AwesomeWeb is Awesome!

Andreas W.

Submitted 9:02 AM .Oct 16, 2014

Hi Nick. If you have work that needs to be done, send me an email. I am glad to help out. AwesomeWeb already helped me to earn an awesome 3,700 dollars since the start.;) ... yeah farewell Elance!


  1. Really awesome designs.. Have to say man, just got no words especially for some of those designs.. And really inspiring one..!! Thanks Jameel, for this collection..!! :)

  2. John

    I always find good articles on this website, this is another one, thanks Jameel.

  3. Daniel Nolan

    These are some amazing websites headers and show the levels of creativity that can be achieved in web design! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mihkel

    Quite awesome headers indeed! I wonder if some look too fancy, that visitors just leave fast because they think it’s some kind of trick/commercial.

  5. Wow, I really love the no milk today site (even as I don’t lik on pager in general). That large header is such a great way to waste space. Brilliant.

  6. Apoorva Joy

    This was pretty good, i like ‘Simple and clean’ headers with an earthy feel to them, so my favourite was 2, 14 and just dot… i didn’t really find a header in 37 and i found the space header quite unattractive but the other examples were okay.. nice! :)