15 Entertaining and Useful Facebook Applications

Nowadays, many people have put Facebooking as part of their daily routine… a daily routine for some, and an addiction to many. On this popular social networking site, you don’t only check on what is happening with your friend’s by their status updates, uploaded photos or videos, you can also enjoy using hundreds of applications. These are just a few of the reasons that Facebook is the most popular social networking website.

You can find many applications on Facebook that are created for fun,productivity, whether they’re games, or useful. Have you ever wondered if there are applications that could be useful for designers, writers, and developers? Here are a few of Facebook’s applications that may interest you.

1. Fotoshop

Fotoshop is an online Photoshop or GIMP like application. By using this software, you can edit and design your photos for free without installing.


  • Start with a blank image or from the clipboard.
  • Open an image from your computer.
  • Sign up and save edited images to your Facebook, Flickr, Immi or Pixlr account.
  • Add Filters just like in Photoshop.
  • Edit adjustments such as Brightness and Contrast, Hue and Saturation, Levels, Exposure, Curves and more.

2. Picnik

Make your photos really amazing with this fully functional online photo editor.

Picnik also offers a premium account. Picnik Premium is available for only $24.95 USD/year and gives you access to more great stuff you will really appreciate. With Picnik Premium, you can use all the effects, plus preview new features, and receive premium support.


  • Easy-to-use software
  • Crop, auto-fix, resize, rotate photos
  • Red-eye fixing
  • Creative effects, fonts, shapes, stickers and frames
  • Post photos on your page
  • Tag your friends on your edited photos
  • Edit friends’ photos
  • Complete ad-free experience (Picnik Premium)
  • Curves and Levels tools (Picnik Premium)


3. Graffiti

Graffiti is a fun application that lets you create graffiti that you can send to your friends. Or you can post your created Graffiti on your wall.

Would you believe that the image below was created by only using Graffiti? Very cool. Click the photo below to see how it’s created.

Created by: Natalya Latisheva

4. Pekay’s Little Author

Create your original storybook with Pekay’s Little Author application. You can share your story or message among your friends on Facebook using this application. It’s drag and drop!


  • Create storybooks and share them to your Facebook friends.
  • Browse, delete and manage your storybook.
  • Save and store up to 100 storybooks.
  • Download an off-line version of Pekay’s Little Author.

To know more about this application, you can watch their video guide here.


5. Art

Want to release your creative stress? Try this application.

6. Networked Blogs

Networked Blogs is a large news community and community of bloggers that lets you promote your blog on Facebook. You can find a directory of blogs that are categorized by different topics and locations.


  • Add and promote your blog.
  • Connect with other users.
  • Read and write articles based on the subjects you like.
  • Vote for and rate articles you like.
  • Import blog feed to your profile or page.
  • Follow registered blogs.

7. RSS Graffiti


  • Checks RSS/Atom feeds you specify
  • Posts entries it finds on Facebook walls you specify
  • Multiple feeds to multiple walls. You can choose your desired combination.

Looking for an application to store and publish your uploaded files? Try DivShare and SlideShare.

8. DivShare

DivShare is a web host application where you can upload different kinds of files and Divshare will host them forever for you for free!


  • Upload photos, videos, and other files
  • 200 MB size of storage space
  • Share uploaded files on you Facebook
  • Send uploaded files to your friends
  • Post files on your wall
  • Add files on your news feeds


9. SlideShare

SlideShare is an application that lets you share your presentations on your Facebook network.


  • Share presentations and documents on your Facebook such as portfolios, resumes, conference talks, lesson plans, etc.
  • Upload different kinds of presentations and documents that have these file extensions PPT, PPS, PPTX, PDF, DOC, DOCX, Keynote, iWork pages
  • Embed YouTube video on your presentations
  • Add audio to make a webinar on your presentations
  • Syncs in your LinkedIn account if you have one
  • Imports uploaded existing presentations on your SlideShare account

10. The Ultimate Vision Board

Be reminded and get inspired with your goals through this application. Ultimate Vision Board is a digital cork board where you can post the images of your goals. You can view it daily to keep you focused and motivated. It is very easy to use and you can also share your visual boards to your friends!

11. Visual Bookshelf

Visual Bookshelf is an application that is created by LivingSocial.


  • Lets you add your favorite books to My Collection.
  • Lets you search books by author, title or ISBN.
  • Sends Newsletters on your E-mail.
  • Lets you Edit Settings for your Visual Bookshelf Profile, Account, Newsletters settings and others.

12. Designer Directory

Designer Directory is a web directory of design resources, designers, design companies, studios, portfolios, consultancies and many more.

13. Welcome Tab for Pages

Welcome Tab for Pages is designed for Facebook page owners to showcase their brand/profiles/business, upcoming promotion, event or just a general announcement to their fans in just three easy steps. This application provides real-time metrics on visitors coming to your page.

14. My Google Calendar

This application allows you to embed your Google Calendar on your profile or application/business page. Just paste your Google Calendar code link and voila! You will be able to see and manage your own Google Calendar right on your Facebook account.

15. Contact Me

Make your life easier as a businessman with this ContactMe application to organize and grow your customers and make your dreams alive.


  • Get more leads
  • Organize your contacts list
  • Get a free contact form

Do you want to create your own Facebook application? Try this one…

Application Builder

This application lets you create your own Facebook application even without knowledge of any programming language in just few minutes.

You can create different types of applications depending on your interest:

  • Album Application
  • Game Application
  • Video Application
  • Friend Interview Application
  • Status Updater Application
  • Yes/No Application

…and many more. You can even create one for your school, business or work.


Now your turn. What applications do you use? Feel free to share it to us! 

Charina Torres

An Information Technology graduate who loves learning new things and chocolates, too. She spends the whole day sitting in front of the computer, making herself updated with the things going on around her.

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  1. Aron Zygo says

    Nice list all consolidated in one place. I tried picnik though and it seams the site does not work. You should also add http://www.debate365.com to the mix. They have a cool app that lets you create comic strips and share on your wall, also mess around with your photos and share on your wall.

  2. Mammus Kanali says

    140 characters attached to each tweet. I remember when people used to send telegrams were charged in a letter? Me neither, but I know what it is and I said that people have learned to live this

  3. Jay says

    Hey, I discovered another useful FB app recently. It solved my problem of file-sharing with FB friends. Previously, if I wanted to share a PDF or a video file, I had to upload it to some webspace like Divshare etc. and then provide links. For video, it had to be up on a streaming site. All of it was little painful.

  4. Rocket Bunny says

    Well You have informed me of many things Facebook has to offer that I didn’t know about. I am familiar with gimp and photo shop.I will have to check this out.

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    A great post! These apps on Facebook are surely helpful.. I personally like the DivShare app the most. All in all great stuff.Thanks.

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    Actually, its one of the great article with so many profit in this. Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable info on here.And, these 15 tips would be helpful for all face book user.

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    Very cool list of Facebook applications. The one that interested me the most was the Contact me app. I think it can help alot, mainly for enterprises. Thanks for sharing!!