Designing for iPhone: The Ultimate Roundup of Resources


For most Apple lovers, having an iPhone or iPod Touch can be very useful and exciting at the same time. You can transfer your music playlist, take pictures or record a video, or keep e-books to read when you’re away from your Mac. Like other iPhone or iPod users, we easily get bored with how “clean” the iPhone theme is which came with it. Of course it is easy to find iPhone themes just by googling it, but have you ever think of creating your own iPhone theme, changing the icons, or design the wallpaper screen yourself?

Below is the round-up collection for iPhone related designs that will give your iPhone the new look and some of them even guide you on how to create your own iPhone theme.

Tutorials Wrap

Make And Use Themes With WinterBoard

This tutorial is simply organized to guide you step by step in creating your own iPhone theme. Whether you want to partially create the new theme or entirely create the new look than the usual theme, you can play around with the theme with this guidance.

Design Your iPhone Widgets

If you like the dashboard panel on your iPhone or want to slightly change it and have your own designed icon on it, this is the right tutorial for you.

iPhone Theme Behind The Making

For some of you who doesn’t want to change your iPhone and design the theme from scratch, say you only want to change the icons, or change the SMS background, just for few simple changes. This will tell you how.

PSD Files Resources

iPhone Icon Style .psd Kit

iPhone Style Buttons Modified

App Icon Template Kit

Upojenie PSD

iPhone GUI

iPhone Gradation Set

iPhone 3G-3GS .psd

Apple iPhone 4G .psd

iPhone Icon Designs

Keyboard For iPhone

iPhone Icons

Upojenie iPhone Icons

40 Beautiful MAC OS X and iPhone Inspired Icon Sets

35 Free Icon Sets for your iPhone – Pimp it Up!

30 Free iPhone Icon Sets

50+ Free Hand-picked Creative and Amazing iPhone Icon Sets

iPhone Wallpaper Designs

Extraverage iPhone-Wallpapers

iPhone Wallpack Vol 1

iTunes Store Art For iPhone

30 Free iPhone Wallpapers

TokyoCandies iPhone Wallpapers

Filter017 iPhone Wallpapers

50 iPhone Wallpapers for Design Lovers

100 (Really) Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

SnowCover Designs

While listening to your music on your iPhone, you will notice how standard is the look from the lockscreen. But, do you know that you can change and customize that look with SnowCover? It is an extension to display the cover-art on the lockscreen in a different way. You can use your own background and Vinyl-Cover / CD-Case images. Credits to Thyraz for creating the vinyl cover-artwork. Be creative and customize your own or see samples below.

Selective iPhone Themes


Channel Zero

Teknologik iPhone Theme

Ocean and Vodka



Labeled Theme for iPhone

Whitoken iPhone Theme

Milk iPhone


iPhone Skin Designs

Make your iPhone skin looked different from the other. Get awesome designs for your iPhone skins or create your own onn GelaSkins, Infectious, or MusicSkins.

iPhone Design Tools

If you decide to take iPhone designs seriously, features which is offered by iPhone Designs Tools would be very useful for you. From iPhone templates, sharp vector graphics, to Apple guidelines can be found here. All packed depends on your need.


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  1. Pokie

    Iphone still looks like being ahead in terms of design and applications. Android is catching up though and variety plus pricing should make droids work out better for the masses. The speed of development is great with both systems though and the applications contain anything from slot machines to angry birds – so user enjoy the benefits of fierce competition.

  2. Nicholas

    The iPhone is one of Steve Jobs’ greatest contributions to the world. It is wildly popular nowadays. Thanks for sharing these links!

  3. Nicholas

    Nice themes. Seriously, I don’t know which theme should I use first since all of them are really cool and nice.

  4. Barry Wheeler

    A great collection. Mobile & social apps are where many people are concentrating right now. This is very helpful.

  5. Ozzie

    Greetings from New Farm. Thanks for the useful content. I’m doing a project at school and your stuff was quite useful. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Jessame

    Having a beautiful and colorful themes are really nice, it gives more colorful and lively in your Iphone, I agree that cartoon character is also a good theme also, i like Winnie the Pooh and it is really cute to be in my Iphone.

  7. Esmond

    Customizing your own IPhone according to your personality and taste is better than having an ordinary design because it will show what type of person are you when it comes to your equipment or gadget.

  8. Ernest Miller

    Whoa! I was amazed with the themes. But I hope to customize themes on my iphone.

  9. raverture

    The wallpapers are beautiful but do you have spongebob? It’s everyone’s favorite.