What Can You Do When You Have No Internet Connection?

title-take-a-restSorry for little silence here – I switched my Internet providers and had no Internet connection for several days. It was strange, I was so used to my Internet related daily work flow, I didn’t know at first what to do! It was like I have no business, no blog, no connection with outside world. I called to several of my friends and when I told it to one girl I know, she suggested interesting article idea.

She said: “Well, why you don’t write about that as well? Your site is full of roundups, some tips in such cases could be useful as well!”. Right and so I took paper and actually wrote down my ideas! This is very short article, but I am expecting you to add your ideas as well! What can we do to get out from daily work flow, from struggling, get organized and feel good?

1. Take a rest

Take a walk out to breathe some fresh air and get work a little bit out of your system or even better look at all from aside to rethink your strategy, future goals and things you could change or do to get better what are you working on.

2. Read design related book

I bet you have several books in your bookshelf you always wanted to read but never got time! At least I have a lot of them, now is a great time to remember about them and use your free time to do what you love to do!

3. Watch Video Tutorials

Again if you are obsessed designer like I am, you certainly should have to be 30-40gb video tutorials you downloaded a while ago, but never got time to learn them! Usually in busy work-flow we forget to learn tools first, we just need to get job done, but if you continue to learn and evolve your skills, you will suddenly discover some more different ways and techniques, how to achieve necessary outcome much faster! It’s amazing how much we still don’t know after many years working in design niche!

4. Create a new design, artwork

It really helps if you store your favorite designs, photos, artworks on local hard-drive for later use, so you can get inspiration also when you have no Internet connection. Anyway you can spend hours playing with effects, fonts, textures, artworks – to perfect your skills.

5. Take a pencil, paints and paper

Take your time and enjoy how creative you can be while sketching or drawing – do something different to enjoy your life even more!


6. Go And Meet Friend

Such things happen to everybody – in all rush, sometimes we forget about really great friends, so this time be first to call them out! If you have some good friends in your own design niche, it’s even more useful – you can meet up, exchange opinions and get fresh ideas. I really evaluate such friends, where we both can contribute in some way from each other.

7. Get out and start to do some sport

We spend a lot of our time in front of computer, but we shouldn’t forget about our health – it’s more worth than anything! Start to do yoga, play football, volleyball, swimming, run or find out where is the nearest gym from your home! You will definitely feel better each day, I assure you!

8. Listen relaxing music

Get lazy, relax, watch movie, listen music – you earned it! Whole life doesn’t consist from rush, struggling from lack of time. Take your breathe slowly and enjoy selfhanded free time!


9. Go out to museum, exhibition – any creative and inspiring place!

Find out if there are any interesting exhibitions, design conferences happening in your town and again get out!

10. Organize, clean up your workspace

It may happen to all of us – while we are working hard, we are creating mess around us and slowly it’s affecting our work-flow as well. Our environment changes us as well as people around you. Maybe you need to change also how your furniture, computer, lights are organized?

11. Organize, clean up your desktop

Sounds obvious, but you cannot imagine how much you waste time while searching through numerous folders necessary file or image, when you could easily organize everything! Clean up desktop, create folders, move files to appropriate directories! Very helpful in daily work-flow!

12. Create organized schedule

In all rush you sometimes forget things you must do? Create schedule and get used to it, definitely will help to organize your daily workflow and you will feel much better, it’s about organizing your life! Article I created a while ago could actually help you as well – Plan Your Daily Schedule: Useful Resources.

13. Don’t do anything!

If you are always running and running you should enjoy something different as well – watch movie, sleep a little bit longer – don’t make it as regular habit, but from time to time it’s really relaxing!


I would love to hear your advices how you enjoy and spend your free time, what you do to get out from struggling in your work and where you find inspiration to keep on doing what are you doing!?!

Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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  1. says

    Sometimes I check, is it only local problems or not. Sometimes happen that only external internet problem, but our country domain zone still working, so I just checking our forums what happen, if no internet at all – clean my computer :)

  2. Jaja says

    Wow! That’s actually a pretty helpful list you have there!

    Do you mind if I post this one on my site? and also make a video blog about it? It would really be great for my readers.

    Don’t worry, all the credit goes to you :-D

    Hope this counts,

  3. says

    Well, I never had a long outage of my internet connection, but during the breaks in service, normally I concentrate more on writing blog posts offline. In fact, this is the prime time when I’d not check emails, not have to reply to anyone, no login to my blogs etc. so there’s enough peaceful time to produce content. Later on, I just schedule the load of contents to be evenly posted during the span of 24 hours/48 hours/72 hours depending on how much content I produced.

  4. Chris says

    How about watching the terrabytes of porn that you downloaded when you DID have an internet connection?

    Remember people, Rainy Day Wank Bank!

  5. Christian Jessen says

    I would often wish I had more time without internet… Working with internet all day, and when I dont work, I end up reading articles on different blogs, follow links from Twitter, etc. etc. – like how I ended up reading this article. ;-)

    I mostly enjoy just spending time with friends. Watch a movie, play cards, go out and play pool or have a few beers on a bar. Luckily it can be quite easy to escape from the whole big internet here, from time to time. And actually talk to REAL people. ;-)

  6. says

    I had a similar experience. No cell phone connection in the mountains. It gave me the excuse to go an photograph the surrounding snow covered hills. I also discovered how annoying it is to have folks at the dinner table on the phone texting or surfing the web on a laptop.

