12 Must Have Firefox Addons to Boost the Productivity of Bloggers


Firefox is currently the ultimate choice for bloggers because of its awesome collection of addons. These addons provide a lot of flexibility by reducing the necessity of separate tools for different tasks of blogging. This saves a lot of time required in managing different tools and thus increases the overall productivity of Blogger. In this article we have compiled 12 best Firefox addons necessary for Bloggers.

1. ScribeFire

To do Blogging, you need a Blog Editor and ScribeFire in Firefox acts as a nice blogging editor. The user can drag and drop text from web pages, insert images, and post to multiple blogs. Unfortunately, there is a tracking option enabled by default but it can be disabled. This addon can actually make your blog editing platform independent from your operating system.

2. Reminder Fox

Obviously, Bloggers need to sort out their future plans to groom quickly. Reminder Fox lets you do it with ease in Mozilla Firefox. You can manage To Do lists, set Reminders with alerts or alarms right in your Firefox browser conveniently.

3. RSS Ticker

Bloggers need to remain updated with other blogs and sources of information for which the defacto communication standard is RSS. RSS Ticker is a nice add-on which displays the Live Bookmarks in a scrolling fashion across the user’s screen. It means that the user gets updates while browsing and doesn’t need to log in feed reader specifically for accessing RSS feeds.

4. Faster Fox

This addon increases overall productivity of blogger by providing some commonly used tasks in a refined manner. It tweaks wikipedia by showing related articles, auto loads next pages, shows suggestions by Google for a keyword in address bar, enhances Google’s search results and many more. Its my personal favorite and highly recommended for you.

5. Similar Web

If you are facing difficulty in finding a related website to the one you are currently visiting, Similar Web can actually provide many alternatives. In this way, the blogger can easily hit upon many similar resources and refine articles comfortably. It helps a lot and boosts my productivity while researching for an article.

6. Zemanta

You are wondering for addon like “Similar Web” which can find relative content for your blog post then you don’t need to worry, Zemanta is here. It’s a content recommendation engine which helps you in finding and suggesting images, links, articles, and tags correlated to your content from a large number of quality resources like YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, Amazon, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. An awesome addon which you should install right now.

7. Readability

Having some difficulty in reading text surrounded by redundant information on a web page. Readability addon will rip off the unnecessary information to make content more visible. In this way, the web pages can be printed with less clutter. This addon also provides auto scrolling feature which can give rest to your fingers and scroll a web page without keyboard and mouse.

8. Gmail Manager

Gmail is currently the mostly used email service in general and this happens to be same in case of bloggers. Also Google provides free email solution in a package named Google Apps for domains. Therefore, an enhanced Gmail notifier is needed and Gmail Manager addon is best for many purposes.

9. Brief

It is another Firefox addon which acts as an alternative for a feed reader. Its features are not less worth than a full feed reader. The feeds are displayed in form of a full web page with a sidebar containing user’s subscriptions. The items can be searched and bookmarked. There is also a notification option which informs whenever there is an update in any feed.


10. Copy Plain Text

Bloggers need to copy content from different sources and paste it in their article but in most cases the content has its own formatting. You need to remove this formatting and then match it with your content. Instead of doing this, you can copy text from a web page through this extension which removes all formatting and makes it simple text.

11. US English Dictionary

Nonnative as well native English speakers need a dictionary for easy look up. For a Blogger, it is even more necessary as it can provide more sophisticated alternatives for a given word which can polish Blogger’s write up.

12. Scrapbook Plus

This Firefox addon lets a blogger organize a library of web pages or full websites. The addon supports filters which can be defined to exclude related links and web pages that are not required.

If you are a Blogger and starts utilizing these addons, you will quickly feel an improvement in quality of your work which is obviously the ultimate goal. There may be an addon missing which is your favorite one, do let us know in comments.



  1. Steven Moore

    Thanks for the post. I was looking for such articles and I found it very interesting and informative. It was very useful to me.

  2. Soraya Soliani

    Hi. I wanted to thank you for the good info you have posted on your site. I will definitelycome back to check it out again and have subscribedto your RSS feed. Have an excellent day.

  3. ScribeFire is a great tool BUT very unplolite author attitude:

    Users beware: this tool add to all your post an ‘invisible image’ for tracking purposes

    You can disable it in the configuration panel. But the point is: inserting not wanted/solicited things in your blog is a serious matter.

    It is very disappointing that things like that happens inside good tools like scribefire.

  4. Elizabeth

    Thank you for the research on this, and for your personal experience comments. This is so much better than just a description from someone who hasn’t actually used whatever it is they’re discussing. I will also urge everyone to support the developers of any add-ons you use and enjoy.

    • Thanks for your valued feed back Elizabeth. All the plugins listed here are being used by me for 1 Year now and are fully tested. Yes Totally agreed with you. Each donation keeps the developer motivated for further development.

  5. Logobird Designs

    Nice plugins. I recently switched to chrome as my primary browser because Firefox was getting too clunky.
    A similar post of Chrome extensions would be awesome!
    Thank you.

    • Ah. I also tried to switch to chrome but seriously the chrome extension repository will take time in becoming able to compete Firefox addons. FF FTW. I will see whether its possible to write such post or not. Thanks for the input.:)

  6. Omer Greenwald

    I’m already using the great SimilarWeb but some of the other add-ons are new to me. Thanks for an excellent collection

    • Feedly is also good. I was using it before I came to know Brief. What I love about Brief is its simplicity and super fast. Feedly is a bit heavy and also affects Firefox speed. BTW thanks for your input.:)