1. Really awesome designs.. Have to say man, just got no words especially for some of those designs.. And really inspiring one..!! Thanks Jameel, for this collection..!! :)

  2. Daniel Nolan

    These are some amazing websites headers and show the levels of creativity that can be achieved in web design! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mihkel

    Quite awesome headers indeed! I wonder if some look too fancy, that visitors just leave fast because they think it’s some kind of trick/commercial.

  4. Wow, I really love the no milk today site (even as I don’t lik on pager in general). That large header is such a great way to waste space. Brilliant.

  5. Apoorva Joy

    This was pretty good, i like ‘Simple and clean’ headers with an earthy feel to them, so my favourite was 2, 14 and just dot… i didn’t really find a header in 37 and i found the space header quite unattractive but the other examples were okay.. nice! :)