Learn Flat Web Design from Scratch – Complete Course + Contest


Flat web design could be considered many things – a new trend, style, fad, movement, way of thinking, etc. There is no single and complete definition yet, what we can do is try to acknowledge the postulates, philosophy, and history that stands behind the term.

Here at 1stwebdesigner we are very passionate about flat web design. Not because everyone is talking about it so we simply can’t ignore it – no, we are actually proponents of how flat is reshaping the way we think, talk, and do web design.

LIVE – Build Flat Responsive Website from Scratch – Complete Course. Leave a comment below and get the course for free!

flat web design course

We believe that aesthetics is only the surface – flat is a whole new approach to building websites. We believe that flat web design is about showing less on the screen, but doing more with it. Form follows function. It is about boiling the aesthetics down to its essentials and focusing on the message. Flat seeks to support the content from behind by removing background distractions and amplifying the voice of the content. Flat is all about content and making the most of the medium.

However, at the same time, we are a bit concerned and, truth be told, responsible that there aren’t enough resources for young designers to master flat design, understand what is it about, and build better websites. Of course, one might argue that there is plenty of articles, inspiration, and tutorials out there. But we tend to disagree. How many of these inspiration showcases talk about the influences behind flat web design and analyze the origins of it? How many of these tutorials talk about the concept and goal behind a website and why designers build what they build? How many of them can show you the whole process behind building a contemporary flat responsive website starting with a blank sheet of paper and ending up with a usable result? We think not so many.

That is why we decided to make our own video course where beginner web designers and developers could learn what it takes to build a website nowadays. But enough of words – switch the lights off and enjoy:

This course literally takes you from very little knowledge about web design to being able to create beautiful, thorough, and problem-solving websites and get you going as a web designer. Here are the things you will learn:

  • the principles, history and philosophy behind flat web design
  • how to plan a website, think of a concept and use sketching and wireframing
  • design pixel-perfect flat designs with grid systems
  • use and take advantage of Twitter Bootstrap in your future projects
  • turn PSD into valid HTML & CSS
  • make your website responsive

By the end of the course you will be able to build your own website from scratch and apply the concepts, ideas and skills learned here to your own projects.

The course is live on Udemy, one of the best platforms for online learning, and you get:

  • over 52 lectures and 7 hours of screencasts
  • downloadable content and supporting files
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • lifetime access to the course

And now comes the best part. Normally, the course is going to cost $197 but to celebrate the launch of it for a few days only we are giving out:

  • 100 coupons for 100% discount (you get the course for free)

  • 300 coupons for 80% discount

  • 500 coupons for 50% discount

Update: more than 400 enrollments in less than 15 minutes – thank you guys. Unfortunately, there are no more free passes left but you can still get the course with a massive 80% discount.


$39 (you save 80%)$97 (you save 50%)

Update  2: Didn’t get that free pass but want to get the course for free? Share our promo video and leave a comment (here) telling us why should we give the course away exactly to you and how would you use the knowledge you’d gain from it!



  1. thuoc kich duc nu

    I always wish there was a school of free … but it seems that is not possible. I am very excited about this

  2. this is a nice article on flat web design, now a days lot of designers are developing themes and templates using the flat designing. I like this course. This will defenitely improve the designers.

  3. Michelle

    I’m one of the people that freaked out and said “oh no, there’s no more freebies”! So bumped! I hope I pin one down now so I’m giving it a whirl! Not only is flat design the wave of the future but this course will lay it all out for me. I definitely want to learn more about Twitter bootstrap and how to make a website responsive. It would be awesome to grab this course for free! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  4. Aggelos

    I’d love to win a free pass. I do have the passion to learn that field and improve my skills but unfortunately my salary is so low that i can’t afford it.

  5. Jesse

    As a developer, I’ve been trying to learn how to make websites responsive, but I haven’t had the time to relearn things. I was hoping to get this course so that it would teach me how to.