    I’m enforcing a ban on any connectivity during family time like dinner. No internet connection…we can actually talk (revolutionary). My job does depend on Internet connection but we do sometimes need to go back to basics.

    I like the pencil and paper idea a lot and use it often.

    Thanks for posting!

  7. says

    Or…. you could do as i am right now, and go to a nice coffee shop with wireless conection drinking refill coffee for several hours.

    The Internet is free in some public places and stores 8D

  8. says

    Great post!

    Can’t think of anything more to add!
    I’m not such a fan of learning videotutorials,
    but from time to time, when I need a break away from my laptop,
    I just go and play or have a little fun with my little brother.

    He always has a great time, and likes it when there’s a break in the network…

  9. Hermitbiker says

    Some good advice for when that day of no internet service happens… or even when you want to strike out and try something different… offline !! :)

  10. KAY says

    Hey! Really good post. ..hoping to see that day come through with an internet connection. . .it’s just like life u know. Still good tip, thanks dude!

  11. Badger says

    Dainis, im a little amused that in this day and age that we (humans) have to make a list of things to do when we aren’t connected. I particularly find it shameful that there are people responding with ‘thats a good idea’ or words/feelings to that effect. Please everyone, that thing on your sholders is called a brain. Engage it sometimes.

    Point 14: Dont use the internet/computer 1 day a week. Trust me, the world will not end.

  12. Michelle says

    been there and done it over the last six weeks :( I moved house and due to moving in to a new build meant I didn’t even have a phone line to the house yet. It’s been a total nightmare and I felt like I had lost an arm or something, or my air that I breath :) so yea I can relate to a lot of this post.

  13. Ismail Mechbal says

    Thanks for this list, well all i can say that being addicted to internet caused family problems to my life. So now i decided to not use internet at most when i come home from work and spend time with my family, reading, sport ….

  14. Luis Lopez says

    I understand you when you say you didn’t have internet, I was like that for almost a month (October) and at the beginning was difficult at the end I was really happy to do a lot of things, i hadn’t made in a lot of time.

    Every moment is for living and enjoying so even without Internet there’s something to do.

  15. says

    Would you believe that I have a really good contingency for whenever I have no internet? I keep a LAMP configuration running on my laptop so that I can tinker around with themeing and web development while I’m offline!

    If I haven’t got THE web, I’ll make my own web, thanks very much :)

  16. George says

    To me internet is like food…and on days when its not working life is really so boring..but this article has fed me with some new ideas…cleaning the workspace and desktop is the one thing i will need to do when internet is not working…

    Thanks alot :-)

  17. Haqan says

    It’s both funny and a little sad – the fact that we’re so addicted. I better print this post before the connection breaks!

  18. Adrian says

    A really great article. I’m a web designer as well and we spent over two months without internet due to some strange technical problems of our internet provider.Unfortunately, I forgot to watch my video tutorials :-)

  19. May says

    This post was very helpful. Thanks! I am also behind on those video tutorials!
    I’ve been into guerrilla art lately when I need a break from designing. Leaving toy soldiers with purple hearts stuck on them, creating food art, and other. It amazingly does wonders for creativity. And it affects everyday people.

  20. lachlan says

    Fantastic article I have now been without my computer for a week now and its like having part of your body cut off, but i’m starting to get healthier.

  21. Pedro M says

    13. Don’t do anything!
    “so I turned around, and I smoked this big fat spliff
    Now I’m happy as can be I’m in this pothead spell”

  22. Alex says

    you just a bit lucky than me..
    yesterday, my workplace got no electricity the whole day…
    i feel like……..
    maybe is it because i’m too depending on this electrical things…perhaps..hehe
    well…you know..

  23. Brian Jones says

    Thanks for the tips and ideas. Being a novice designer / developer – reads like this from the pro’s is a good reminder to step away and take time to unwind (Internet connection or not)

  24. Dave says

    What are these books in which you speak of? Are they something I can obtain with an RSS feed? Can I sync it to my iPod?

    All kidding aside, pretty much everything you have on this list should be done even with the connection to the internet right there. The web is a tool, not a lifestyle (I’m speaking to myself as well as this post).

  25. BunnygotBlog says

    I think it is great you had a break. It is funny how all designers think this way.
    Great job my friend.

  26. IVAN says

    Oh ! XD .. i was disconnected for 3 days ago .. & i did some of the list automatically :)
    so interesting!

  27. says

    We’re all so addicted that we really need a reminder like this one. I take some time during the day (mostly in the evening) to read book. Even if there is internet connection :)

    • says

      I cannot agree more, we get so used to Internet and routine we forget about everything else in life! Oh great, that you find time for it regularly, I am now filling my day with gym and salsa dancing to get out a little bit :)

  28. mr. tunes says

    i think you can also use google gears to download things like your latest gmails before you go offline. i havent tried it yet though.

  29. Manu says

    Get busy with the girlfriend… oh wait, nerds like me don’t have girlfriends. Well, then I suggest getting some drinks with your friends, always clears my head and I sleep like a baby afterwards and have very inspirational dreams.