The Effective Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fans


Facebook is one of the leading marketing tools that businesses use these days to find new customers, stay in touch with their existing customers, provide assistance to their existing customers and promote new products. While Facebook is the best social media platform to connect with your customers will Facebook serve as an effective marketing tool for you too?

The best way to use Facebook as a marketing tool is to create a Facebook Fan Page that is related to your business, but the fans on that Facebook page don’t appear magically. You have to compel Facebook users to click on that ‘LIKE’ button on the top of your Facebook Page and make you feel good about using Facebook for your marketing. Everyone nowadays wants more and more fans but it’s not that easy to get them. I have worked on many start ups, and have helped those start ups increase the number of Fans on their Facebook Pages from nil to a respectable number, and thus from that experience, I can talk about some effective tricks here, to help you raise the number of fans on your Facebook Page, and make you feel good about it.

Embed a Facebook Fan Box on Your Blog/Websiteincrease your facebook fans

This is the most common method to increase the number of Fans for your Facebook page. The Facebook Fan Box is actually an application, and rather a plugin on the Facebook, whose code can be copied from there and easily inserted in your Website/Blog. The design of the Facebook Fan box is already very compelling, having a ‘LIKE’ button at the top, but it can be optimized and designed better so that it increases the chance of your Blog/Website’s visitor becoming a Fan of your Facebook Page.

You can choose to show the stream of your Facebook page in that Fan box, or just show the ‘LIKE’ button and a few of the fans, but the stream will give an idea to your site visitors that your Facebook Fan Page is also interesting which will encourage them to click the ‘LIKE’ button.

Use Facebook Ads

This method is a pretty effective one because it targets the right customer/user/reader and thus has a high chance of making the viewer of the ad a Fan. Advertising your Fan Page is very easy to do and can easily be done by going through the Facebook ‘Advertising Wizard’ which you can reach by clicking on ‘Advertising’. When you make an Ad, try to include something in it that is recent and will capture the reader’s attention. There is no need to think about new ways, so just read some Facebook ads that you see and have a look at their number of Fans, and with the help of this comparison, come up with something that will give more effectiveness to even the best of the idea you derived from the Ads already there.

Tag Pages in your Updates

When you update your Facebook Fan Page’s status or you are posting something and are adding a description you can tag a Fan page in that status too.

increase your facebook fans

In order to do it, you must have already liked that Fan page, and the Fan Page should be of the same niche. Try to mention them on a creative post and type something which also gives the Fans a good impression of them. The reason behind this is that when you update the status, mentioning them in it, your update will appear on that Fan Page’s wall, and if your update is a spam, or offending to them, they might remove your post from their wall. And if it stays there, then millions of Fans that those pages  have might find you creative and of the same niche, which will make them become your Fan too.

Mention to ‘Follow Me On Facebook’ Everywhere

This is one of the most simple and effective methods to increase your number of Fans on a Facebook page. When you write a new blog post, you should add a clickable link at the end of your post, asking the reader to become a Fan of your Blog/Website on Facebook. This can be done either by editing the theme of your Blog/Website or with the help of a Social Bookmarking Plugin, which would help you insert that link at the end of every post automatically.increase your facebook fans

Another way to transform your reader into a Facebook fan, is by adding a ‘LIKE’ button either at the end or at the start of a post. This button can easily be inserted into the html of your blog/website and the code can be copied from Facebook Social Plugin’s page. The ‘LIKE’ button won’t tell your reader whether clicking it makes him like the post or the page, and so unintentionally he becomes your Facebook Fan by clicking it. Even if the ‘LIKE’ button is for the post only, put there with the help of social media plugins, clicking it will post the image on that reader’s Facebook wall, and would bring in more traffic to your blog/website from his friends.

The ‘Follow Me on Facebook’ should also be used at every other place you are signed up at, including StumbleUpon, Digg, Twitter, and even in your Email Signatures. This will also help you increase your number of Fans on your Facebook page.

Regularly Create and Post Creative and Targeted Content

This is a very crucial thing you should take care of in order to get more fans, and also not to lose the current fans. When you post good and creative content on your blog, your readers after reading it, likes it. This posts a post on their Facebook wall, which is visible to their friends and they may become your Fan too. Your current fans can also share your post, which would add ‘Via your-fan-page-name’ above the shared post on their walls, and seeing that, your fan’s friend will think of you as a reliable and good source of such creative posts, and they would become your Fan too.

It’s not necessary that you only post your own blog/website’s content on your Facebook page. You can also promote and share someone elses content, but in the same niche, and which is creative of course. And again, that content will be either shared or liked, resulting in more Fans.

Like Exchanges with Admin of Other Pages

This step can be the first after you create a Facebook Fan Page of your own. Start searching for Facebook Fan Pages in your niche and obviously those with a lot of fans. After you are done with making up a list of such Fan Pages, contact their admins and talk about posting a like of theirs on your Facebook Page and whether they’d be willing to do the same for you. The link exchange doesn’t literally mean putting up their links on your About sections of your Facebook Page, because that won’t even be visible to your Fans most of the time. The process to do it, is by changing your identity, from your Personal Facebook Profile, to your Facebook Fan Page, and like those pages of the same niche and with lots of Fans. This automatically puts up their names on the left panel of your Facebook Fan page, in the ‘LIKES’ section. If they do so, your Facebook Fan Page would show up on those pages too.

There could still be some Fan Pages whose admins that may not agree for a link exchange for the reason that they have millions of fans, and so here you can spend some money if you want and talk to them about this. Pay them via PayPal, or Western Union and keep being friends with them, even after this transaction takes place, so that you get to know them and for the next period, they don’t ask you for money and let you have your Fan Page name on their  Page.

