Get The Coolest Domain Name Now – Best Tips, Tricks And Tools You’ll Need!

So you’ve come up with a splendid business project but become confused when it comes to choosing a domain name. A domain name is a very important element of a website and can be either help or hurt your online business. You may think how hard could it be to make up a single name? But this single word can often be crucial and has to be well considered before being accepted.

What should you keep in mind when thinking of a domain name? How do you find the right domain name quickly and efficiently? This article shares some useful tips about choosing domain names and presents some tools to find the exact domain name for your website.

Keep it short

While you could call your website thegreatestwebdesignblogintheworld it’s a good idea not to do so. Keep your domain name short and simple. Short domain names are easier to remember, faster to type and generally they’re better for your business. There may be some exceptions, however. For example, it’s acceptable to call your website fashionphotographyblog because it’s ordered and fpb might be even harder to remember, but for the most part – just keep it simple.

Keep it equal

Try to use the same domain name like you’ve named your website or business. It’s pretty important since people tend to think of a website after it’s name, not the domain. Naming your domain after your website’s name will give you an advantage and recognition. Don’t choose a domain like clothesandfootwear if your online shop is called shop x. It will be much easier for people to remember and recognize your website/brand if you use it’s name as a domain name.

Keep it unique

Try to be unique and memorable with your domain name. Don’t choose a domain name which might be easy to confuse with others or which might infringe on already existing domains/brands/companies. A unique and memorable domain name will pay you back when you’ll be looking for an audience. Having a unique domain name will also help you to develop your brand and image.

Keep it universal

When choosing a domain name you have to find the right balance between being specific and general. Try not to think about how your website looks right now but how it might look after two years. Think of possible growth, new niches and directions of development. The point is not to let your domain name limit your opportunities. For example, you start a blog about WordPress theme development and choose a domain name like wordpressthemeblog. After a while your blog becomes popular and you decide it would be a great idea to sell some WordPress themes. Your domain name kinda traps you saying that your website is a blog and nothing else. A domain name can keep you stuck in one specific field with limited potential to expand. Don’t bother yourself with this too much, however keep in mind that your website might end up quite different than you initially thought.

Keep it easy to remember

Besides being unique you have to think of a name that is easy to remember, especially if you’re starting an online business. If you have a unique, easy to remember domain it will be easier for people to associate your domain with your brand. It’s not always true that short is easier to remember, yet try to keep your domain logical and memorable. Short, unique and easy to remember are the main things to focus on when thinking of a domain name.


1. DomainTyper


DomainTyper allows you to search for your domain as fast as you can type. It’s a simple and easy way to check domain name availability. You can also use their domain name generator to create a nice and easy to remember domain. It randomly generates several .com domains.

2. Panabee


Panabee is the simplest way to brainstorm names for websites, mobile apps, and products. Availability is not the only thing you get – translations, phonetic variations, related terms, and more interesting stuff is offered.

3. Moniker


Moniker can help you find the right domain name – even if it’s already registered. With Moniker you can manage a domain or several thousand. Safely, securely and easily. Moniker has been offering domain registration for over a decade and their experience is unmatched.

4. Domainr


Domainr helps you explore the entire domain name space beyond the ubiquitous—and crowded—.com, .net and .org. When you type a search term into Domainr, you’ll see all the different possible domain names it creates.

5. Domize


Domize is the place to find your next domain name whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned collector. Domize offers unmatched speed and security to allow you to search quickly and in complete privacy. All queries are encrypted over SSL and never leave Domize’s servers.

6. NameStation


NameStation is a website for finding name ideas and available domains. People can get name suggestions, feedback and ratings from their friends. Businesses can collaborate and hold naming contests to engage customers.

7. NameTumbler


At Name Tumbler you can find great, generic domain names in minutes. All great domain names are not yet taken. Use Name Tumbler to quickly find that perfect domain name.

