5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Coming Back To Your Website


Are you wondering why visitors don’t seem to be coming back to your website on a regular basis? Does looking at your website statistics on Google Analytics make you cringe? This can be turned around with some updates to your website. First we are going to go over the top 5 reasons why people aren’t coming back to your website. Then we will provide you tips for overcoming those 5 obstacles. After reading this article and making some or all of the improvements we suggest, we know you’ll be excited to log into Google Analytics to check your website traffic each day!

5 Reasons Why Visitors Are Not Returning to Your Website

Every website is different, but more often than not, those websites that are not seeing repeat web traffic share a number of similarities. Here are 5 of the top reasons why people aren’t coming back to your website:

1. Your website is static

Do you ever take time to update or add to your website? Static website are filled with pages that never change, information that stays the same, and no updates for readers. Creating a static website is one of the biggest mistakes we see across the web. Readers want to come back to a website that adds new content on a regular basis.

2. Your website is hard to navigate

With websites that are not receiving return visitors we usually see one of two things when it comes to website navigation:

  • Your website has multiple links, which take readers to the same page. Does your site have a top navigation bar, side navigation bar, and links within your content which all take your readers to the same set of web pages? It’s good to drive readers through your website, but having too many links all taking readers to the same web page confuses the reader.
  • Your website has broken links. Have you checked your links recently? Are any of those links broken? Take time to go through your website to see if any of your links need to be repaired.
  • Does your website look like this?
    example poor website design

3. You’re not encouraging engagement

Do you ask your readers to email you or leave comments on your blog/website? Readers want to engage with the owners of the websites that they frequent. They want to know that they have a voice. Be sure to give them that opportunity. See the image below, the blogger ends his article by asking readers to share their opinions.

how to increase blog comments

Image Courtesy of MontcoHappening

4. Lack of social media involvement

Are you using social media to build relationships with your website visitors AND to encourage new visitors? Far too often managers of websites are not using social media to help build relationships with their readers.

5. You’re not providing any real value to your readers

Is your website so focused on making sales that you don’t provide any educational information to readers? Readers want to learn, that’s why they are visiting your website. If your website is all images or too sales heavy and lacks educational content, readers aren’t going to find much value in coming back to your website.

Websites that Do a Great Job Encouraging Return Visits

There are A LOT of great websites that do an amazing job encouraging return visits to their website. Here are 3 that I think are top-notch:


HubSpot provides marketing automation software to marketing agencies and businesses. In order to attract their target audience to their website they publish regular content on their blog. They produce top-notch content and give it away to their readers for free. Readers find that extremely valuable, thus they continue to visit the HubSpot site. Ultimately their blog helps to convert a certain percentage of blog readers into customers.

attract website visitors

Image Courtesy of HubSpot.com


Amazon revolutionized e-Commerce. They did something remarkable and provide a valuable service to their website visitors. I’m not saying you have to create the next Amazon.com, but what I am saying is that within your industry, don’t dream small, dream big! Do something remarkable. Get people talking and sharing your website with friends.


Wikipedia is a site for the people, by the people. Wikipedia invites their users to share information and knowledge. By inviting their readers to share their knowledge with others it appeals to those readers’ ego. It also puts the power in the hands of the readers. You can do the same by encouraging comments on your blog or engaging your readers on social media.

increase website traffic

Image Courtesy of theory.isthereason.com

5 Tips to Attract Readers to Return to Your Website

Now that we know the top 5 reasons why people aren’t coming back to your website, let’s review what you can do to encourage readers to make a return visit to your site.

1. Add a blog

Blogging can do wonders for website owners. Writing blog articles is your way to communicating with your audience. Adding blog content on a regular basis gives readers a reason to come back to your website over and over.

2. Redesign your website

If your website is tough to navigate, you should consider redesigning your website. You want to create a clean website with clear navigation elements and prominent calls-to-action if you want readers to keep coming back! With that said, be sure to build a website blueprint before you start building your website

3. Add calls-to-action to your website

If you want readers to engage with you, then ask them too! Ask readers to email you with questions or comments, encourage them to leave a comment on your new blog, and be sure to respond to any comments they do leave. Readers want to know you’re listening.

4. Use Social Media

Get on Facebook/Twitter ASAP. Social Media is not a fad. It’s a trend that has no end in sight. Being on Facebook and Twitter definitely takes time on your end, but the results are well worth it!

