Use to Grow Brand Awareness and Website Traffic

Are you looking to grow brand awareness and website traffic, but don’t have the time to create your own online content? You should consider using to create an online Daily Newspaper about your website topic. In this article we will review what is, how it works, the benefits to using, how to get your newspaper noticed, crafting the perfect newspaper, and a list of the top newspapers.

What is is a fairly new automated tool that allows users to create their own online newspaper. It’s a great way to provide relevant online content about the same topic as your website. newspapers provide valuable information to your online community about a specific topic. Over time creating a daily newspaper that goes out to your online community will help drive more readers to your website. Website owners can use to drive more traffic to their website.

How Does Work? allows users to create their own online newspaper through links shared on Facebook and Twitter. Once set up automatically collects links from within Facebook or Twitter, organizes them into an easy-to-read newspaper format, complete with imagery, headlines, and article descriptions. Subscribers receive their online newspaper each day filled with top stories around the same content topic as your website. It’s a great way for you to automatically aggregate online content relevant to your website topic and push it out to your online community.

On a daily basis a new newspaper is created around your topic. If you’re on Twitter, you can configure the system to tweet your newspaper automatically. You can also promote your newspaper manually by promoting the URL on your social networks. For full integration we recommend that you embed your online daily newspaper into your website.

creative content marketing ideas

Benefits of Using offers many benefits to website owners interested in finding new Content Marketing ideas to help build brand awareness and increase website traffic. Below are a few of the benefits to using

  • is an automated Content Marketing tool. Set it and forget it if need be. We recommend you actively promote it each day as well OR embed it into your website for increased exposure.
  • FREE to use! You can create up to 10 online newspapers with the free account.
  • Provides a valuable educational resource to your online community. Helps them learn more about the topic of your website. Positions you as a thought leader around your topic.
  • Allows for cross promotional opportunities with the other authors who are featured within your newspaper. When you tweet it, you include the Twitter names of those who are featured. Many of whom will retweet your newspaper to their online community, thus bringing more new eyeballs to your newspaper.

Create a Newspaper for Your Website

How to create newspapers are easy to create and the benefits are numerous, so we definitely recommend that you consider creating a newspaper around the same topic as your website. If you’d like to move forward in creating a newspaper for your website follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Navigate to and sign in with either your Twitter or Facebook account
  2. Click ‘Start your paper’
  3. Select the option to “create a paper based on a specific topic or list of people”
  4. Create a Title for your newspaper
  5. Add up to 10 content streams from which to pull article links from. Add as many as you’d like (up to 10). You can organize them in the order of importance. If you choose a Single Twitter User and a Twitter Keyword, you can rank them in order of importance of where should pull articles from first, second, third, etc. The options include:
    • Single Twitter User
    • Your Twitter Stream and the people you follow
    • Twitter List
    • Twitter #Hashtag
    • Keywords on Twitter
    • Keywords on Facebook
    • RSS Feed
    • Single Google+ User
    • Keywords on Google+
  6. Select a language for your newspaper
  7. Select the ‘Covered Topics’. Covered Topics are the ‘Sections’ that you’d like to appear in your newspaper.
  8. Click ‘Publish’. Your newspaper will be updated every 24 hours.

It’s that easy! You now have an automated content marketing tool to use every day for educating your online community on your website topic and for driving traffic back to your website. Before we let you go, let’s go through each of the different content options that you can use to construct your newspaper. We will discuss why you might want to use each different content option.

How to Get Noticed

Getting your newspaper noticed by relevant readers is the key to attracting subscribers. It’s important that you use all available marketing channels to help you promote your newspaper. Here are a few creative ways to get your newspaper in front of the right people:

  • Set up an automatic feed to Twitter
  • Post your newspaper on Facebook
  • Post your newspaper on Google+
  • Embed your newspaper on your blog or website
  • Leave comments on each of the sites from which you pull content from and add a link back to your newspaper
  • Reach out to the author of each article in your newspaper to let him/her know you used their article in your newspaper. Hopefully they will help you promote your newspaper by sending it out to their online community.
  • Add a link to your newspaper to your email newsletter
  • If you are a business and have a physical location, put a flier or window cling in your store with a link (or QR code) to your newspaper
  • Add the URL of your newspaper to your business card
  • Add the URL of your newspaper to your email signature
  • Promote your newspaper on LinkedIn

Obviously you might not have time to do all of these things every day, but find a combination that works well for you and your audience and stick to it as best as possible. The more you promote your newspaper the more subscribers you will attract.