Use Facebook as  a Fan Page

increase your facebook fans
Indeed every new change brings in something bad and something good, and the good thing with the new changes to Facebook, is changing your identity from your Personal Profile, to your Facebook Page. This option is available on your Facebook Page, top-right side. When you click on ‘use Facebook as ‘your-fan-page-name”, you start using Facebook being your Facebook Fan Page. This option comes in very handy in bringing in traffic towards your Facebook page, who might become your Fans too. When you start using Facebook as a Fan page, what you can do now, is that you can like other pages and can comment on their photos, links, statuses and videos.

The best way to use this option is to start liking Facebook Fan Pages in the same niche as your own Facebook Fan Page but opt for Fan Pages with a large number of Fans. Now wherever you see activity start commenting and communicating with the fans of that Facebook Page and always try to leave a good impression on them and bring them to your Facebook Page, because when you comment there, the name that shows up is your Facebook Fan Page’s name. This is just like getting traffic from commenting on other blogs.

Run Contests on your Blog/Website

You can run contests and giveaways on your Blog/Website and in the requirements to enter the Contest or get listed for the Giveaway, the contestant has to be or become a Fan of your Facebook Page. This method is used by many blogs out there and it turns out to be a good way of increasing your number of Facebook Fans.

Connecting Facebook to Twitter

It might be possible sometimes that you have a pretty good number of Followers on your Twitter profile, whether it be your personal profile or your Website/Company’s profile. You can convert your Twitter followers into your Facebook Fans by connecting your Facebook page to your Twitter account. This is very easy and there are a lot of applications on Facebook to help you do so. Then whenever you update your status, post a photo, link, make a note or make any new event on your Facebook page, a tweet will be sent out by your Twitter profile automatically to let your followers know what is going on, on your Facebook page.

Unlike the 420 words you’re allowed on Facebook, Twitter only allows 140 words for an update, and thus if your Facebook activity is over that word limit, Facebook automatically adds a ‘’ link at the end of the 140 words that leads to your Facebook page. The ‘’ link is beneficial for us, as’s website allows us to track the link that it shortened, and so you can check the click stats of the link which got tweeted from your Twitter profile. In order to do so, just copy the tweeted link on your Twitter, to your address bar on your browser, and add ‘+’ at the end of it, which will lead you to the stats page.

Other than connecting your Facebook page to your Twitter profile, you can also put a link in your ‘About Me’ on Twitter, which might also bring in some fans to your Facebook page. One more way to use your Twitter profile, is by optimizing it a bit more. You can make your own background image for your Twitter profile, keeping in mind the dimensions that you might need. Type in something about yourself on that background image and also add a link to your Facebook page. The text on the background image should be visible after you put it as your background on Twitter. To do this, as I told you already, you might need to keep in mind the dimensions of the streaming bar on your Twitter profile.

Mention Your Facebook Page on Your Personal Profile

If you have friends that are interested in the niche of your Facebook page, well then of course they would have already liked your page from their own research, but it happens a lot less that your other friends like your page when you invite them with the help of ‘Suggest to Friends’ option on your page. And thus you can put a link to your Facebook page, on your own Personal Facebook profile.

Previously when the Facebook was in its old version, the About me section used to come just underneath your profile picture, but now we have a new design for our Facebook profiles, and thus you can add the link to your Facebook profile and a little description about it in your About Me section on the Info tab.

And for your information, be sure to add http:// to your Facebook Page’s link, because the www’s are not clickable on Facebook.

Create An Appealing Welcome Tab

We discussed many ways to help bring traffic to your Facebook Fan page, but is it obvious that they would click on the ‘LIKE’ button on the top of your Facebook Fan Page? Well of course not, and that is where this method comes in handy. You should make a compelling Welcome tab for your Facebook fan page, which could include a video of you, telling people about your Facebook page, about the contests you run and many more things that could result in converting the Visitors to Fans.

Just don’t reply on your Facebook Fans and keep on putting in your hard work into your Blog/Website/Business for that is the first factor in the increase of your Sales. Good Luck.



  1. Jason D'Orazio

    These are some very good suggestions for my fledgling Facebook page. Question: I have a website with an allied Facebook page. Do you think it would be better to spend advertising money toward the website or the fan page. By the way, the website has a Like Box.

    • Peter

      The easiest way to Market is to buy initial likes, and the genuine one will just keep coming. People tend to like what other peoples like. I use for starting up my new fanpages. Its easier than go into those exchange websites.

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    this is why I have my pop up happening when the user is about to exit. it gives them a chance to read the content they landed on.

  8. Maya

    Those are great ideas. We are always looking for new ways to gain more fans which leads to more patients/clients. We will try to implement some of them but I’ll honestly have to re-read the entire post as it was hard to follow without doing it on my page at the same time. I hope I can figure it out! Thanks for the post.

  9. Angie

    Great ideas! Hopefully, I can get these suggestions in action and apply them in real life situations.

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    ”Like Exchanges with Admin of Other Pages” This is a new idea for me and I think its gonna work really. Thanks for sharing

  13. Josh

    self-explanatory and clear. thx for the lesson. in addition to the welcome tab, i’d say that you can do a custom tab and put hot topic, giveaway, special offer, or portfolio with your latest projects onto it. i tried different apps for welcome pages but the one which really boost traffic was Portfolio Tab. my experiment was to have a number of custom tabs – Portfolio, Special Offer and Coupon. and you know what… in 3 of 4 times they clicked on Portfolio. btw, i’m using Portfolio App.

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    At our site we placed the facebook like button as one of the rewards allowing users to enter the private beta before the others, using the like button’s callback to track the action. Easier to try out than to explain.

    Ah, this way we reached 400 fans and 400 twitter followers within 4 weeks :)

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