Free Webinar: Proven 3-Step Formula on How to Get Clients

Reading this post might be the best decision you will ever do for your entire career. New Free webinar about freelance web design on how to get started and how to earn your first $300 in just 3 days. What are you waiting for?

Our method has been proven and tested, and it even went beyond expectations. We offer a free introductory lesson and a course where people can enroll on, and people are achieving success through it!

Ok…couldn’t wait to get home and post this. I got my first $600 check today (installment 1 of 2) for a site and it was from using the SIMPLE steps in the bootcamp!!!! BOOYAH. I think this is going to be a simple project with a nice turn around time and I can’t wait to have the client tell her friends and customers how easy it is to work with me. Keep you all posted. Thanks again.

– Leon Clinch, 1WD Bootcamp participant

Update: Thanks so much for coming on!

It was so much fun on the webinar last night, and I just wanted to tell, how thankful I am about everybody who actually showed up! We got close to 600 attendees this time! We decided to put up webinar slides for your pleasure – enjoy!

For those who got redirected to this page after an email, you can see slides here! I will contact you privately in email to let you know about recording, and will also explain what went wrong and how to fix it! Thank you so much for understanding! *Dainis

If you want to take action, join the community, get our newly launched membership product – Get 3 Clients in 3 Days And earn 300$! –

* Dainis & Spencer

Webinar Invitation:

What: Proven 3-Step Formula on How to Get Clients

When: Thu, May 16, 2013 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT


Register now and attend the webinar to learn the secrets of freelancing!


Whether you’re a web designer, a web developer, or someone who wants to become one, this webinar is for you. You will  take home lots of useful stuff, all you need to do is attend. There will be a surprise at the end of the webinar, be sure to stay long enough!

Some Stats from the Last Webinar

  • Run time: 2 hours and 40 minutes
  • 462 questions asked
  • 62 part-time workers from poll
  • 42 full-time workers from poll
  • 38 unemployed from poll
  • 60% of the questions asked relates to how to find clients, how to keep a client, how to communicate

Surprising Revelation

The most surprising thing about the webinar for freelance web designers (and those who want to become one) is about how much full-time employees and those who are unemployed are thinking of taking a leap at freelance web design. Some would like to do it for a side income while some want to do it full-time, and they don’t know where to start!

The participants, including  those who have zero knowledge of web design, preferred to ask questions relating to freelancing rather than web design. It just proves that more and more people want to become freelancers, and that’s exactly what we’re doing, helping people get started!

Missed the Last Webinar?

Register now:

I don’t want to add more pain for those who missed the previous webinar, instead I’m inviting you to our next webinar this Thursday! Time to catch up.

Even if you attended the last webinar, feel free to attend this one if you have questions you need to ask from us. Although the contents will be basically the same, I’m sure you’ll pick up some new stuff again!

And there’s a surprise waiting for you at the end.

Oh and if you have any friends who would benefit from learning how to get more clients, do a favor for them and share this webinar with them! Join the conversation using #1wdwebinar special twitter hashtag!

Rean John Uehara

Rean concurrently served as the Head of Operations and Editor-in-Chief of 1stwebdesigner from 2011 up until Aug 2014. He regularly writes about freelancing, technology, web design, and web development with a little touch of internet marketing here and there.

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  1. David says

    Hi Spence, I was wondering about the membership area, since it’s $48 every month, how many videos are there / how often do you produce new content for members?

    It’s not that I’m not trusting your content is good, I know it is, I just really need to think through how I spent my money the next couple of months since I just lost a huge chunk of my income, and need to prioritize correctly where I invest what I have.

    I also want to buy your Responsive Labzip package, but I’m on the fence atm of what I should buy first!

    Thank you for all your great videos, I’ve watched them all, some several times, and I’m very motivated!


    • says

      Hi David,

      you get a huge amount of useful content up front, including our 80+ page workbook, worksheets, bonus e-books, and over three hours of video. You get full access to the support forums and community, where all answers are provided free (normally my consulting fee is $300 per hour), and you have our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

      In effect, there is probably $500 of value available to you or anyone “up front” with a complete money back guarantee…. all for $47.95

      Our goal for the community is for anyone, with no previous experience, to make $300 in as little as 3 days and 3 clients. We show you step by step how to do this, and the members have already shared numerous success stories of making 20x that much within days of joining!

      The Responsive LabZip package is a compliment to the training, because it is our universal “Lego Block” system for building the same solutions we teach in the training. While not a requirement for the community, it is a huge advantage to have it, given that the cost is only $97 per year, with support and updates, and it will allow you to create and sell site solutions for many times that amount.

      If you have any questions, drop me a line at or call 312.344.3280 and I’m happy to help. Otherwise, go and join today as you have (literally) no risk, but everything to gain!


  2. Boris says

    I actually didn’t like the webinar, as there aren’t many people who would pay you to solve simple stuff with WP, besides that, there will be just too much freelancers in WP forums trying to do same thing as you advised in your webinar.

    I would need a solution to get projects in my own country and not on internet, as there’s just too many competitors – especially Asians, Filipinos or people from similar countries who can do everything for 50 or 100 USD…

    Sorry guys, but don’t like what you’ve offered in your webinar.

    • says

      Hi Boris,
      I’m sorry you didn’t like the webinar… but you are (so far) the only one of many hundreds of attendees to say as such. Based upon what you’ve written, I must also take issue with your premise:

      I don’t believe you could be any more incorrect about whether there are people willing to pay you to solve simple stuff with WP. Our student success stories, as well as my own personal freelance business prove that the facts support our premise and promise.

      Have you actually spent ANY amount of time actually trying what we suggest? If you had, I’m 100% sure you would change your opinion.

      Your comments about “Asians and Filipinos or people from similar countries” leads me to be concerned that you have a very narrow viewpoint of the world, of people in general, and of your own capability to succeed in the real world.

      Perhaps if you gave some consideration towards opening your mind, your heart, and leaving your biases and preconceived notions behind… you would join the rest of us who have discovered that becoming a successful freelance web designer using WordPress on the Internet is not a fantasy… it is a reality.


  3. says

    Hi, I get a valuable information about how to get clients in this webinar.
    This information is very important to me to start a new freelance career.

  4. Emmanuel says

    I missed your Webinar. Is there any way to view a recorded version?

    • says

      Hey Emmanuel,
      you can view slides in this article, but recording isn’t available, only thing you can do is to subscribe to 1stwebdesigner mailing list to not miss out information about upcoming webinars, there will be more coming about freelance topics, not this same exact one, but we are working to prepare next one already!

  5. Awais Raza says

    I am having bad time getting design clients, hope it would help much.

    • says

      Awais, oh don’t worry – those 3 steps will make all the difference for you! And we know it works, we have tested it ourselves and Spencer, our expert freelancer, is doing only that for last several years!

      Make sure you attend, prepare to take notes and then take action! These steps work, but you will succeed only if you act upon them!

      Good luck, Awais – see you in 15 hours! :)

  6. says

    I am a web developer and got really nice things from this blog. I have registered for this webinar and hoping to have something really valuable from this.

    • says

      Thank you so much Rajasthan, you cannot imagine how much I appreciate you saying so! Cannot wait to virtually meet you on the webinar! See you in 15 hours, and I promise you will learn lots of important things on how to get clients and then how to keep them..!