Easy Brush Text Nature Effect: Tutorial


title-naturalToday we will learn how to use text layer letters as paths to create amazing effects. You can use this trick in many different ways, just changing brushes and brush options. Also we will learn how to use pen tool again together with brush tool and change different options. I tried to write everything pretty detailed, so everybody could understand and also added *.psd version for everybody to check out, if something in Your work is wrong. Check finished result on the bottom of this page and good luck completing this tutorial! So join with me to  these 10 simple steps!

Step 1

Open Photoshop and create a new document 1000x800px. Use radial gradient to add background as the picture below.

Use RGB color : #051601 and black #000000.



Step 2

Now write some text in the center of the document, I used verdana font,207pt, text “Natural” – no matters which color You use, we won’t be using it anyway, just shape of it. After that increase tracking between the letters, by selecting all text and using CTRL+ Right arrow or CTRL + Left arrow to decrease. We do this so later we could more easily see the text, while it’s covered with brush.


Step 3

So let’s use now letter shapes and convert it to path. You can bring up paths panel – Windows–>Paths. Right click on the text layer and choose option Create Work Path. Hide now Natural text layer, create new layer with commands CTRL+SHIFT+N. Your result should look like the same as in the image below.


Step 4

Ok, now select brush tool, I wanted to create natural effect so pick any of those natural and floral brushes, I used Suddenly Spring beautiful brushes, download them, just double click on the *.abr file to get brushes loaded into the photoshop. Now press B(brush) and F5(to get brush panel). I added roundness so the brush would rotate along the path. Use brush size ~60px


Step 5

And now with the new layer selected brush stroke the path. After that with CTRL+H switch off path outlines.


You should be result like mine, so in the next step in the blending options we will be changing colors to get natural effect:


Step 6

In the blending options select Gradient Overlay, change rotation angle to 0 and add gradient with these options:



Your outcome should look like mine now, looks pretty cool already? :) :


Step 7

In paths panel, delete natural text path or just create new path.

Now lets add some more effects, select pen tool and create path through the letters like me:


Now switch to the brush panel pressing B button and then F5 to get brushes panel.

Use 7px soft mechanical brush and add the same settings as in the images:




Okay, now again switch to Pen tool(P) and right click on the path–>stroke path:


Now right click again on the path and click delete path.


Step 8

Change the color and add outer glow in the blending options, to maximize the effect. I used these settings:

Outer glow: #45ff13


Color Overlay: #d1fad1


Step 9

Select Eraser tool (E) and erase parts like in the picture below:


Step 10

Download this grass image and paste it in the document above the background and set blending to overlay, resize it to fit Your needs.

This is finished result, I hope You will find this tutorial and method useful for Yourself.

Download *.psd version to compare the result! Hope You enjoyed this one too!

Click on the image to view it on the full size.


Download PSD version



  1. John Parks

    Another great Photoshop tutorial. Opens the door and one’s mind to many more designs of a similar process.

  2. Stop Dreaming Start Action

    thanks Dainis…

    Stop Dreaming Start Actions last blog post : Follow Your Dream

  3. Michael Stewart

    Awesome nature effect, keep up the great work Dainis.

    Michael Stewarts last blog post : Screencastr #9

  4. CoolProducts

    Yet another masterly done tutorial! I enjoy trying your tutorials! Keep them coming!!

  5. Stacey

    *I’m still working on my website, so check back later.

    Thanks for the tut! I had figured this one out a couple of courses ago in Digital Imaging 1. I used it for a Peter Pan poster project for class. I believe you can see the effect here:
    Along with regular text layers and styles.


    Thanks for the invite from myspace! I always am looking for tuts and places to share.

  6. @Stacey Hey! thanks for checking in and cute poster You got there! :) I didn’t know this trick for long time, so I felt need to share with people! :)

    And see You later! :)

  7. This is something new with very clear explainations. I have to learn this ;)

    Great work Dainis!

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