Making Money Online:How To Earn Money From Twitter

There has been almost one million + articles written on making money online. While every niche is filled with more people than it can handle, there is still one field about which people don’t know about .Twitter as a micro blogging service created a revolution in the world of social network, & people started to explore the way to use twitter not just keeping up with friends but to do things like marketing products, making sales, earning money through twitter & lots of other stuff as well. In this post I have shared some of the tips that will help you to earn money using Twitter.

These are some good ways to earn money using Twitter, but I suggest you don’t over do it as you would look like a spammer & no one likes to get spam not even on their Twitter Timeline. So use this method cautiously

Affiliate Advertisement

If you are connected with many affiliates to sell their product and services, you can use Twitter account to tweet your affiliate links to your followers & get paid for the selling product. Be cautious using this method, see that you are not breaking the terms of service agreement.

Increasing Traffic

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This is indirect method of monetizing Twitter. Many people use this method effectively to send huge amount of traffic to their website which in turn generates revenue from the ads you post on your website.

Look For Leads

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When I was working as an marketing executive I had used Twitter to find potential leads for the company. Twitter Advance Search offers some best method to find people who are looking for services & products. This is an indirect method but still you can try it.

Get Paid To Tweet

This is one of the easiest way of making money on Twitter. You Don’t need to have a website, product or services to earn money, It’s one of the direct way of earning money through Twitter. There are various sites that offers services where you can get paid-per-tweet. Following list of website that offers such services.

Its one of the most used website that offers pay-per-tweets services. I have personally used this website to monetize my twitter account & found it to be working & useful. Even many of the celebrities are using Sponsored Tweets Services. is another website which offers similar services. Recently it has also included MySpace to its network. algorithm automatically calculates the amount that you will be paid per tweet. It depends on the factor like number of followers & how often you tweet.

Some Other Websites

Sell Twitter Related Services

If you are designer you can offer services like creating custom professional twitter background you can use your own background to promote it as a service. Also if you know how to get mass follower & influence people on twitter account you can provide services like Twitter profile management & become  face of a brand in your local area.

Sell Your Product & Services

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Selling your product & services through twitter is an also effective way of making money on twitter. You can use Twitter Advance Search option to find out people that are looking for product or services that you are offering & you can directly get in contact with them offering your services.

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If you have other method to share please do it in comment I would like to know.

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