Eenox: Design HTML5 Websites for Desktop and Mobile without Coding


The death of Adobe Flash for mobile was not shocking news for the majority of its proponents, we all saw it coming. With that, HTML5 will definitely gain control of both mobile and desktop websites in a few years. Right now there are a lot of HTML5 template generators, making it easy for designers and developers to create an HTML5 website.

A French startup, Eenox, has developed a platform to help create dynamic HTML5 websites without writing a single line of code. If you are familiar with Wix, a Flash website builder with drag-and-drop features, it basically works the same.

Eenox is an application that you can use right in your browser. Designing an application/website is easy. It is literally a drag-and-drop, draw and place, kind of application.

Among the many features it has, one thing that took me by surprise is how easy it is to use even for a non-technical person. The interface is like storytelling, directing its users what to click, what it’s for, and how to properly do it. You rarely see something like this from applications, but games do it all the time.

Below I masterfully tested the application, adding an image and sample text, and a Twitter stream. I have set the resolution for tablet.

Every web page created automatically generates a QR code for them. And unlike testing the website to see if it works, which usually entails setting up your localhost (if you work on your local machine), every element is as you see it. No more setting up, just drag, drop and add your content.

Several months ago, the talk was about creating a responsive website which can automatically adjust itself based on the screen of the user. Eenox has successfully employed this with every website or application that is made using their platform. Here’s proof of that. Try resizing your browser, and you will see the image and text adapt to your browser’s size.

Changing the background color, or the color of any element for that matter, only requires moving some slides through a gradient.  You can even download the website you made, and then host it on your web server.

There is a free version that you can use to test the application. A paid version starts at $99 for every 2 months up to $280/mo.

Features of Free Version

  • Maximum of 3 web pages to download
  • Maximum of 3 images per page
  • Limited to 1 web page
  • Hosting

The free version is pretty limited, hopefully someday the features for the free version will increase. Truthfully, I haven’t had enough of a chance to test it because of the limitations, but I can say that I like how easy it is to use.

Benefits of using the paid version:

  • Unlimited downloads
  • 25 to 120 web pages
  • Unlimited image number per page
  • Hosting
  • Other Advanced Features
  • Statistics
  • SEO
  • Can publish app on the App Store or Android Market

See image below for the full pricing details:

Image was shamelessly taken from their website.



  1. Saket Jajodia

    Now this is something nice.. If you don’t have much time to do coding or don’t know HTML5 then you can ask get it done for free (or paid).. And their UI also looks great.. Seems great service..!!

  2. Ken

    Eenox seems to be impressive stuff, but with wordpress around and so many good themes … the pricing seems a bit high … just my 2 cents