  6. Vlad

    I spent years to learn a lot of stuff (design / desktop&web programming) but it seems that it isn’t enought to start making great things like other awesome guys….
    I need this course to discipline my skills and help me to evolve by learning what I really need.

    I’m late for the the free ones but I still hope for a early Christmas gift :D

  7. I have been very impressed with the information, tutorials and resources on 1stwebdesigner site. It helped me already to create portfolio, to learn so much from the very well written e-books I got.
    Please keep doing a good job!
    Proud of my compatriots!! You guys are the best, and you are from my home town.

    This course is going to help me stay up to date with industry, have been in Design and Web design since 1997, good tutorials is always a rarity.

    I will be very much obliged to get this free course. Looking forward to get it.
    I shared it on facebook and twitter.

  8. Brenda Zapka

    I have been in the print industry for over 15 years. I graduated 4 years ago with BAS in Graphic Communication with print emphasis. I have launched myself into a freelance graphic design career and continue to learn each day more of the trends graphic design tends to lead me. I so much want to learn web design and all aspects so that I may better serve my clients. I hope I can be one of the lucky individuals to be involved in this course. Thank You for such a exciting opportunity.

  9. Most of what I’ve learnt over the years of web designing and development have been from my peers within the web design and development community, sharing what they know for free, and allowing me to aspire into what I love to do for a living, build websites.

    This free course will definitely give me the boost I need to start designing and building flat designed conceptual sites and then I can share what I learn from this course for others to know too (for free).

    I’ve read many articles, tutorials, studied best design forums, and downloaded design templates; yes these were helpful, but like you said, not many really give you the details you need to fully understand flat design and how to build, properly, flat designed sites.

    Besides responsive cross mobile device integration, many problems I have is the flow of forms and functionality for marketability; especially, for e-commerce flat designed sites. I think this course will be able to offer a better process to approach these issues.

    It’s these wonderful offers that make what the web design and development community is all about: sharing and learning from sharing. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. BG

    As I am completely self taught, a free pass for this course would be of great use in the advancement of my web design career and development of my skills.

  11. Jann Roberts

    I am a 59 year old female trying to recreate myself. I would love to take the course to help with this. Finances are very tight, so the free part is great.

    The way to stop being a dinosaur is to learn, learn, learn.

    Thank you.

  12. DesignMedic

    I am new to the web design field. I am in my last course of my Associates program, and will be continuing on to get my Bachelors. I have just accepted the responsibilities (volunteer) of redesigning a website for a local non-profit community organization. Learning Flat Design will certainly help me create a more dynamic and interactive website which will be accessible over all technological formats. I would be extremely grateful to be the recipient of one of the 10 free courses!! (As a poor, struggling college student I cannot afford the cost) Thank-you for your consideration!!

  13. Rey

    I’m not sure if I would win the free but I will give it a try. :-).

    I am going to school for web development and obtaining a program like this for free will be great. I will understand the process better and I will also apply the stuff I learned to other projects.

    Since flat design is the new thing now, learning the step by step process is very beneficial.

    Thank you.
    I hope I get a free copy :-)

  14. Steven

    Hello I really love the web and I am always asking myself how do they do that. For some reason I am attracted to those sites you guys call flat. I would like to make my site like that. When I found a chance for a free movie about flat web design I was very exited. You see I have been an unemployed programmer for too many years I should say an unemployable programmer due to being an alcoholic. I am now sober for 1 year and I am trying to learn all I can so I can get a job and become marketable again. I can’t afford a lot extra things I need to invest in my ability to get a job right now but I believe this movie will give me more of the skills I will need to help find a job.

    Thank you for your consideration

  15. Sounds like almost a mandatory and outstanding course.. unfortunately I missed the passes over the weekend. There wouldn’t be any more by chance would there? Could really use one. Thanks

  16. jon

    It would be awesome if there were still some free passes. Missed the announcement during the weekend. It has to be an outstanding course. Please… are there still any free passes left?