Add social media website

Image Courtesy of SocialMediaExaminer.com

5. Rewrite your website

Adding educational content will show your readers that you want them to learn something. It also gives you an opportunity to add searchable keywords to your website, which will increase your search engine traffic.


Do yourself a favor, go back and review your website against the list of reasons why people aren’t coming back to your website. Be honest with yourself and determine if your website falls into any of the traps listed above. If it does, come down to the list of things that you can do to encourage return website visitors and start implementing them one at a time. You’ll be very happy with the results six months from now!



  1. Yes, you are absolutely right. Even if we have a pretty good website and if it lacks Social media engagement, as per the latest trend of the visitors, you will lose your visitors.

  2. Andi

    Thanks for your tips. I think my biggest problem is in social media. I don’t cover it at all, no facebook, no twitter..

    • You should start promoting your business on Facebook & more importantly on Twitter as well. Twitter may look a bit complicated as everything has to be in just 140 characters, but it’s a great tool to advertise and find the potential customers. Unlike Facebook (with 800 million customers )where Twitter has only 350 million users, still it is the favorite for different marketeers. More than 300 million tweets are being tweeted daily. Recently you may have heard of Pinterest which has become the 3rd largest social media leaving behind LinkedIn, is again a great way to advertise. This is again different from both Facebook and Twitter. Here you advertise through images. So your images speak about your business and you will be surprised to know that in the last month Pinterest had 104 million visitors. So start exploring and once you get a hand on these social media, you will understand the importance of it.

      • Very good tips, Kumar! We are doing exactly that on Pinterest, Twitter, working on that for Facebook!

        Only downside that there are so many different social networks, you are supposed to work on all of them – G+, LinkedIn :) 5 networks, damn..and then there is our own blog – comments. :)

        Thats why I am also thinking it’s valuable to better focus just on your own blog&comments, then go outside. Only when you have enough time to respond to all the comments, create quality content, then you should go outside.

  3. Mashiur

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  4. Zahirul

    Greetings I stumbled on your blog by mistake when i was searching Live search for this concern, I need to tell you your website is quite useful I also seriously like the design, it is great!

  5. Wayne

    Everything on this article can really help to drive new visitors and attract them to come back.

  6. Joshua Leonard

    I absolutely agree with you. A hard to navigate website is making visitors sick. And the most important point is giving value to users. Even when your site is just about showing a portfolio, the portfolio itself should contains REAL VALUE so that later users will come back to your site referring their friends “hey look, you can try making design like shown in this site!”

  7. Morgan

    I guess it all depends on the nature of what the website is all about, yes? If it’s a blog, then updates are expected. If it’s a portal with lots of members interacting with each other, so is the case. But what if it’s a corporate site? Can’t expect it to change everyday. B2B customers don’t have the time surf websites everyday. All they want is information on services (which don’t really change much) and a page of contact details. So I think this article is slightly flawed and inclined only towards sites with a high interactive social following.

  8. Stan

    Website is reflecting your business image online. So it’s very important your website should be well design. Reader only comes back on your site when they get informative information through your site which he wants. Make your site user friendly. Put easy navigation with quality content and always give importance to your reader and get touch with him through email and social sites like facebook etc. Encourage him to come again on your site.

  9. Merilin

    I totally agree with you post. By i think getting new traffic on the website is much more important then maintaining the old visitors. and to get new visitor Social networknig integration , submitting a sitemap and getting your pages indexed in SEO results, ood design and data on the website play a vital role.

  10. Ryan

    What about not having any followup or way for people to easily find you the 2nd time. That’s a big struggle for smaller sites. Your list is really asking WHY would visitors look for your website the 2nd time. An important question is HOW would visitors find your website the 2nd time. It’s easy for Amazon, Wikipedia who have a brand but more difficult for smaller sites without that kind of name recognition.

  11. Duncan

    Good article – would add another tip – give away exceptional and value added information that is useful to your target customers. Hubspot do this really well

  12. magu

    It doesn’t have to be this complicated, fellas.
    If you provide great content, readers will want to read/watch.
    Thus they will return.

    Interaction (ie comments, “like” buttons and such) are a way to keep people who are really not interested in what you have to say.

  13. Nathan G.

    The photo example for “Your website is hard to navigate” (“Does your website look like this?”) isn’t exactly what I would call a normal example. The website (art.yale.edu) is a collaborative art project which can be edited by any student, faculty or staff of the entire school of art. I’m pretty sure they are aware it is… difficult to navigate (to say the least).