Crafting the Perfect

At first glance it might appear that crafting a newspaper is a fairly standard process whereby you don’t have to put much thought into it. Unfortunately too many editors go this route. The editors who are successful are the ones who take some extra time to craft the perfect newspaper. Here are a few tips for crafting a top-tier newspaper.

  • Customize your newspaper as best as possible. A good way to do this is find experts on your topic and pull content directly from them as a ‘Single Twitter User’ or by adding a RSS feed from their blog.
  • Organize your content streams with the ‘Single Twitter Users’ at the top and the more general content streams like ‘Twitter, Facebook, & Google+ Keywords’ near the bottom. This way your newspaper will be filled with content from the experts you’ve chosen and any extra room will be filled with content from random publishers. This ensures your subscribers will get the best content each and every day.
  • Add 10 content streams. allows you use to use 10 content streams so you should take advantage of them.
  • Use the Editor’s Note section to add a link to your website
  • Include one or more hashtags in the Title of your newspaper. newspapers can be automatically published to Twitter, so having a highly searched hashtag in the title of your newspaper will attract more readers.

5 Top Newspapers

Here are a few examples of some of the best newspapers. Each of these newspapers have thousands of subscribers. Take a look at each of these to see what they do well. Be sure to incorporate some of the things that these editors do with their newspaper into your newspaper.

Will You Create a Newspaper for Your Website?

After reviewing this article,, and all of the benefits it can provide to website owners, do you think it’s worth the time it takes (which is minimal) to create one for your website? We definitely think those who do move forward with creating a newspaper will be happy they did.

Have you already created a newspaper to help build brand awareness and increase website traffic? If so, how has it been working? Please share your comments below.

Ryan Taft

Ryan Taft is a twenty-something entrepreneur with a passion for helping small businesses use online marketing tools to reach more customers and prospects, build relationships with those folks, and ultimately grow sales.

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    The author’s links (site & Twitter) aren’t working, can you pls. update them? Happy 2012!

  2. Brian says

    Thanks for the great info. I have been using for a few months for a niche blog I have and it has earned me many followers and interests. I have created a new account for a new website that is currently being designed.

  3. says

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this great overview of the service. You provide a lot of great insight and tips on how to get the most out of Indeed, is a great way for site owners to attract new readers and visitors, and the Nomad makes onsite viewing fantastic.

    Here are a few tips that I find keep papers in top form, and readers happy:

    1. Continual review of content sources: we notice that over time Twitter users’ focus can shift, thus shifting the content for your paper. We like to encourage publishers to review lists, single users as well as #tags and keywords every couple of weeks to make sure they are still getting the content that they are expecting.

    2. Editing: take 5 – 10 minutes a day to review the content of your to ensure that it is top for your viewers. Delete content that might not be a fit for the day, or reposition an article that might not have made a headline position.

    3. Tweet Manually: I love your Getting Noticed section and I think it is a great idea to put a on a business card! I would add to that ” Manual tweet as much as you can” The manual tweet is so powerful and we are hearing back from a lot of publishers who are really going beyond the ” xyz Daily is out”, being a lot more creative and getting great response.
    – “xyz article” by @xyz via @xyz (the link to your
    – highlighting a featured article: ” Is this the end of social media?” Today’s headline story on YXZ via @xyz ( the link to your

    4. Editor’s note: yes, it is a must! It is a great way to add context around your Paper, your business or organization and as well, it is indexed on our newsstand in searches, and it is a great place to point readers back to your site, or blog.

    5. Content streams: If you are using 10 content streams, you have a good chance of not getting all of the content you are expecting, especially if those streams are bringing in a lot of content.

    Currently for each we fetch approximately that last 1000 tweets per edition, averaging about 400 pieces of content per paper. We break down those 1000 tweets per content stream, so depending on how many content streams you are using the number of shared articles fetched is reduced.

    Content streams are listed in order of priority, meaning those are the streams that will populate headline positions. So place your most valued streams at the top!

    Lastly, use the filters on content streams to help filter in the content you would like, keeping the noise out.

    I’ll be sure to point community members to your post. It is chuck full of great information!
    Kelly, C.M at

  4. Ritu says

    Thank you so much for this information, I was looking for such a powerful tool for many days.
    The newspaper concept is very good. And your tips about how to use it are very useful.
    Thanks again for the share.

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  6. Armand says

    I have seen some of these daily newspapers on Twitter, but I never thought about the opportunities. Until I read this article. It seems to be easy and powerful at the same time. Is there a way to have an impact on the language of the selected articles? Most people don’t speak more than two languages.