  17. Kelley Giffen

    I’m getting used to it… not so great on PC’s but awesome on mobile devices!

    Would love the course!

  18. Diwyanshu

    FLAT is the definition of today !.. You want to make great apps, an awesome looking website and make everyone in awe,, perhaps FLAT is going to be your choice.
    We can probably say that one of the initiators of FLAT design is Microsoft. Although its an OS into which they have incorporated this amazing presentation skill. The UI is too good to be true. but the fact is that it is. :)
    Using FLAT on touch screen gives it the real edge. The fundamental approach for a better design can be easily served by making the use of FLAT color value and right proportion.
    What elementary advantage we can get out of it? Simple.. Fewer images to incorporate, better control, less hassles, efficient loading of the website, great looking design, and looks proportional and great on every platform. It simply rocks.!!!

    Also,one big thing is the support of next generation font-libraries, that gives you a bigger and better opportunity to increase your website performance . They are scalable. Less need of image slicing and embedding.

    specially for people like us ,the free lancers, your client will be happy, you will be happy as a web designer. The developers will have less to worry about UI fixes. On parallel terms you are making an approach for a cleaner and better web future.
    Sounds Great.. FLAT :)

    • Diwyanshu

      And yeah ,i forgot the most important thing,, i need this course for free as much as i wanna learn and perfect it.. 1st web designer, please grant my wish

  19. Really want a free pass. Developing my site and would be awesome if I can develop it in FLAT Design with this free pass.

  20. Barry

    Hi my website is not very good. I am 57 and disabled from a car accident in 2005. I have been trying to make money online to supplement my small income. I have lost a lot of money and have decided to try web design. I have been taking courses on skillfeed but i really want to learn flat design so i can consintrate on one area. I really could use this free course. I would have to go to adobe cc and sign up for photoshop and that would cost me. So free would be great.

    • HI Barry, I am the author of the course and I would be happy to give you my course for free. Just Google Web Courses Bangkok and then contact me through there and I will be happy to help.

  21. Sherry-Ann

    I would really like to have access to this course. As a new budding designer who have used all the great tutorials presented by 1stwebdesigner, this would definitely be a course to increase my knowledge and expand my skills.

    I really hope I get selected for a free pass!!

  22. Greg V.

    I think you should give this course away to me because I’m very interested in learning about this hot trend in web design. I’ve been wanting to learn more about flat web design because I believe it will help to further advance my knowledge on the subject to help me to get a great job as a web designer. Using the knowledge that I would gain from this course I would practice by creating examples so that when I did get a web design job I would be able hit the ground running from day one on the job. I shared your promo video on Twitter.

  23. Note to self…never use your work email for something that you may not access until a day after it has launched. Yikes! However, I can expect that 1WD will deliver on it’s product(s) any time, all the time. They provide such great content that you can be sure to learn more than just the flat web design material here. Even if you have missed on out on the free passes, like it seems as I have, get the content at any cost. It’s so minimal compared to the amount of value that you will probably get out of this product. It’s time to make the purchase and win the day, folks. Think broadly, the income is out there. Win. The. Day. Why wait.

  24. H@RSH

    I m following this site n its web design tutorials since long. Want to get this free tutorial. I constantly share my knowledge n links with others.Thanks for all the tutorials and this one too…

  25. Bernard Adjenughure

    I’m pleased that I can have a free pass. This is going to be beneficial not only to me but also my children that I’m encouraging to develop web design skills.

  26. I can’t wait to learn about flat web designing! Now a days, we have to keep up with what’s popular in order to be a good web designer. I’m positive this will be a great course!

  27. I have always been interested in web design and have taken some basic HTML and CSS courses. I have just been too afraid to dig deep into it and try to make it a living. With this course I believe that it will help me out with this. I know all of the other courses I have used have really helped me.