8. Domainit Suggestion Tool


Domain Name Suggestion tool by Domainit helps you to find domain names that are available.

9. Domain Exposer


Domain Exposer is a tool which helps you find available domain names. There are still chances to come up with a great name. Registering a new domain name is often cheaper than buying one from domain brokers. By combining your keywords with our group of common words it’s easy to get a new domain name. The tool checks the domain name availability for all the suggestions.

10. Pcnames


Based on your query, PC Names instantly checks whether .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi and .name domain names are available. The domain search results will appear with 2-second delay for your convenience.

11. Namebio


Namebio is a searchable domain sales index. Here you will find domain sales comps, domain sales history, domain sales comparisons and domain sales comparables, domain auction results, and domain name resources as well as general domain information and tools.

12. DomainTools


DomainTools provides a directory that serves as a comprehensive snapshot of past and present domain name registration and ownership records. We also offer a comprehensive set of research tools that help you discover and monitor everything about a domain name.

13. Olddomains


At Old Domains you can find valuable domain names with history for cheap price. You can browse through thousands of old domains and get your own name idea based on interesting keywords. You can also check previous domain content to see if it was positioned for your own needs.

14. Wordoid


Wordoid is a webapp that strives to help you invent a good name. It makes up new words. Automatically. It knows how to create words in English or Spanish. It even knows how to create words in an imaginary language, constructed by blending two or more real languages together.

15. RhymeZone


With Rhyme Zone type in a word below to find its rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more.

16. Word Mixer


Word Mixer breaks down words, mixes and matches fragments, and reassembles them to create unique words.

17. WordConstructor


Use this random word generator to generate new words or change existing ones for a domain name, a name for your child, company, pet or band.

18. Random Word Generator


By analyzing the frequency of pairs of letters in 45 402 different words Random Word Generator generates new words which, although they don’t have any meaning, are reasonably syntactically correct.



Use to quickly locate administrative and technical contact information for the owner of any domain name. Domain name results also include IP and IP location information, web server information, related domain availability, premium domain listings and more.

20. Flippa


Flippa is the number one marketplace for buying and selling websites. Website sellers come to Flippa due to it having the highest sales rate in the industry—largely due to the massive size and quality of the Flippa website buyer audience.

Do you know any more great tools you use to find your new domain name? Share it here!

Daniels Mekšs

Works at 1stwebdesigner, studies photography at ISSPand seeks to enjoy life. You can check out his photography blog and follow him on twitter.

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  1. Susanta Kumar Sahoo says

    hello friends
    please help me find a good domain name for my new website.
    this website is a place where you can watch movies online.
    so this domain name should contain words like watch, online, movie etc with .com extension
    please keep the domain name short and easy to remember and catchy.

  2. Robin Jennings says

    Wow, now that’s an exhaustive list.

    Finding the right domain name can be really tricky with the huge quantity of domain names already taken.

    I love the Random Word Gnerator!

  3. Khizer says

    That is the best one…thanks for sharing i was realy looking for this kind of site. Thanks.

  4. Ade says

    When you pick a website to be listed in an article, could you provide your own assessment and opinion of it, rather than just copying the website’s own text? It would certainly be more useful.

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    Recently I was watching an interview on Social Media Examiner with the founder of the Bulb Storm Community. ) Where he explains how he got to this creative name.

    He tell that he created about 400 names to get to Bulb Storm. That is incredible and worth doing if you really want a cool name, besides good to SEO and branding.

    My point is that with such tools presented above, his job would be far more easier. Besides it would take much less time.

    Hell of list. I’m sure it is gonna help me with future projects. :)

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    …i`m thinking of starting up own website, didn`t find the right name yet. u gave many tips for people like me i guess. thanks a lot…

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    I’ve seen some good domains sold on Flippa before, so don’t ever sleep on it ;)

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    Recently i had started my website design business but i don’t know how to choose a right domain i think this article will help me to find the right domain.Thanks for posting.

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