you, they won’t convert unless several factors are fulfilled:

  • You solve a problem for them.
  • They know you can solve it for them.
  • They know you will do it for the ‘right price’.
  • They don’t feel as if they are being sold on anything.

You cannot go around screaming “Buy my product.” It is an advertising fact the people do not like to be “sold.” For online business ventures such as fanpages, the best way is to show them your quality work.

Here are some top tips to get people to say YES on your fanpage:

  • Post testimonials.
  • Post past work, ie: have a portfolio.
  • Have a sales letter and/or a opt-in page so you can get them on your newsletter and mail them about “special deals”.
  • Post content regularly to your fanpage. This means AT LEAST once or twice a week of articles and posts. And even more frequently just ‘talk’.
  • Be informative

If you do run out of content ideas or are really swamped by other things, you can set a slow drip feed through RSS feeds that will post content regularly for you to your fanpage wall.

This should be a great starting point for your new fanpage. Those tips and a bit of creativity can make a successful fanpage in no time!

Piotr Krzyzek

Piotr Krzyzek is an avid young entrepreneur who loves to write about Linux, business, technology and self-improvement on his main website He is a no BS type of guy whose answers get straight to the point and never include useless 'fluff'. His latest business venture is a Facebook Fanpage marketing product which helps people improve their Fanpages to gain users and authority. Check it out at Quantum Fanpages. Piotr is a very friendly and down to earth guy so be sure to connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook!

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  1. says

    We’re about to put up an online craft/customized stuff store next month, and I’m glad I came upon your 101 on the FB fan page by chance. Keeping in mind your suggestions for Number 7 – I’ll definitely benefit from any sort of feedback from people. Besides, Facebook’s where everyone’s at, so I’m hoping to get my high school friends from our own mini-art club back in the day to spread the word around as well.


  2. Scott MacKinnon says

    I just read your posting about fanpage design and enjoyed it very much. It will be helpful to me.
    However, I am a proofreader: there are many grammatical errors in the article. I’d be happy to share them with you. No charge, of course.
    Scott MacKinnon

  3. Monika says

    The best way to double your fan conversion is to set up a facebook “reveal” fan page.

  4. Chris says

    FBML has been phased out so its no longer useful. No you must code using html, php

    Just thought I would let anyone reading this know. Contact us by clicking on our name for a free quote and consultation for fanpages

  5. Russ Hudson says

    Great article mate – definitely tips that I need to start employing…I am a little behind the Facebook times…

    And you gave me a good laugh, too:

    “Thus after a little while you’ll see people joining your fanpage because they find it useless and great.”


  6. says

    Hey, Love the valuable information….I found FBML app great, but someone else who was saying that Facebook will probably cease supporting such scripts by the end of 2011, because they have introduced IFrames?

  7. Gavin says

    This is an excellent blog post and one I’ll certainly be doing. I have a fan page at the moment but I think it looks diabolical, I certainly need to do some tweaking on mine so will follow this post to (hopefully) create an awesome page.

  8. Jaye says

    This was one of the most helpful tutorials I have found! It really got me going and I finally finished setting up my facebook page today. Your directions are clear and to the point.

    My only suggestion for non-coding types like myself – I used Pagemoto to make my welcome page. It was super easy. I spent a few hours looking for a wysiwyg to HTML editor that my puny brain could work out and this was the best option out there. The only drawback is it is a little expensive if you want more than one page or to remove the branding. But for a single page with a little bit of their branding, it was free!

    Cheers for the help!

  9. Noam Sadovnik says

    Hey, great tutorial thanks for taking the time out of your day to help those less ‘techy’… however i’m having a problem trying to locate the ‘edit’ tab under the application… it’s just not there.

    Is it possible facebook has made updates since this was publisheD?? Thaks!

  10. says

    Finally a “how-to” post that has solid, useful information! (So many how-to posts are merely rehashed tutorial info that anyone with common sense can figure out on their own.) Thanks! I can’t wait to implement these tips on my Facebook fan page.

    • says

      Thanks for the complements Mike! I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it useful. I try to teach everyone I work with in a non-bullshit type of way, so I’m glad I succeeded here.

      Best of luck with your fanpage!

  11. Anita Nelson says

    Thank you SO MUCH~!! I completely revamped my Facebook page using this article~!!!

    PS George, just go to someone else’s page, look in the bottom left corner at text links, one will say “Create A Page For My Business” =)

    • says

      Thanks Anita!

      Thanks for the help in pointing readers to the right place to setup their own pages.

      As for constructive criticism:

      * Try using more of the real-estate you have on the Welcome! landing page. A bigger banner generally attracts more people.
      * Possibly rethink the shadow-border on the main image, it looks very 90’s instead of Web 2.0-ish (which is what sells these days).

      Other than that, don’t forget to put a Call To Action on that welcome page! Don’t just tell them to ‘ok, click here to go to the real page’. No, tell them: “Click here to find out more awesome info about XYZ”. Entice them to click on that link, make them want to ‘like’ your page and subscribe to your mailing list! Tell them do to so and they will :)

      Best of luck!

      • Abe Kardoudi says


        Thank you for sharing the great info, very useful tips! please keep sharing your articles, stay blessed!

  12. Adie says

    Great post.

    I’m just in the process of setting up a fan page and this should come in really useful.

    thanks a lot

  13. Michael says

    Great tutorial — it’s too bad that FB keeps changing their policies. I really liked the fact that you could use Static FBML on the left sidebar to showcase different things – opt in boxes, Twitter/LinkedIn profiles, etc.

    • says


      I completely agree: too bad they change it so much and all for the worse too!

      The good ol days of ‘wide’ fanpage tabs and Static FBML sidebar boxes are over. Which makes NO sense at all from a user perspective.

      Best of luck on your pages!

  14. George Birbilis says

    article would be better if you provided user some URLs and screenshots on how to go on and create that fanpage first

    • says

      Howdy George,

      I didn’t include that information on purpose. This is a how to structure and setup a Facebook Fanpage for success, not a beginners how-to get started manual. There are plenty of places to learn how to do that and would have been completely redundant to put it here.

      Check out Anita’s comment for info on how to do it.

      Best of luck!

    • says


      Sadly it is currently NOT possible to change the name for various reasons. Facebook says that if you want to ‘change’ the name, “you can delete your current page and create a new one with the proper name”. This is complete B.S. if you ask me, though that is the wonderful world of Facebook ‘usability’ at the moment.

      You might try contacting facebook help and see if they can change it for you. Other than that, no way as far as I can see.

      Good luck,

  15. says

    Hey Piotr these are really nice suggestions, I’ll surely be working on them to make my Facebook Fan Page better. I guess it will surely help me in getting some more fans.