Earn Money In Internet:30 Different Design Marketplaces

Everybody of us would love to earn extra money on internet and here you will find several ways how to do exactly that and where to find some work to be done. While writing this article I managed to learn few new money-making methods on internet.

The thing is, you don’t even need to be experienced designer or artist to start selling your work. On few sites you can even sell your leftover work so you get best out of it. While browsing I found that these all sites listed below seem to be really promising. Honestly I have never tried any of these but I guess it’s first time for everything.

1. DeviantART

DeviantART is the largest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts with over 13 million registered members, attracting 35 million unique visitors per month. If you want to sell your art then this is the place to be.



2. 99designs

99designs is the #1 marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design.


3. crowdSPRING

Designers compete with each other to win money.


4. Themeforest

Themeforest is just 1 of the 7 options you can choose. Here you can sell pretty much everything ranging from logo designs to 3D models.




5. Brandstack

This is pretty much the best way to sell in 4 easy steps:

  1. You create several logo designs for a client.
  2. Your client chooses one.
  3. You have a bunch of left over designs.
  4. You sell your unused designs on Brandstack.


6. iStockphoto

iStockphoto is the internet’s original member-generated image and design community.


7. Zooppa

Zooppa is the world’s largest social network for user-generated advertising.


8. WordPress Designers


9. Buy Stock Design

If you can make any type of Design, Templates, WordPress or html, then this is website for you!


10. Templamatic

A unique marketplace for premium web templates.


11. Fotolia

Fotolia is the first worldwide social marketplace for royalty free stock images.


12. Imagekind

The world’s fastest-growing art site offering over 750,000 high-quality fine art images for sale.


13. BigStockPhoto

Bigstock is your fast, easy-to-use marketplace for quality stock images.


14. Crestock

Crestock is a growing player in micropayment royalty-free stock photography and provides a great experience to both buyers and sellers.


15. Graphic Leftovers

Quality vector art and images on the web.


16. Cutcaster

Sell photos or illustrations with best prices.


17. Zazzle

It’s free and easy to create an online store on Zazzle to sell t-shirts online or sell posters online featuring your art, images, and designs.


18. Inkd

The world’s first online marketplace for cutting edge print designs.


19. Texturevault

TextureVault is a community driven supplier of royalty free texture and background images. It allows talented photographers and artists to sign up and sell their textures via the website.


20. CoSwap

If you are talented web programmer or graphic designer and deciding what to do with items that no longer have use for, then this is for you!


21. LogoTournament

An online community where businesses can go to receive the logo they really want by hosting a logo design contest.


22. RedBubble

Sell your work online. Over the last 3 years RedBubble has shipped 352,700 items of art! They take care of all the hassle. Give them your digital file and they will turn it into the finished product, deliver it to your customer and take care of any customer service problems.


23. Minted


24. ivoteforart

You can sell one-off originals like paintings, limited edition prints or open edition prints – that’s up to you.



25. Pixmac

If you’re looking for the best picture or just trying to sell your best shot, Pixmac is your perfect tool, with accurate search results and helping you at every step.


26. DepositPhotos

DepositPhotos.com is your #1 resource for buying and selling Royalty-free photographs and vector images.


27. Spreadshirt

Submit your designs and earn cash every time an item with your design is sold.


28. LogoSportswear


29. CafePress

The world’s largest collection of user-designed products.


30. Printfection

The easiest way to sell t-shirts & merchanise.


Gustavs Jurisons

Gustavs Jurisons is 16-year-old Latvian who devotes his spare time learning the various programs. His passion is to work with 3DS Max, and from time to time to learn something new so that it would be helpful in the future. Recently he has become interested in Photoshop. He just started to use Twitter .

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  1. Jeasy says

    Hi there,

    Want to Tip you with information on a great website I have come across. I am a freelance graphic designer, working from home and usually don’t go looking around the Internet to sell my unused designs.

    Couple weeks back I went to the local designers group meetup, and sitting there sipping coffee, overheard one of the designers mention the name ‘GraphicMonk’ I was intrigued by the name, got home, googled and found the site. Essentially this is a site created by designers who had gigabytes of designs sitting around taking up space being forgotten on their computers who decided to create a website to sell it. They got a great response during their beta testing and have now decided to open by the flood gates for any creative designer worldwide to join for Free, upload their designs and sell through GraphicMonk.

    My first thought, yeah right! So, being skeptical, I signed up, put one of my designs up on this site last week and over the weekend someone bought it. Wow! This actually works, we’re my words. I am absolutely sold on their idea, and want to spread the word to as many designers as possible. Hence, tipping you off to go check out GraphicMonk.com

    I believe they are going to get big, the design I sold , I designed in 2010 & had totally forgotten about it. Now I can convert it to money. It’s a no-brainer. :)


    • says

      Yes, selling unused designs is getting a bit popular. Not sure if Graphic Monk is the best one out there, but thanks for sharing this story – good way to earn money! :)

  2. says

    Excellent stuff. Some very interesting and useful sites on there which I’ve already bookmarked.

    Thanks for sharing