20 Professional Mozilla Firefox 3.5+ Ready Themes

title-20-free-popular-firefox-3-5-themeI did several months ago Firefox 3.0 ready theme showcase, but things always are moving forward, so I did research once again and found many new really beautiful and professional Firefox themes. I am really picky about such themes, wallpapers and designs, so Charamel theme was big surprise for me. It’s very polished theme, I definitely recommend it.

I tested manually every theme here to be sure it’s really good, so you will not be disappointed. Just go on and scroll through and choose one on these themes and browsing with Firefox will become even more enjoyable!

1. Charamel Firefox Theme

Really beautifully designed theme with light brown colors. This one definitely is my favorite #1, I am currently using it.


2. Daum Blue Firefox Theme

Really elegant and clean theme using light blue and grey colors. One of my favorites.


3. Mac OS X Leopard Style Firefox Theme

If you love Macintosh, but your browser is Firefox, you definitely will enjoy this Leopard OS type theme. This theme consists of dark grey and blue color scheme.


4. Qute Firefox Theme

Simple,light and clean firefox theme with clear, colorful icons.


5. iPox Firefox Theme

iPox is an easy on the eyes, white and blue theme for Firefox.


6. Camifox Firefox Theme

Lovely colors and eye-candy shiny rounded icons used in this theme.


7. PitchDark Firefox Theme

Cool blue colored minimalistic theme.


8. Anthem Firefox Theme

Carbon like dark theme really standing out from the crowd.


9. iAqua Firefox Theme

Colors are really light and good looking, perfect for people, who enjoy clean and professional themes.


10. Past Modern Firefox Theme

Interesting theme using subtle colors and icons – such theme would be prefered by people who spend long time using browser, because it’s really easy on eyes.


11. Heaven Cube Firefox Theme

This is a dark modern theme recommended for those with a correspondingly dark OS visual style.


12. ArzoFox Firefox Theme

Light blue theme using cool icons with reflections.


13. MyFirefox Firefox Theme

This theme perfectly simulates Internet Explorer 8. Good choice if you like IE design and features, but don’t quite like it as browser. Works perefectly with Windows 7.


14. Vista Areo Firefox Theme

Similar to MyFirefox theme this theme simulates IE 8 but with Vista Aero style.


15. NASA Night Launch Theme

If you like dark colors and dark background this theme definitely will suit your needs.


16. Office 2007 Black Firefox Theme

Cool greyscale theme using really elegant colors and icons.


17. Black Stratini Firefox Theme

One more theme for people who enjoy dark colors and cool bright icons.


18. MidnightFox

Dark theme using brightly colored buttons and colors.


19. Fox World Firefox Theme

Very light theme full with glossy and shiny blue icons and colors.


20. Kempelton Firefox Theme

One more light, clean theme with really interesting 3D loading bar.


Which one is your favorite? Let me and readers find out your pick!

Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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  1. says

    These are all really great examples of Mozilla Firefox themes but there are many many more. One of the most popular sites now online for these types of themes is BrandThunder as they provide not only Firefox themes, but IE themes and Chrome themes. I think they’re the only company doing all three major browser themes. In addition to the beautiful designs they have, they are also interactive.

  2. Tongming Yongsam says

    Themes changing facility in mozilla firefox makes browsing interesting.moreover i feels good because this facilitates my taste and individuality on my computer screen too.quiet interesting…

  3. Steve says

    I was unaware that you could even get themes for FireFox.
    They’re very good.

    Are they trouble free?

  4. David says

    iFox Smooth is easily the best theme I’ve encountered. It’s simple, elegant, and most importantly it gets rid of icons in the bookmarks toolbar, which is a great space saver.

  5. says

    Previously I used the Mac OS X theme, but currently by FF is running with the default theme on Ubuntu. Goes pretty well with the overall look.

  6. says

    Nice interesting list. Although I am not a big fan of theme when I think about Firefox, I last use a theme on Firefox almost a year ago but if I choose anyone I will go for NASA Night Launch Theme. It look great and I have an interest on NASA related things.

  7. LUis Lopez says

    I am not really that fan of themes for fierfox or windows, i like things simple, and basics that let me concentrate on the important, but some of this themes are excellent I already download two and I am testing the first one.
    Thanks for the great list

  8. Mia says

    Great assimilation of FF themes , thank you – just installed NASA Night Launch theme & it looks UBER :) beautiful nocturnal & sleek design .

    Love this site :)

  9. Senthil Ramesh says

    Cool I like these especially Firelight. I am using Vista Red, Its good too . simple and clean. Its worth mentioned too.

  10. Shane says

    Vfox3 (Graphite) and the other Vfox3 themes are great Apple style themes that are functioning great in my Firefox 3.5.3. The Graphite versions are experimental but are working fine.