Facebook Timeline: Quick Tips And Smart Examples

A lot has already been covered about Facebook Timeline. A lot of critics (as expected) have negatively criticized Facebook Timeline while others consider it as the biggest gamble (which seems to be working) by Mark Zuckerberg. I will try not to bore you by discussing the same stuff over and over. Facebook Timeline is here to stay and we can either sit on the sidelines and let Timeline take control of the social world or we can be a part of this new movement.

Though I am a firm believer of swimming-against-the-tide yet, on this rare occasion, I will suggest you to enable Timeline on your Facebook Profiles. It is time that you become accustomed to the new social networking phenomenon.

How to Enable Facebook Timeline with Just Two Clicks?

It is easy. Really. Follow the steps below:

  • Hit this link.
  • Hit the green colored “Get Timeline” button on the bottom bar.
  • Now, hold on. Before your second click I will suggest you go through your Timeline and make whatever changes you want in your timeline.
  • Once you are happy with your Timeline then hit the green colored “Publish Now” button on the top horizontal bar.

Wasn’t that really easy? Have fun with the new Facebook profile and keep reading to make it more attractive.

Quick Facebook Timeline Tips

The new Facebook Timeline looks a bit complex though it actually isn’t. Let me take you through some of the tips that will come in handy when you start using Facebook Timeline.

  • Click the “Star” button on the top right corner of any item in your Facebook Timeline to expand it horizontally. Once you do so the item stretches across both columns and is easily visible to the viewer. This feature can be used when you want to emphasize soemthing in your Timeline.

  • You can remove the items that you don’t like from your timeline. Besides deleting the item you can perform various other tasks (like editing the date, adding the location, marking spam and a lot more) with that item as seen in the image below:

  • You can get rid of the useless adverts that show on the right sidebar of your Facebook Timeline. All that you have to do is hover your mouse pointer on that advert and click the “X” button that becomes visible. Facebook will hide the advert but might ask a quick question which will help them improve their advert service. Be generous and leave your answer.

  • Just like the older version of Facebook, the timeline has the option to let you see how your timeline will look like to the general public. Just look for the View As option on the top of your timeline and test it out.

  • Although you will hide most of the useless content from your timeline, there will be times when you want to see everything that is actually part of your activity on Facebook. Look for the “Activity Log” button below your Facebook header image and click on it. You will now see everything that you have been up to on Facebook. You can filter the content by many fields and analyze it as much as you want. Know your activity and improve your social media experience.

Fresh Covers For Your Facebook Timeline

Once you are accustomed to Facebook Timeline then it is time for some sort of beautification. Facebook Timeline provides the option to have one large image displayed on the top of your profile which gives your profile a completely new look. No other social networking website gives you the sort of look that the Facebook Timeline has to offer. Let me take you through some of the unique Facebook Timeline Covers that you can use right away on your Facebook Timeline.

Goodbuy to Evolution

Cycle of Life

Sonic The Hedgehog


United Kingdom Flat


Mila Kunis

Windows Phone Lover


Its About The Story

Inspirational Facebook Timeline Profiles

I told you how to swim with the tide and be a part of Facebook Timeline phenomenon. I introduced you to some of the tips that can come in handy when you are about to use Facebook Timeline. Lastly, I presented some of the cover images that you can use on your Facebook Timeline. Now, before I wrap up, I will show some of the unique Facebook Timeline ideas that have garnered a lot of attention lately. These people were some of the very first people who successfully experimented with Facebook Timeline profile. Let us begin:

Andrew Grojean

Andrew seems to be obsessed with the old look of Facebook. The obsession pushed him to give the new Facebook Timeline the look of old school Facebook. Pretty innovative I would say.

Mathew Baker

Mat’s Facebook cover page surely attracts attention when you look at it for the first time.

Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

His Facebook Timeline profile goes with his name. Complex to figure out though simple once you know what it is.