  28. Siva

    Hi ,

    Thanks for your offering this course.

    As I am a beginner, It will be great support if you provide the pass.

    Hope I’ll get.

  29. Really looking forward to this course. Have already made use of other tutorials on the site, and would love to know more about flat design. I’ve been a fan since “Metro” came out!

  30. I would greatly appreciate receiving a free pass for Flat Design Style Responsive Website course because I cannot afford to pay for it at this time. I am trying to develop a website where I will certainly promote your course and thereby repay your kindness many times over in the very near future. Thanks in advance for your favorable consideration.

  31. Have to say I was NOT impressed with the course at all especially after spending 39.00 or it. First of all you start off with all pdf’s! Really you used Udemy for a course with at least the beginning of nothing but pdf’s.

    Not only that, but you talk about ADIA and then come up with a headline of “Hello, my name is blah, blah. Really that would not even grab the attention of my 2 year old granddaughter! It also looks like all your are doing is designing a landing page and no inner pages like the about me page or the services page.

    What is up with the quizzes? Why do we even have them? This isn’t college. I mean are we going to get a certificate that states we are certified flat website designers? I am not understanding the reasoning for the quizzes.

    All in all I have to say this was a big disappointment for me. I only hope the rest gets more interesting.

  32. Donald Sobr

    I was also late reading about the free course. I have heard so much about Flat Web Design and would love the opportunity to learn it.

    I hope that I can still get a free pass.

  33. Mike Davis

    Of course I was asleep when the free codes went out :). I hope I can somehow get one. I am looking forward to watching this course.

  34. Ana

    I think I deserve your course because this wary I wasn’t naughty, but instead tried to be really nice: never think I know it all (never stop learning!), read about design, organised my work, ideas and references and shared information! ;)

    It’s not easy to justify why should I specifically gain your course since it is suitable for almost everyone… Even though I’ve been working in web design for a while, the part that I most enjoy when doing it is to understand how to make things work, the technical part! And even searching for tutorials and reading a lot about it everyday, I still want to go further and, mostly, be aligned with what’s in.

  35. Ramsha

    I am a beginner and taking this course will really help me, but due to time differences, I wasn’t able to grab this opportunity on time… i am a student and don’t have enough to pay for this course :(. It would be really nice if i can get a free pass ..

  36. Nio

    I wish I could get fee this course. As I am last year uni student and need to make future in web Development. Thanks a lot

  37. Abdurraouf

    Hi , first of all this course sounds very interesting and worth the money , i’ve been waiting for this course to launch and get the free pass but i was disappointed that i couldn’t because the launch was i a very late time in my time zone ,

    well , why i should get the free pass ?
    in fact -as i mentioned the course worth the money – but the only reason i should be getting it free is that i’m living in a country with very bad banking services , so unfortunately i can’t pay :(

    what i will do with the knowledge gained from this course ?

    emm , i’m interested about webdesign . and this course seems interesting “specially Flat design”.. and who know maybe i’ll build my own website or go further and reinvent my career ,,

    last but not least , i’d like to thank you for your efforts in providing this great content

    Regards !

  38. Nio

    Hey Folks,

    I am huge fan of 1stwebdesigner.com and it always help me in my Uni assignments tips and trick. as I used your ideas as well as some of code trick.

    I really wants to learn this course for my career. As a student can’t afford so request to give me free access.

    It will be great help towards my future :)

    Thanks you so much.


  39. I work on over 20 website maintaining – not design! And courses like this save my job daily, the last formal computer class I took, floppy disks still flopped!

  40. Daniel

    i wish i could pay and watch the course but i don’t have access to paypal. In Africa we rarely use International recognized online money transfer services. It will take months for me to be connected, please if there is any chance the free entry tickets still there, give one to me. I will use the knowledge i get to start the web design revolution in my country. Around here, people don’t care about beautiful designs and they are unaware of latest design styles in the the industry, help me to bring the change. Thanks

  41. Bob

    Thank you for offering such a great gift. I know the winners will enjoy it. Will I win? Stay tuned!

