Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate


A beautiful website with fantastic design and colorful displays is wonderful, but if you are not making a profit, your hard work will be in vain.  How can you convert your website visitors into profits? There are many ways you can increase your conversions, but it’s important to know where to start.

Before we discuss the top 5 ways to increase conversions, you must understand what action you want your visitors to take. Are you leading them to opt in to your list? Buy a product? Become a Facebook fan? The goal of website conversions is to lead your visitors to an intended action, so it’s important to know what that action is. Once you know, you can target your strategy to that end.

Here are the top 5 ways to increase your website conversions:

1. Live Chat

Do not give your visitors any reason to leave your website. Live chat will give them an easy and effortless way to get their questions answered.

Why is live chat so effective?

  • It gives people a quick way to contact a representative of the website without filling out a form
  • Some people do not like talking on the phone.
  • Internet users like fast results! If they can’t get assistance on your website, they will visit the next one. Live chat allows for the quickest method of contact.
  • It shows your visitors you care enough to make sure their needs are met.


Videos add a visual element to otherwise static content. They create more of an experience for your website visitors and engage them in what you are offering.

How can you use videos on your website?

Videos can be used for many different purposes, all of which will enhance your website and increase your conversion rates.

  • Promotional – Showcase your products and services in a pleasing visual format.  Detail in the video how they are used and the benefits one can gain.
  • Virtual Tour – Give visitors a tour of your website. Show them what they can expect and where to find interesting content.
  • Product Usage – If you sell technical products, utilize videos for setup and technical help. Visual “how to” guides are very popular and provide useful information. These videos will also save you customer service time.
  • Educational – If you are in the services industry, create a helpful video that solves a need in your industry. These types of media will help to enhance your leadership status on the internet and as a result people will want to buy from you.
  • Sales and Specials – Running any specials or discounts? Create a short video about it and include any discount codes and the associated benefits.
  • A Personal Touch – Conversions are maximized when visitors feel safe and an emotional connection to the website. You can create a “welcome” video for your visitors that helps to ease their concerns and also gives them a more personal look into the faces behind the brand. Testimonials are another great idea for creating videos.

Tip: Your videos should be brief and professional. Long videos (more than 5 minutes, unless technical) can bore visitors if they are not engaging enough. Make them just long enough to capture their attention, but not too long so they leave the site.

3. Images of People

Your visitors will respond to images of people, for in the eyes of internet users, the appearance of people emits a sense of trust and sincerity.

In addition to product images, you can use images of peoples when displaying actual testimonials or showcase the people who work behind the scenes of your website. Any chance to establish a connection with your visitors is a good one.

When adding images of people, it’s crucial to remember some important information. Images of people can evoke strong responses in your visitors. You want a strong positive response, not a negative one. You should know the demographic of your visitors so you do not offend or turn anyone away. You can use websites like to identify your visitors’ demographics and then test a few images to determine what works. For example, a young clothing brand like Guess would not add images of 50 and older people to their website.

Keep images big enough so they are visible, but not too large to distract visitors away from a call to action. Tip: Use images with people looking to where you want visitors to click. The eye will naturally go there as seen in this image:

4. Usability Testing

Ever want to get inside the heads of your website visitors? Usability testing puts your website in the hands of complete strangers who are unbiased and will give you a wealth of information that will serve to increase your conversions.

It’s never a wise practice to rely only on your own opinions regarding your website. If you are serious about increasing your conversions, usability testing is a must. There are many companies on the web such as that offer these types of tests for inexpensive rates. Participants are selected based on your chosen demographic and asked to answer the questions you provide or to follow your directions while they visit your site.

When running a usability test, be sure to ask the participant specific questions related to finding or buying something on your site. Bring them through a process you would want your visitors to take. The participant will record a video of each step and what they liked or didn’t like along the way. This information will prove to be invaluable to you and help you see some faulty elements you may have overlooked.

5. Know Your Audience

Do you know the people who are visiting your website? Are you targeting a specific group of people or are you simply hoping for more visitors, regardless of their demographic?

Website owners often fall into the trap of spending all of their time amassing large amounts of traffic. Yes, traffic is great, but if you are attracting the wrong traffic, you will never make a profit because you will not actually be converting the majority of the people to a sale.

Here is a simplified example:

You are selling mens sneakers on your website. Because you are striving to increase your traffic, you create a strategy and work hard until you see a steady increase. You are happy that your numbers are rising, but you are not seeing an increase in profit.

This is a very common problem because many online marketers are more interested in appealing to a large mass of people rather than a smaller, more specific demographic. This line of thinking seems like it makes sense, but in actuality it is not a successful strategy.

Wise online marketers know that a smaller, more targeted audience will make them more money than large amounts of traffic. Why? Imagine you gained one hundred people to your mens sneaker site, but you were not aware of their demographic. You only made 5 sales because half of the visitors were women and only a small amount consisted of young, athletic men. Now imagine you gained 50 more people with your targeted method. Yes, the amount of visitors is smaller, but these people are men who are interested in buying your sneakers because they are athletic and they are involved in sports. You gain 10 sales from this example because your visitors were already interested in your type of product before they even landed on your website.

In the end, it’s all about targeting, not the amount of traffic. Targeted traffic is more important than a large number of traffic and will bring you more profits in the end.

How do you target a demographic?

Think about who you are targeting with every marketing strategy you implement. Writing a blog post? Write with them in mind. Creating an ad? Create it with them in mind. Posting on Facebook? Speak directly to them and post content they will enjoy.

Increasing website conversions is all about knowing your audience and establishing a connection with your website visitors. The more you can make your visitors feel safe and satisfied with their experience on your website, the more they will buy from you and take advantage of what you have to offer.



  1. Glad you like it Brian! As I was compiling the list, I saw the different themes so I thought it would be good to break them out so everyone could focus in on their biggest concerns. :)

  2. Cosmin

    I agree with the feedback idea and that users should have all sorts of tools available at disposal, to leave messages, impressions, complaints and chat with you, but thinking about the long term effect for some of these makes me wonder. Okay, a simple chat-box available in the down-corner, right or left is fine as long as it doesn’t disturb visitors, but whenever a popup message appears with a chat-box is quite annoying and you might give users the wrong impressions.

    I also don’t agree with the idea that you don’t have to give your visitors a chance to leave your website. Personally I believe you should think about the long term relationship between you and your user and think about making him come back. That will most certainly be more beneficial for you instead of annoying him with unwanted messages, pop-ups and please don’t leave panels!

    Still, videos and images or interactive content can really build a bond between you and your users so thanks! nice article, very well written.

  3. Brad

    Pictures of people? Really? That’s a pretty ridiculous blanket statement seeing as how a half dozen studies have been done to show that users literally ignore generic stock photos and their value is nil.

  4. mahmood

    Thanks. It was great and my mind worked!
    I think the last title “How do you target a demographic?” was an important part but it didnt have attention on it

  5. Wasim Ismail

    Having a video on your site is a great way of capturing your visitors, you could even have those live videos, where a real person walks onto the screen and guides you though your website, and talks directly with your visitor.

  6. Nancy

    Great post, Jenna!
    There are so many great conversion tools out there to boost conversions.
    Our Live Chat have experience at least 25% more conversions from using the service. I would also recommend Click-to-Call and Online Scheduling.

    • Thanks Nancy! Your recommendations are great. Anything that will decrease the time it takes for a visitor to get their questions answered is a great conversion tool. Thank you also for your recommendations on Brian Massey’s caption test. I always welcome feedback so our readers can benefit.