20 Emergency Holiday Gifts For Geeks

Have you been naughty or nice this year? The holidays are just around the corner; we can even smell the mistletoe and your grandma’s eggnog in the air. The holidays are the perfect time for loving and sharing. Gift giving has long been a tradition associated with the holidays. What are you planning to give to your family and friends?

Designers and artists, and geeks in general, can be nitpicky when it comes to gifts. Most often, they don’t like gifts that are uncreative and uninspiring. If you want to make an effort this year by giving the best gifts for your designer friends, stop shopping at local shopping stores and malls. Sure, designers and creative types are easy to please–gift them with the latest iPad, smartphone, or a state-of-the-art Wacom tablet and you’ll be BFFs. But if you have a tight budget, better be creative! Explore unique gifts by going online.

We provide you the list of the best holiday gift ideas for designers and creatives. Gift this for your fellow designer friends or for yourself. If you don’t want to receive crappy, generic gifts from your friends again, you can share this link and hope they can get the hint. Enjoy!

1. Black and White Clock

The Black and White Clock is designed by Vadim Kibardin. The minimalist aesthetic is clean and beautiful.

2. Unique Coffee Cups

Coffee and designers have always come hand in hand. Sure, coffee mugs are often seen as generic gifts, but a one-of-a-kind mug will make it any designer’s best friend.

Slim Coffee Cup by Sharona Merlin

Mustache Coffee Cup by Peteri Bruegger

Mugs that are useful too, like this self-stirring mug is sure to quickly warm a recipient’s heart.

3. Lego Rings

Lego Rings are adorable for the female population of web designers. Their geeky, fashionable and whimsical. I would love to have one of these. Rock the look in the retro geek style. Get one from Skinny Bitch Apparel.

4. Cast Iron Ampersand

Designers love good typography. The Ampersand is a piece of work, and this cast iron version will work well in any designer’s home or office as a bookend, door stop, paperweight or simply as a sculpture. Each model is numbered & signed by the artist.

5. Nomad Brush

The Nomad brush is made of natural and synthetic fiber that allows you to paint on your iPad. It creates a more realistic experience of digital painting, as compared to using your finger or a stylus.

6. Star Wars Plush with Sound

Galactic and huggable friends from Think Geek are available in all sizes(4-inch, 9-inch and 15-inch). Darth Vader has never been this cute.

7. 8-bit Oven Mitt

Even designers have to do household chores (i.e. cooking). Give them the more reason to enjoy cooking and baking with this ultra geeky 8-bit oven mitt. Another great gift item from Think Geek.

8. 8-bit LED Holiday Wreath

A geeky holiday wreath to decorate your doorstep. One look at it and it screams: Mario Lives Here!

9. The Creative Sleep Pillows

After hours staring at the screen and working on Adobe Photoshop, wouldn’t it be nice to lie your head on one afterwards? Pillow logos are available for the Ps, Ai, Fl, Id, Dw and more. Grab these comfy Creative Suite pillows at My Suite Stuff.

10. DIY Mighty Wallet

The DIY Mighty Wallet has it all–it’s thin, it’s strong and it’s green. And it gives you total artistic freedom to draw on your own wallet. Now who wouldn’t want that?

11. Geeky T-shirts

There’s no place like Or in layman’s terms, There’s no place like home!

The t-shirt speaks for itself. We may love computers, but we certainly have better things to do than fix other people’s computer.

A reference to the simplest markup knowledge that every web designer knows. The opening and closing tags are printed on the front and back of the shirt, respectively.

Ironman Light Up Shirt from Think Geek.

And finally, Threadless has many creative and inspiring t-shirt designs!

12. Ray Solar Charger

The Ray Solar Charger is a great gadget present for designers on the go. It charges your electronic gadgets as long as there is ample amount of sunlight. Now you’ll never go powerless again.

13. Geek Statement Socks

Celebrate geekiness and be proud of it with these adorable socks! Another awesome product from Think Geek.

14. Come In / Go Away Ambigram Doormat

The Coir Doormat has a unique ambigram design of ‘Come In’ and ‘Go Away’, depending on the direction you are looking at it. Welcome guests with the ‘Come In’ sign as they come in, and surprise them with the ‘Go Away’ sign on their way home. A great doormat to welcome guests during Christmas and New Year. Get this from Amazon.

15. Bose QuietComfort

Many designers don’t have their own office where they can work in peace. Instead, they have to deal with busy coffee shops and noisy environment. Now designers can get rid of that inconvenience and get rid of unnecessary noise and distractions with the Bose QuietComfort headphones.

16. Brookstone Wireless Key Finder

We all love items that are unique and useful. This Wireless Key Finder is a classic ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ item. You would never lose your keys again. The key finder works up to a 60 feet range.

17. Be A HeadCase iPhone Hard Case & Bottle Opener

The iPhone case offers protection to your phone, and an extra-handy beer opening feature for beer nights!

18. IdeaPaint Dry Erase Whiteboard

Every artist has that unfulfilled fantasy from childhood to draw on walls without being scolded. Now you will have that artistic freedom to draw on walls through IdeaPaint!  It can turn any wall into a dry erase surface, the perfect wall to any artist’s studio, home or office.

19. Star Wars Hans Solo Ice Cube Tray

Men (particularly Star Wars fans) will enjoy this present–it’s so geeky it’s just awesome. Aside from ice cubes, it works well with chocolate, too.

20. Mobile Office by Tim Vinke

Tim Vinke has created a clever design for a mobile office, which he calls the Kruikantoor. It has wheels to easily transport the office anywhere and everywhere. Plus it has all the necessary features for any office, such as a desk table, chairs, light, electrical connection and storage. It’s like an office on wheels!

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  1. melanie cababat says

    those gifts you have mentioned above are the coolest gifts I can get for myself of course…
    hahaha., it is just a waste of money I will give ti my cousins or nephews., they’re lucky if I will give it to them and me is so unlucky, disgrace, unfortunate and whatever words you can apply to stupidity of gift giving…

  2. says

    These are perfect!! All the web templates guys here would love these. I think I might of left it a little late this year but I’m book marking this for next year. The IronMan shirt is epic though, I think I may just go ahead and buy that for myself.

  3. Jeremy Gower says

    The Black and White Clock is sick…I actually think I’m going to see about getting one for my office. Neat article. Love the shirt as well…