  42. Thanks for all you’re doing for web design. I desperately need a free pass. This promo gives me a clear-cut chance to make the transition I’ve always wanted to make. I’m transitioning from print to web. The world is becoming more digital by the day and flat design is the way to go. I also plan to convince a design institute in Uganda to adopt this course for their web design class. The digital design industry in this part of the world will never be the same.

  43. I am excited about learning to use flat web design to take my skills as a website builder to the next level – and bring them not only to US-based clients, but also businesses and individuals where I currently live in Mbabane, Swaziland (my wife works at the US Embassy here). Many of the locally-made websites I have seen could use some serious redesign for not only looks but functionality as well, and with your help I think I can provide it. I also have a very limited budget for business expenses, and having one of those free passes would sure help. :-)

    Thanks for letting me know about this course, and I plan on sharing the video to let others know too!

  44. Mona Yusuf

    Thanks for the great offer
    i would love to get the chance and win the course to start building my Start-up website.

    thanks in advance.

  45. Ilyass

    Hello ,
    I really need it , I am a engineering student , I am microsoft certified in programming HTLK5 , CSS3 and Javascript ,
    I really want it .

    Thank you

  46. Karan

    I would use the knowledge gained for this course to help build up my startup ( A web design agency)

  47. Matt

    Everywhere you can see superb Flat Design now-a-days. Why ??? Because Flat is clean, looks superb on mobile devices as well as desktop. The clean & clear calls-to-action is the must for every website. I have seen so many websites which are very good but without proper design or calls to action you can not drive your audience to the right pages.

    Good Design + Proper Calls-to-action+ Clean URLs + Quality Content = High Website Traffic & Long term customers

    It doesn’t matter whether your design is based on FLAT concepts or not, but a well thought Flat design can improve your website value. I love Flat design, waiting to grab the Free course but I feel I had a hard luck… Let’s see

    • laura harris

      a flat clean look is awesome and definitely in! I’m looking forward to taking this course.

    • Tim

      I would really like to know how to design a super-textured website with responsive design. Flat design website are a dime a hundred now a days. I have YET to see a really textured site utilizing responsiveness. I have come to believe that it cannot be done. I have a feeling that the people who are building responsive sites don’t really know what they are doing because they all look EXACTLY the same.
      Please someone prove me wrong.

  48. Exhibeo

    Love to see the course, already working on a flat design. Let’s see what the course brings me.


  49. Matthew

    I am just starting my own design company web, video and graphic arts and this course will really help me get to where I need to be. Thank you for posting it and sharing it. The info here was of great use to me

    Thank you

  50. I have been designing websites with Joomla for about 5 years now, but I really love this concept of flat web design and would like to learn how to do it. It would be helpful to me to be able to introduce variety in my clients’ designs. i really would appreciate the freepass.

  51. Else

    I would relish the opportunity to learn the art flat website design, it would offer a great benefit to clients and web users alike.

  52. Vidit Kothari

    Producing highest quality Flat and Responsive Webdesigns in my city will be like a celebration time for web designers community currently working on designs (still).

    I hope I get this opportunity to learn this and bring it to my city and our web design community / culture.

    Best wishes to me and everyone :)

  53. Oluwasegun

    I have struggle for a while with producing professional looking websites. The course on Flat Design will really make a difference for me, my career and my future projects.

    I am looked through the syllabus and seen the details of each section. This is truly a rich course and it will be sad if I’m not a part of it.

    Thanks in advance.


