Wet Your Pants To Impress Your Client – Get Your Gold Client VIDEO Series


I still cannot believe how many freelance web designers take so much for granted.
Even something as important as first impression.

No, I’m not referring to looking good and impressing people when you go out.

First impression is when you interact with a potential client for the first time.
So many of you do not stress enough about it.

But you should.
You really should even wet your pants if that is what it takes.

Today I will give you another easily actionable step to get your gold client.

I know – “Wet Your Pants” probably sounds too confusing for you.
But it is reality and it can make a massive difference.

”You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Wet Your Pants To Impress Your Client

Question: “So, Are You a Slow Ass, Or Not?”



  1. Awesome article man, well video. You make me laugh and at the same time you make perfect sense. Good way to think..

    • James Richman

      Hi Jake

      Hahaha, I’m glad I can make you laugh at the same time delivering the main message.
      And I’m also happy you totally understand it.

      But what about you Jake?
      Are you always fast enough to get in touch with your clients?

      • Well I work for a private business as a web developer so I kind of have to be, but I do some freelance work on the side so I try my best to “wet my pants” for my clients. Metaphorically speaking lol.

        • James Richman

          Hahah, I like how it sounds Jake.
          It’s how you used that metaphor.

          I was just wondering Jake
          How long have you worked as a web developer now?

  2. sopian

    well, I thought it wasn’t literally “wet my pants” right? as long as I just take higher priority on my clients/future clients, it will impress them. I am correct? because, dude, to really wet my pants…that’s just….well?
    few days ago, i felt a bit tired (not physically), and I “left them” because, on my justification, it would make things not so good, if I were to “snap”.
    how do you think?

    • James Richman

      Ahoy Sopian

      That’s right, the main message is to respond as soon as you have the slightest opportunity.

      So now regards your situation, Of course if you are like totally not able to concentrate.
      Not able to concentrate to deliver the best side of you it’s not worth it.

      Showing your not the best side is even worth than not responding at all or responding the next dayl.

      I wanted to askyou Sopianl.
      Do you feel like you always have been proactive enough?

  3. I agree on being fast in terms of pro activeness!
    I recently jumped into a great project I am currently enjoying, and it was all about having the initial phone call and getting in touch with the “prospect” later on that very day. I actually sent him some design proposals like two days after, and loved them. Afterwards when we started the project he confessed that getting back to him really quick was a BIG issue for hiring me.

    So I agree on that with you bro!

    this is the development verision, btw… I will appreciate any feedback

    • James Richman

      Hey Gary

      Wow that’s really nice.
      Great to hear a real life example.

      I checked out your website.
      And I must say I really like the graphic work on it :)

      Also this leads me to 2 questions for you Gary
      1. I can see this is not a responsive design site, are you familiar with responsive design or not yet?

      2. Have you coded the site from scratch or used a CMS like WordPress or Joomla?

      • Hey James!
        Thanks for getting back…
        This project has been made from scratch! logos, graphic art, everything was made custom… The preview that is online now, its just html/css… It was set for the client to see something more real than the previews wireframes and mockups, but locally I am devoloping the WordPress version, and finally I’m going to make it responsive. Any good advice or resources on responsive design??

        I will let you know when the wordpress / responsive version is online..

  4. Peter

    Thanks James,

    I always have the problem that I am quickly distracted by friends, after watching your video, I awakened.
    My company should be the most important in my life, so i need to change that.

    • James Richman

      Hey Peter

      That’s really nice to know that my video helped you mate :)
      Both your company and your client should be important, your client even more.

      So Now If I Asked You Peter
      Do you feel there was a time when you could have acted quicker?

  5. Something to consider to have faster response times with your clients – plan out what you’re going to say before hand.

    http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2012/12/18/hacking-kickstarter-how-to-raise-100000-in-10-days-includes-successful-templates-e-mails-etc/ This is a great and inspiring article for a lot of reasons, but the relevant bit is that if you put more effort into planning beforehand, you can respond to events quickly and with almost no effort and be able to focus on other things (like your work).

    For example, perhaps you find that a lot of your clients have never worked with a designer before and have a lot of the same questions about the development process, timing, and costs. You could prepare a primer guide you could email to new clients that contains this information.

    • James Richman

      Hey Josh

      Wow, what an amazing advice and article.
      I actually wish I had included it in my video.

      Make sure you let this know to as many people as possible.
      It’s such a useful tip, that can save loads of minutes and loads of dollars.

      And What About Yourself Josh?
      Have you ever used this tip yourself? Any real life example?

  6. Fast action, fast result. Slow action, slow result.
    So, it’s true that we as designer need to response ASAP to our new prospects as this will give them a HUGE impression about us.

    • James Richman

      Hey Zulhilmi

      It’s so great to see you agreeing with this article.
      And you actually said it so, so right!

      It does leave a HUGE impression.

      But I Would Like To Ask You Zulhilmi Now
      Have you ever had a past experience, which you could use as a real life example here?

  7. James, I agree with you Client comes first. But I think it is ok to take some time and do some research about the client before replying back to them. Should I wet my pants? Still thinking about it :)

    • James Richman

      Hey Raj

      You are right Raj, but there are different situations.

      Now imagine a situation:
      “You see a classified advert, posted by a Photographer, who is looking for a web designer to create a website for him.”
      “Now imagine you replied to him offering him a great deal, fast turnaround, and showed your portfolio.”
      “And the next thing you know he replies – Yup, looks great Raj, I’d like to work with, are you still interested?”
      “But of course he has received more than one offer and wants to see who is more professional and more responsible.”

      So in this situation would you take your time before replying to him?
      Well, If I were you, I would certainly at least reply “Yes Sir, I’m still certainly interested, I will send you more detailed proposal by tomorrow.”

      And yes I wouldn’t even worry about making my pants wet if that’s what it takes. I can change my pants, but it’s not so easy to get a leaving client to return.

      Your Thoughts Raj?