Eleven2 Success Story And Giveaway:First Come, First Serve!


Have you heard about Eleven2? Well, 1WD has been hosting with them for almost a year now! How is it? Well, you can see it yourself – site is working fast and we rarely have any problems now! If you have ever owned internet business I bet you know how crucial is to have a great hosting provider with good support. I’ve been lucky to get to Eleven2, they are really reliable! I would even say 24/7 support is the most crucial part, because there are always times when something goes wrong and without immediate attention, you may loose more than you imagine to your branding!

Long story short, Eleven2 just relaunched their business, redesigned their website, added different plans improving greatly and today I am sharing their story with you! And be quick to get your free hosting account – only 100 packages available!!!

Eleven2 Story

January the 3rd is when we launched our new website design. It had taken 5 months to build, starting from the beginning of August 2010. Originally, we wanted to have the whole site done by September 21st, but that deadline came and went, as we continued to find aspects in our design that we wanted to change and improve, thus bringing us forward to the end of the year, and seeing as January is our biggest month, we thought we could enter 2011 with a brand new site!

Comparing the oldsite to our brand new current site, the oldsite was a lot more bland (colour wise), and used 100% widths, where as our newsite all fits perfectly within our 940px container, and everything is aligned perfectly to the user has a great experience when browsing our site. Check out the homepage of our oldsite, compared to the brand new homepage on our newsite…

(old website design)

(new website design)

Where Did We Improve?

We wanted to create a new website that focused on the end user, making the user interface easy to use, and making it easy for the customer to find information about any of our services! To do this we decided to split our site into sections with pages underneath it. We implemented an Ajax dropdown menu to do this…

We also have redesigned out back-end billing panel, so that clients can manage all their domains, hosting and services with us easy and efficiently. This was thanks to Jon Eichler who spent ages battling with WHMCS.

I am extremely proud of our brand new all In one signup page, where users can pick their hosting type, then filter down to package and location. It uses alot of Ajax, and we put alot of work into this page.

Everything on the site has changed, including all our pricing tables. We put alot of work into research on this front, making sure all our services we’re displayed beautifully, and making all the information easy to compare to other packages within that product band.

We have also added global server locations to all of our reseller packages. People can now choose where they want their server to be hosted, from London UK, Dallas Texas, and Singapore Asia. We offered this on all our shared hosting plans, so we thought it would be a good idea to add it to our popular reseller hosting too.

We also have a growing Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and our brand new blog which we are using to keep customers updated on company updates, new product launches and server issues, upgrades etc.

The New Video Tutorials Catalogue

We have also launched a brand new video tutorials catalogue with the newsite, which contains over 1,000 video tutorials all split up into sections and subcategories. We cover everything from cPanel, WHMCS to Paypal and WordPress Integration. This is another step forward to going the extra mile to our customers.

When users click on a tutorial, the video opens in a lightbox allowing for fast video toggling between each video in a series.

What’s Happening Backstage at eleven2?

Behind the doors at eleven2 right now, we have so much going on, and we are all so excited to enter 2011 with all the staff on board to take eleven2 further and offer much more to our customers. With the launch of our FREE iPhone app on the iTunes App store, we also have a Google Android App in the works, and will hopefully soon go even further when the company grows and offer apps to all Major SmartPhone platforms including Symbian and Blackberry OS.

We also want to perhaps sometime before the Q2 of the year create a mobile website, and if the iPad 2 really takes off, then there will perhaps be an app for that too. It all depends on the way technology goes, and making our services more accessible to fit current trends.


We are giving away 100 x Shared hosting packages FREE for 4 months! The hosting package you will be on is the S-100 package, which gives you 1GB of Storage Space and 15GB Monthly Bandwidth transfer. There is no limit on how many websites you can host too!

You can even pick where you want to be hosted. We have servers in Dallas (TEXAS), London (UK), and Singapore (ASIA).

We are giving these packages away on a first come first serve basis! There’s only 100, so HURRY! All you have to do is to go the following link, click web hosting, choose your location for the S-100 plan and click signup. Remember on the checkout porcess, choose the monthly billing term, and enter the coupon 1stwebdesignerFREE.


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If you don’t like us after 4 months of free hosting, you can cancel your account anytime.

If you missed out…

There are only 100 FREE accounts to giveaway on a first come first serve basis, so if you go to the checkout and the coupons have all been used up, then you can always use the coupon 1stwebdesigner to get 35% off your first payment term on any of our hosting packages! Which includes shared, reseller and cloud!

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