53 Promotional Websites To Gain Traffic Quick And Easy

It started very long time ago (to be exact December 27, 2008), when I created my first promotional article with 40 promotional links in it. Then I was just starting and I was excited, there exist such things like user news and sites like DesignBump or DesignFloat.

Time passed, and I needed to update my article, add more links, delete old ones because I have been promoting EVERY article in these sites. Now this promotional article consists of 70 sites, but again I wasn’t sure how all links work – I mean how much traffic they return. And now you will hear why this article is so outstanding and extremely valuable for every design-related blogger! Since I’ve been submitting all my article on those sites this whole time, I have also very precise statistics based on several months.

Now I completely reviewed whole article and here TOP 53 sites are arranged in ascending order – from the most valuable websites to less ones. Unique visit count and information is based on my Google Analytics latest 3 months statistics. At the end I added several new and unverified but promising promotional websites.

Needless to say I will update this article regularly, so be sure to bookmark it for later reference! This is really assured list because I’ve tested it and I can tell – these sites really deliver impressive traffic! If you need that traffic – go ahead and take it now! I give you tools, you just need to realize them in the same way I did!

1. StumbleUpon* ( 160,154 unique visits)

StumbleUpon is no different – you need a lot of friends, good network to bring traffic. But if you have that all, again it totally pays off 10 times. You should have few powerful stumbler friends as well, who could discover or maybe even share your stories – returning you with easy traffic in that way!


2. Digg* (80,214 unique visits)

Certainly not easy traffic, but when you get the first time of Digg FrontPage you will never doubt it’s power and beautiful traffic income source. Building community takes a lot of time, so be sure you build contacts with few power diggers in your niche.


3. SmashingMagazine + Noupe (74,494 unique visits)

*Updated: in the next day, when I published this article SM and Noupe took off their user news and now there are only SmashingNetwork news in sidebar, so for most of us, this traffic isn’t available more.

Since now SM owns Noupe, their design news are now tied together. This number is not so accurate because I am on SmashingNetwork and get traffic from their features as well, but certainly worth submitting – 2 in 1!


4. Twitter* (22,119 unique visits)

Seems like now Twitter is getting even more popular as it is – if it is possible! It’s good to have powerful account or powerful friends with big networks to share your links with.


5. CSSGlobe* (7,528 unique visits)

If your links will be accepted in this site, you will get serious traffic regularly! This site is my big discovery, I was surprised how valuable it is and what kind of traffic it can deliver.


6. Facebook* (6,574 unique visits)

You need here to think seriously about community building or fan page, because it can really be good traffic income source.


7. DesignBump* (5,921 unique visits)


8. Dezinerfolio (3,678 unique visits)


9. Design-Newz (3,436 unique visits)


10. WebdesignNe.Ws (2,709 unique visits)


11. InstantShift (2,525 unique visits)


12. CSSDrive (2,145 unique visits)


13. DesignrFix (2,083 unique visits)


14. Devsnippets (1,831 unique visits)


15. Designm.Ag (1,692 unique visits)


16. Dzone* (1,400 unique visits)


17. Abduzeedo* (1,381 unique visits)


18. Psdfan (1,337 unique visits)


19. Reddit* (1,308 unique visits)


20. TripWireMagazine (1,219 unique visits)


21. DesignMoo* (1,185 unique visits)


22. DesignYourWay (1,171 unique visits)


23. DesignFloat* ( 1,003 unique visits)


24. 10Steps.sg (948 unique visits)


25. ShareBrain (942 unique visits)


26. Graphic-Design-Links* (753 unique visits)


27. Hongkiat (735 unique visits)


28. InspiredN (733 unique visits)


29. TheDesignMag (686 unique visits)


30. SpeckyBoy (570 unique visits)


31. BlogFreakz (557 unique visits)


32. FuelYourCreativity (521 unique visits)


33. NaldzGraphics (516 unique visits)


34. DesiznTech (499 unique visits)


34. TheWebBlend* (342 unique visits)


35.ZaBox* (383 unique visits)


36. MyInkBlog (250 unique visits)


37. ScriptAndStyle (249 unique visits)


38. CSSLeak (209 unique visits)


39. WhoFreelance (207 unique visits)


40. PVM Garage (151 unique visits)


Envato network

41. PSD.Tutplus (1,019 unique visits)

You need to submit in those 3 sites articles one by one, because spam filter somehow work between these sites, I mean if all three pages are open you need to refresh page to get valid CAPTCHA numbers.


