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  1. Sam O says

    All these logos seem very short and thus easy to remember even after one quick look. Don’t know what is better a text logo or just a simple image that finally represent the company so well that no one can use that same image in their logo like apple.

    • says

      Thanks for liking my article Tony :)! I’ve seen some of the ones in that article before. I am to this day have never been as shocked as when I found out about the fedex logo. I had no idea about the arrow before it was pointed out to me, and was quite in aww for a few minutes just amazed at how blind I was.

  2. Brad says

    I don’t think the new MTV logo is using a heavier font weight. They just cut off the bottom third of the old logo and that makes it look heavier.

    • Brad says

      I stand corrected. After comparing both logos in Photoshop, the new one is a little thicker. Strange move on their part.