  54. Morgan Roberts

    I like Flat Design without question, creating my own flat design projects is a beautiful learning experience in itself. Flat design is enriching, enlightening, educational, colouful and insightful.
    To me, Flat Design represents ingenuity. Ingenious elements forming a diverse, evolving language of form. Educational, life enriching!
    I subscribed to 1stwebdesigner quite a while back simply because you had what I wanted to know. Your content delivery appealed to me and has so ever since. You’ve just provided more again!
    I would feel privileged to be offered a free course in Flat Design delivered by 1stWebdesigner
    as I trust your content and rely upon your knowledge and experience?
    I enjoy sharing what I have learnt and I hope that what I share is good. My belief is that to truly benefit from a learning experience, the experience needs to be expressed for the benefit of another. Therefore I share the knowledge I have learnt to the best of my ability so that I may learn further through interacting with others. I like to promote personal online education in my local community and market my favourite course providers actively.

  55. Flat design and responsive web design is the new trends and in near future as more and more smartphones and tabs coming out , we designers and developers have to focus on performance like icon fonts instead of images. and using CSS3 to replace all the images. And in my honest opinion more developer/designer will have access to this course , this Flat design trend will rule the 2014.

  56. My final thoughts:

    The flat design BS is just that – a BS cookie cutter fad. It’ll keep people obsessed for a while (as is apparently doing here) and then there will be “free tickets” for a new and even better design style!
    I’ve been surfing these web pages for a few months now and all I read is commercialized ridicule.
    Where’s the innovation? It’s certainly not in “flat design”.
    This is just another Frankensteined method to regurgitate so called “inspirational” design and throw a label on it while cowering at the challenge to create something novel… something that holds a personal signature. But creativity, these days, has become an external process, consequently allowing for the commodification of design to be capitalized on at the expense of independent thought.
    It discourages me…

  57. MsDarkstar

    I’m just transitioning from part-time Virtual Assistant to full-time and being able to offer web design would be a HUGE help to me (because it’s a skill a VA probably SHOULD have and it’d be awesome to be able to add it to my services, making me more valuable to potential clients).

    As affordable as the class is with the discounts, I’ve not had full-time, steady work for over a year and have no resources left, so if I could take the course for free, that’d be amazing.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  58. What a generous offer! I would absolutely love to win this course mainly because I am 1 semester away from completing my Bachelor of Communication degree majoring in marketing and digital communication and any extra courses I can add to my ever-growing hat of knowledge will be more than useful in my web design/marketing career ahead!

  59. Minh Pham

    I’m a beginner in Web design. I have started to learn for about 2 years. But it’s hard to find a detail tutorial to follow, just because my English listening is not very good. I’ve seen free video from this course in Udemy and i see that easy for me to understand your guide. I tried to get free pass at the first time but unluckily i had no. And the other reason that i love this course is it’s about Flat Web. I’m very interest in Flat Web.
    So i hope i’ll get the free pass. Thanks a lot for your helping!

  60. The +40 Flat designs were indeed inspirational, how I would love to create something similar.
    But the Aussies missed out on a free coupon … We were asleep! (Shame on us) …
    I have to build a website for a magazine I’m publishing – bewildered as I am, I’m going to give it a go!
    BTW: You guys rock, I love the blog and the info you send.

  61. Jon Hjerting

    Dear Dainis

    Looks like I missed out on the deal. Looks like your course is very popular!

    Yours Sincerely
    Jon Hjerting

  62. Bindu Rao

    I was looking for some good websites to learn web technologies and registered to your site recently. Missed to get a pass to learn this course for free..:-(. I strongly believe in designing any product/application keeping in mind the ease of use, which this course could help.
    Hope I am lucky enough to get one.

  63. Pawel

    This course is the one I was awaiting so long. I’m an amatour web developer and stil didn’t manage to create flat website yet. So maybe now is the time. Hope to get one free pass so bad.

  64. David

    I’m a product manager and I’ve recommended your courses to many people who i work with and am associated with. I’m a big fan of flat design and I would love to see your course and improve my skills as well.


  65. Ivo


    As an unemployed ex-webdesigner I see this Free course as a chance to get back in Business again. I really need this!