42. Net.Tutplus (550 unique visits)


43. Vector.Tutplus (538 unique visits)


Fresh additions:

I will add here constantly new websites I will find or our readers will suggest and test it myself so I can drop out worthless sites out and put great websites higher in main list.

44. KnowteBook


45. GraphicMania


46. PSDeluxe


47. ChethStudios


48. CypherBox*


49. AnimHut (right sidebar)


50. PSDVibe (right sidebar)


51. DesignNussion


52. Styletime


53. DesignInformer (right sidebar)


If you know more VALUABLE promotional sites or links, where we could submit articles, let us know and I’ll consider about showcasing that site as well here!

Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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  1. Liam says

    Great list, I’m a designer over at Ladbrokes and I have to say that psd tuts+, net tuts+ and vector tuts are fabulous resources, gave me some great creative techniques to work with, particularly psd tuts+.

  2. zumba bristol says

    We virtually thank you for blog post. You can find lots of tactics we could place it to decent use by means of no effort promptly and savings. Thank you really with regard to helping result in the post react to many concerns we now have experienced prior to this.

  3. Marc Clinley says

    I believe in this specific page, keep writing! It’s actually unusual that i can discover these a dynamic discussion of which drives my personal curiosity. The up-to-date data is mainly highly preferred. You fellows seriously seem to know what you’re talking about. This is because of everyone that your chosen internet conversations such as these maintain to keep their reliability. Appreciation for article!!! The text I obtained from these reports really assisted me out!

  4. Greg says

    This is a great list, I would have never thought of some of these sites as a means to increase web traffic.

  5. says

    Nice collection of resources. There are a couple of sites that I didn’t even know existed, thanks for the heads up. Looks like I have a bunch of more reading to do. Thanks.

  6. Joe says

    You forgot a really good one, , they let you submit a community link without signing up.

  7. says

    awesome tghis is v interesting to me – I try to submit to teh top 20 that bring traffic – I’m only just working out which ones do – Do you post to all of them?

    best ben

    @ lars hello

  8. Kuswanto says

    Awesome list. I just started new blog, and your article sure help me a lot.
    Subscribed!! :-)

  9. says

    thx for this Wonderful info! I’m gonna submit my article to all of this website! Thx a lot Dainis! Nice knowing you! I mean your website…

  10. Dan says

    Wow a lot of these I never heard of which is great so I can now take advantage of more sites to try and gain more traffic. Thanks so much!

  11. Loic says

    Hi Dainis,
    that’s such a great list of awesome websites where we will be able to engage with our audience and add value.
    Thanks a million, the team at advisor websites

  12. Tanmi Gold says

    This is Truly Amazing,once you get listed on all these high traffic sites, you can expect some terrible traffic.
    Thanks Dainis 4 sharing.

  13. Allen says

    emm, a good list .
    I don’t know SmashingMagazine and Twitter cna gain so much traffic! cool!

  14. chandan says

    Hey thank you for the list, most of site is still unknown for me. Well if all provide dofollow link I will definitely join them.

  15. says

    Wow, great article. I never took networking seriously until after I graduated, which is too bad, because now I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of opportunities. This is a great place to start.

  16. says

    The biggest problem I see with your site, it’s not how many aggregators you submit to, it’s the quality of your own content. All I see here is lists of “top 50 xyz” and it has absolutely no value. If all I want is lists, I can browse Delicious like everyone else.

    Less quantity, more quality. That’s what drives a good site. The traffic will come, so long as there’s rich content to be delivered. Anyone can compile an obvious list of popular sites, even a mindless PHP script could accomplish this with ease. Instead, write about your own experiences, focus on something you have a passion for, a topic you can examine in-depth; be an expert at something, then share that wisdom. If you want to drive traffic and make money, you have to offer something of value. Right now your head is full of lies from reading “money making blogs” like Shoemoney and Chow and Kiyosaki, and you’re just adding to the background noise.