Niels Langeveld

Though there isn’t much that is unique with this Timeline Profile it’s still worth a view.

Andy Hirsch

This is one rare Facebook Timeline profile that makes use of holiday seasons at its best.

Tom Lambie

Ever saw the Facebook Timeline style 404 error? Here is one for you to enjoy. It was sure that some will come up with a 404 Error page on their Timeline headers but this is pretty much the most different approach towards the 404 error page.

Robert Falken

Robert’s Facebook Timeline Cover can easily be tagged as the most confused cover of them all. He still does not know what is on his mind!

Rodney Hess

Can’t explain anything about this Timeline profile. This has been doing rounds on the Internet due to its approach and it pretty much attracts all.

Mohammad L. Azzam

Another unique approach to Facebook Timeline Cover image.

Lawson Hembree V

Didn’t I tell you that QR Code‘s have their own marketing power? Here is another way to use QR code and attract attention.

Salman Siddiqui

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  1. says

    One of my favorite features of the new timeline for Facebook pages aside from the cover photo is the ability to display an image of your choice on every app aside from the Photos app. You have to pull down that little arrow to the right of the apps list so it shows all your apps. Then when you hover the mouse over the top right corner of each app you can edit the image! Like this http://www.batteries4less.com

    Love it! Thanks for such an informative article!

  2. says

    It’s taken me forever to get my head around the new changes to facebook – (I haven’t even sorted out the timeline on my social page, yet alone that for any sites I own). This is the best and clearest guide i’ve seen.

    Thank you. Off to create a cool cover for my facebook timeline for the blog. Should be up in a few hours. Looking forward for some constructive feedback if anyone’s up to it. Thanks

  3. subrahmanyam says

    I thought timeline is absolute nonsense….but when I went through this….you just convinced me!!!….and I like “stay hungry stay foolish” a lot from the pearls collection..good job…

  4. Veena says

    Interesting collection. There are some brilliant ideas but I like “Rodney Hess” most.

  5. Ashley W. says

    Thank you for the post. Great inspirations you have there. I got original facebook covers personally edited by me and my team :)

  6. Anwar says

    You nicely explained how to active timeline and about it’s future. Thanx for your for your this great share.

  7. hilda davidson says

    how come when i post something, it takes ages to load, OR it doesn’t appear on my screen if i don’t go out of my browser completely, go onto fb again, and then my post shows up!!! why is it like this?
    i had a chat with a friend of mine in Holland, and he has the same problem!

  8. Birdie says

    Thanks for this great article, I used it to make my own selection of Facebook covers on my blog.

  9. Oana says

    I was actually looking for some timeline tips. These are really helpful for facebook junkies. Thanks

  10. Payal says

    Thnx again for timeline as i started to use it but i don’t know what the hell is timeline is so thnx so much for info :)))

  11. Kerr says

    I actually didn’t even bother to look at timeline because I assumed it would show everything from when I first started on facebook and it’s busy enough with all the updates and wall posts from everything I follow.

    However I had no idea it involved the ability to customize the page – something I’ve been asking for since I first got on facebook 6 or 7 years ago – wow has it really been that long?

  12. Renato Alves says

    I’m looking forward to creating my own facebook cover… Great examples for inspiration… :)

  13. Sarah Bauer says

    Can’t wait for “50 Inspiring Facebook Homepages” to become a regular feature on design blogs…some real winners shown here today for starters! Thanks for the tips. We’ll be urging clients to switch their layout, and articles like this will help in guiding them through the process ( which, as you articulated, is not so difficult!)

  14. Brad Billman says

    Thanks for this post. I myself was hesitant to start up the facebook timeline because I don’t particularly want it to be so easy for people to see everything I have done since I was born. However, with a little insight from this I gave it a shot and it is very easy to remove things from your playlist which is nice. Thanks

  15. Ali says

    You describe the use & how to activate time line in a pretty nice manner… But what if som1 wanna leave this feature…? Can you explain it too.