Easy Logo Creation From Bitmaps



There are a lot of different ways, how to create logotype – it can be unique icon tied with company name or the field company is working, it can be stylized text – 3D text, outlines – actually there are unlimited opportunities how to fulfil this task. I just wanted to show You one more easy and effective way, how to create nice logotype in few easy steps. I love this way, because I am not so great in sketching, so here is my opportunity to do job effectively and maybe Your’s too!

To convert bitmap image to vector we will use Adobe Illustrator with great built-in feature.

There are different options from which You can choose, at first You can convert any image to vector – to get lower file size and cool, unique effect in few seconds. I’ll show You an example:


I thought that the same technique can be used to convert any bitmap image to simple few color vector image and then simplify to get unique icon and use it as logotype. So I’ll show You my way to do that job:

Step 1

Choose an image with an graphic element,  You want to use as logotype and cut if off to get rid off background.

Open Photoshop to do the job. Use one of the lasso tools, I will not show all the process how to do all cutting process. However I will give You few tips – I usually use Polygonal Lasso Tool and do everything in big zoom to make the process easier. And if You have few-colored background like this You can use Magic Wand tool to do the job quickly.



Change color settings to choose which colors You will use, but that’s not so important actually because we will change colors in Illustrator anyway.

Save the image in *.psd format.

Step 2

Open Adobe Illustrator, create new document and click File–>Place..–>Choose the image You want to convert to vector.


I chose here Live trace–> Photo Low Fidelity and this is my result. You can choose there from a lot of settings, in logotype actually You use just few colors, so You should limit them. So that’s why I switched from 16 to 5 colors. I think that result is pretty amazing!


Step 3


Click to expand – to convert tracing object into paths:


Use Pen tool and Direct selection tool to simplify paths, so this is my result:


The more time You put in here, the greater result You get and that obvious – I just wanted to share with this technique, so I hope You got the point.

Also there is nice online resource, which converts bitmap images to vector images with a few simple clicks:


Your opinion about this technique would be appreciated! Maybe You have Your own unique ways how to create logotypes,  You can share with?



  1. Ryan

    This is a great way to create extensive detail for a logo. Customizing logos in order to stand out has never been more important, especially in today’s economy. Great tutorial on something that can really make a difference.