    • Marina says

      I’d have to disagree. It’s personal preference. Personally I think list sites can be really useful and saves people the trouble of having to find good resources on their own- I started my own blog for the reason that I could organise good resources into lists instead of having huge bookmark folders.

      On the other hand, I’m not into blogs with a lot of writing or personal diaries. Sure, what they write about may be useful to a lot of other people out there, but to me, it’s mostly general advice that’s common sense. Neither am I interested in a page-long post about a person discussing their personal values when it comes to freelance work for example.

    • says

      Interesting comment – about list posts there have been a lot of discussions already why blogs compile such posts and why they are so popular.

      If you’re thinking that this blog is inspired by some background noise, how comes it’s one of the biggest in world with 1.5 million uniques monthly? How much for background noise now – if we would do a bad job here, we won’t get such attention and I don’t think you see here too many affiliate,promotional articles, I would say you see them pretty rarely, but you’ll still complaining.

      Show you can do better job and then talk – however of course I agree always quality can be increased. But that doesn’t come easily, it’s really tough work and while we are improving I still think you could show some appreciation.

      Cheers to that!

  17. says

    It’s funny to still see Digg on these kinds of lists. Not to say Digg is completely out of fashion and nobody uses it anymore, but it really is overrun with crappy spam articles and things not even interesting.. not to mention the FP traffic isn’t even that great anymore.

  18. says

    Thanks a lot for this seriously interesting post. I know it has been quite an effort to create it! Also thanks for including tripwiremagazine.com – great to hear that others in the community actually benefit from contributing with links on my site!

  19. Deepu Balan says

    Bookmarked! Thanks for this fantastic list… Will definitely help budding bloggers to promote their interesting articles. Appreciate your efforts in putting these together. Thanks!


  20. says

    Thanks Dainis for including my WhoFreelance.com here!

    I know the reason why you put Whofreelance here is your submissions will be display in both of my website aext.net and whofreelance.com. Some people still did not realize it yet, but when articles were submit to whofreelance also got a good traffic from my blog aext.net.

    Thanks again and hope you are doing well with your awesome blog!


  21. says

    Thanks for an awesome list, definitely something I will bookmark and use again and again.

    I love that you take the time to add banners for each site, it really builds extra value for me when reading through the list.

    Here is an idea for the future:
    *Add sorting buttons at the top of the list(could be simple links actually) so your visitors can get the list sorted on other things than traffic.(simply to recycle the work you have done)

    What do you think?

  22. Melody says

    Good to know, I’ve been trying to figure out how to promote my design blog better…I’ll definitely be putting these to use now..

  23. Joseph Victory says

    Thanks for including Designussion.
    I have a list myself that i like to submit too but this is just outstanding.

    Will defo be using this, thank you.

  24. says

    Wow, thanks for sharing.

    It took me some time to figure out which sites helped bring the most traffic and finally coming to the conclusion that Digg and Stumbleupon were gold mines. I’ve had sites indexed and ranked in the top 20 for a key term in a matter of hours from both of those sites.

    Beyond your top 5, I haven’t been aware of most of the sites you listed — so again, thank you.

    *Bookmarked and looking forward to the updates!

  25. Elle says

    Facebook?!? If anything, Facebook is the reason why many Design entrepreneurs are struggling. You can’t customize your Facebook page, so you can’t hire a web designer to code it for you. Therefore, no promotion with your trademark designs.

    Also, Twitter should be #1. If it wasn’t for Twitter, none of the other sites would get any recognition. I wouldn’t even read this article if it wasn’t for Twitter.

    Overall, this article is a disappointment in hard hitting facts, but I did find sites to look through.

  26. says

    thanks for adding my site :D #49 . and cssglobe,cssdrive,blogfreak are new to me, and he is really help and advise for new bloggers, | one of my inspiration blogger