Giveaway: 7 Copies of Flat UI Pro by DesignModo (PSD & HTML) [Ended]


Our friends at DesignModo are generous enough to give 1stwebdesigner readers a chance to win 7 copies of their Flat UI Pro ($69/copy)! If you’re a fan of flat design and you’re just itching to design as soon as you sit in front of your computer, then this is for you! As of late, flat design has taken the Internet by storm. Not only that, the same style has been seen on interfaces of games, operating systems, logos, and you name it! So, do you want to win this elegant kit?

Peek into the Box


  • Not only does it come with the PSD file, it also has a pre-built HTML site that you can easily tweak.
  • Since it’s based on Twitter Bootstrap (TBS), you won’t have to code anything from scratch ever again.
  • If you are familiar with TBS, then you’ll know that a simple class call can result to an entire navigation bar.
  • The same is true for almost every aspect of a website: articles, tooltips, warning messages, footer, and many more.
  • Flat UI Pro is built around Twitter Bootstrap is retina ready, and is designed with alignment on 940/12 column grid.
  • Aside from the glaring facts that every web designer and developer will love this because it’s a complete toolkit for rapid prototyping.

How to Participate:

To enter the contest all you need to do is fill-up the form below. Note that you can earn multiple entries!

Very easy, right? Good luck!

Can’t Wait?

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this Flat UI kit, I highly recommend that you get it now! And as always, don’t forget to leave your thoughts about this kit on the comments section.



  1. Asif Islam

    Oh my GOD. I cant believe that I am in the winner list…

    Thanks 1stwebdesigner and Designmodo

  2. Santiago González

    I will definitely make sure to use it in one of my upcoming projects! 3 completely different websites that could use this greatness.

  3. I will be using the UI flat design kit to update past web sites I have done for other businesses, and for current marketing material for new clients.
    Thank you for helping make the world a good design!

  4. Rasagy

    Why would I want a Flat-UI Design kit? Because everyone is going gaga over it, and I want to try it to know why it’s so great! :D

  5. Sylvia

    This would be a great asset to my career, I would use it for my uncle’s computer business website redesign for starters.

  6. Tatiana

    I will use this kit it for web site experiments and developing :) I am a student and I do not have my website yet. I think how it should look like.

  7. Stan

    Well I am looking at this Ui Kut for a while. It will be used for the NGO site I am developing soon.

  8. Simon

    I’ll use this toolkit to create my new blog – where i’m going to write about my adventures, journes, travels. I’m in love with simple plain designs!

  9. Mike A.

    Bootstrap, Flat UI, you cannot go wrong. Been learning to use Bootstrap for the last couple of months and it is a great framework. Haven’t spent as much time with Flat UI, but used it to create a resume and I have received various comments in how good it looks.

  10. Timos Zach

    I’m starting two new website projects. One for a client and one for an non-profit organization. So this UI is just perfect to come right now. It’s great resource.

  11. Kelvin Cobanaj

    I would use it on my project Socialhood (, a cloud platform for neighbourhood social network and mangment platform

  12. Silvana

    I discovered two days ago this template and I’m using the free version for a work; but I’m really really interested on the Pro version :D

  13. Sheldon

    I already have a web (and associated ios) project picked out for it! Once I win Flat UI, I will complete it and send the link :)

  14. Alisa Meche

    What an amazing giveaway and tool. I would use this tool to build my personal business portfolio, client websites, show my web developer and design friends this tool and that it is a must buy, and of course to help continuing teaching my daughter web design/development! I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed and pray I win this unbelievable toolkit!

  15. Mark S

    I would use Flat UI Pro to better my skills and become more professional, and use it to finally build a client base and portfolio. Very excited for this chance!

  16. Nicol

    Well, I would make great use of this kit in my personal and client based projects! It would make life so much easier, especially since I am busy improving and updating my personal portfolio :D

  17. Swati

    I am a student and still learning… and this is really a gr8 advanced and interesting technology…So, i will use Flat UI Pro for designing my Dream web project…and will learn more more and more through this sure…It will definitely help me in learning and I also need this to practice, learn, design and make career. Thanks..:)

  18. Among others, I will use the UI toolkit for creating a website for my borther who’s an art student majoring in digital animation. I really like flat web designs a lot and am about to learn JavaScript and all new features of CSS3 but as I am not familiar with both yet, I’d like to speed up the process of creating the websites I have in mind.

  19. Balaji

    We will use flatui mainly for start up project.

    Since we don’t have much time spending in designing the website.:)

  20. I would use Flat UI, to further boost my knowledge. I think that the more you know the more you want to learn and that is what web design. Learning. It would be interesting as UI changes completely flat interface with a few clicks, yes would be great!

  21. Kaushik Medhi

    I want to use Flat UI Pro for designing my Dream web project layouts, frameworks, icons and awesome themes easily. Perfect for me and my upcoming projects. Many thanks for this awesome Giveaway. Hope to WIN ! Fingers crossed !

  22. Chris M

    I’m not usually a big fan of flat ui design, but I am impressed with this kit. It manages to have a dimensional feel to it while retaining a flat illustrated look. I’m sure it will make a fine and useful addition to my arsenal of tools!

  23. Flat UIPro kit is exactly what I am looking for. I am in the middle of an exciting personal project and could use some of these ideas for inspiration.

  24. Gabriel McKenna

    I will use the Flat UI toolkit to expand my knowledge of the flat UI and spread it around my local area to encourage people to go “Metro”, or “flat”.

    • Hi Gabriel,
      You can try Twittstrap that you can find at the following link it’s a Flat version of bootstrap when Metro Buttons and Font Awesome are integrated and more than he offer 2 extras Snippets and Form Builder to make web development faster and easier.
      Best Regards

  25. Mathieu

    I will use Flat UI Pro to expand my website audience to have full mobile accessibility. This app will be my main resource to do this and I will tell my web developer friends about how great it works! Of course.. I don’t have a tendency to buy software unless I really need it, so I sincerely hope to win this.

  26. Martin

    I will use Flat UI Pro to create the awesomest awesome website that has ever hit the interwebs! :)

  27. Steve

    Flat UI Pro looks like it will fit perfectly into my current project, I’d also like to learn from these elements as I rebuild my portfolio site.

  28. Antoni Nimkowski

    I will use Flat UI Pro in an Android application, I’m developing. It’s a wine rating notebook.

  29. Asif Islam

    I have used flat ui free version to my project but now I want to use this premium pack.

  30. Big deal! I would use the FLAT UI PRO to improve my design skills, understand better flat design concept and use it to build my own website!

  31. Technology is changing fast, so is design. I have been eager to realise a project with a flat UI interface. With Flat UI Pro i will enhance my designs/my designing style.

  32. Lindsay

    I’m a designer new to web development, so I would use this to explore the trend and turn it into a project to give me a better understanding of development + design.

  33. Stephan Lück

    Learn more about Flat UI and development for WordPress a Theme with Bootstrap 3 SASS/Compass Version

  34. Mark Forbes

    Hey Dainis! Great news that you’re collaborating with DesignModo :) If I ever need help with designs or web development, it’s always 1wd and DM that I go to first :D! Woo :)

  35. Ray Williams

    I’d use Flat UI Pro for building the next interface for leave software the company I work for is currently planning.

  36. Marc

    I will use Flat UI Pro for a project I work on in my spare time. I can’t give away any details because someone may do the same then before I had time to finish it.