Market and Sell Your Digital Goods the Right Way

In previous years, digital marketplaces have evolved significantly. Day by day, more and more designers, developers, photographers and musicians of all levels have started to begin their experiences with  marketplaces and selling digital files online.  These ‘stock markets’ represent a good source of revenue for people of all skills, from beginners to advanced, that is why if you have not started your adventure with these places that are great for generating income, you should consider it right now.

Basic Marketing

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Most markets usually don’t ask you to pay a monthly fee; instead they take a cut of your profits which is at least 25%. This cut is spent on processing payments and doing some basic marketing. This basic marketing consists of online advertising, paid/guest posts and promotions. Such marketing intends to bring customers to the marketplace as a whole, not to your specific files, that is why you should not rely on it. You should fight to get sales on your files, but you must be in a friendly relationship with your fellow authors.

Social Media Traffic

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Most of the modern marketplaces allow you to put (if they aren’t there automatically) certain Facebook, Twitter, Google+ sharing buttons which can drive social media traffic. The social media traffic is not of the highest quality, and visitors from these sources are not likely to make an immediate purchase, however, if you set an affiliate link while sharing on social media websites, it has better chances of receiving a nice amount, either from the first purchase or the first deposit.


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It is a well proven fact that, if advertising is done right, then it won’t be hard to drive high-quality and keyword-driven traffic to your files. It can be either, CPM or CPC — it’s totally up to you, however some authors from the well known flash files stock, ActiveDen, proved that Google Adwords CPC ads work excellent and can even double your profits!

Word of Mouth

A recommendation from a good friend will always be considered, that is why it’s good to be on cordial terms with everyone in the market. There are many authors who are happy to point their clients to other files, if they think the specific file is worth their attention and time. There is not much you can do about it, except producing high-quality and unique files which will be loved by everyone.

Use Your Own Website/Blog

Another simple yet effective way is spreading the word using your website. It can be a blog post, a link to your latest file in the header of your site (be sure to use some attention-grabbing techniques) or a link in the sidebar of your website. It is good to try different placements and ways of informing your readers about your new files, but it is extremely important not to abuse the concept of banners and announcements as it will drive away both visitors and potential clients.

Giving Away Free Files

Everyone loves getting free files, but it’s even more enjoyable to receive free copies of paid items. Giveaways are a great medium for promotion, and when thinking about giveaways, you would better think about organizing these giveaways on more popular websites than yours, as you may simply get more purchases and more promotion.

Website Usage, the Clever Way

It is a very powerful and very effective way of attracting customers on PremiumPixels. PP is a website where you can download free .psd files, however, after each download you are shown a nice message which encourages you to take a look at the author’s stock files. It is very powerful because the author is giving away free files, and hopefully you wouldn’t mind spending a few minutes of your time checking out their premium offerings. That’s how eventual customers are attracted!

Set Up a Newsletter

Orman Clark, who is well-known for his amazing WordPress themes, has recently set up a newsletter and started gathering subscribers. With every newsletter, you get an amazing (exclusive) freebie and a great deal. He has only sent 2 newsletters so far, but I suppose his success with this newsletter is far beyond the expected. Everyone loves free files, but exclusive free files are loved even more because you never know what’s going to be in there. It may be a file you really needed, or an amazing graphic set for which you would have paid a nice amount.

Successful Stock Sellers

Christian (Kriesi)

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Brandon Jones

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Musicians :

Soundroll Studio (Dmitry Lifshitz)

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Tim McMorris

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Beat the Beat

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Yuri Arcurs

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Andresr Photos

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A good file will always sell! Just make sure you focus more on the quality of your items rather than quantity or marketing. Marketing your files is an amazing source of revenue, but it should only be applied to high-quality files which would impress anyone easily. A simple file with lots of promotion efforts is going to get a lot less sales rather than a high-quality one, with just a bit of proper marketing.

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  1. Tommy Walker says

    Great roundup of platforms :-) I particularly enjoyed how you mentioned the newsletters with the exclusive freebies.

    Something I’ve noticed in the online marketing space is there seems to be a resurgence of people using podcasting as a traffic and interest generator.

    While it’s not particularly friendly for the visually minded design community, I think, and it’s just my opinion, that it would be cool to see some sort of design focused podcast that also features independent music.

    Music and art are so intertwined that it seems strangely fitting to have a two person show that talks about different design trends, sites to look at, art to follow, and showcase music at the same time… wouldn’t that be kind of a cool and different way for a design professional to get noticed?

  2. Veena says

    There are some beautiful examples mentioned.
    I believe one time fee is much better than profit sharing if you are serous about the business even if it is high.

    • says

      Veena…sharing the profits with the market means that it’s in the markets interest to continue marketing your products.

      Therefore increasing the profits of both you and the market and you don’t have to do as much marketing.

      Win win.