  66. Pascal

    I’d love to take this course and test out how the knowledge taken from it applies to developing UX in web apps.

  67. Daneo van Overloop

    Well, I’ve always had a hard time grasping design in general, but I’ve never taken the leap to this level. Hopefully I can get a free pass, it’d be great to learn something new!

  68. Viktor

    I want to receive free pass, because I think that course will help a lot in my work as freelancer.
    Thank you for your work!

    The video is shared on my facebook…

  69. George Bahry

    Hello. I was hoping to get a coupon the first time you sent the email but I couldn’t. Yet, here’s my second chance!
    I really want to get this course in order to build the design of my website (mentioned in the field for the comment) which I’m aiming to launch sometime during the Christmas vacation. However, I’m running late behind schedule being a 17 year old student with exams and all, and since I want to make the design flat, this course would save me a lot of time. I really hope I get this for free!

  70. Daniel

    I would really like to learn about flat design because it’s the latest trend in web design and development! Trending ideas are always something to put in time to learn.

  71. Just started web designing an think that flat design is the way to go! And I’m thankful for the help and tutorials that 1stwebdesigner provides! Live in Denmark and missed out on the free coupons because of the time difference. ! Looking forward to making my website responsive! Thank you!

  72. Nikhil T. J

    Damn! I missed the free passes! I would love to learn from you guys. Your blog has been an inspiration for Freelance designers like us. Keep up your good work! Thanks for all the resources that you have shared…

  73. I am impressed!! Flat is beautiful.
    1st webdesigner is doing a great job and always on the top.
    I’m eagerly looking forward to learn this new trend in the web industry.


  74. The world is evolving, technology is evolving, the Web and design is evolving. I would also want to be on the forefront of this evolution and taking this course is definitely a step in the right direction towards that goal. I would want to keep my design and development skills as up-to-date as ever. Thanks guys for another chance to getting access to the course.

  75. shayan

    I’ve seen some of your videos and they are much helpful for me
    I’m beginner on web designing and this course can help me alot
    but the price is very much on my national money unit and unforetunately I didnt reach to the free passes
    I hope that I’ll be one of the winners :)
    thank you 1stwebdesigner..

  76. Great Web Design Course !

    Well, I’ve missed the FREE Passes ! but I entered in the giveaway by sharing that video. The Video is awesome ! So, i am curious to know the real facts behind the video.

    Ans: You should giveaway one copy to me, because i think that i am a great learner in Web Design & Developments. I am already in Web Design field, but not an expert ! and this copy might turn me a fully professional and expert in this field.

    Thanks 1stwebdesigner team for organizing such a giveaway as well as this Web Designing Course !

    Loved it.

  77. Even though I’m sitting here on the other side of the world, I would love to join this course! I really want to learn more about flat design. Hope you give me a chance to join with you :)

  78. Well this course have been “sold out” quite well – You guys should give out more self-marketing courses as well :).

  79. I’ve been saving your promo emails about this course and getting excited about it. This was NOT the right weekend to be away from my computer because I missed out on the free passes. I got my website design certificate last year online from Fleming College and would really like to learn more about the responsive end of things. The link above is for the site I built for my Dreamweaver Intro course.
    I just shared your promo video and am really hoping I will win one of the buddypasses. I have already learned a lot from coming to your site and subscribing to your emails. Thanks.

  80. I am a fan of flat web design. I like it very much. So I would like to take this course to learn new things about a flat web design.

  81. BJ Adkins

    I’m really just getting started on responsive design and would love to take the course. I have very limited funds so getting the course for free would rock though I will be taking the course at any rate…sounds like a good one.

    BTW shared on FaceBook


  82. Morgan

    I would love to receive free passes as I am currently a university student studying Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction, which focuses on integrating people with technology as it continues to rapidly advance–much like flat web design! There is also web programming and computer science components and it is highly recommended that students know how to build a functional website from scratch. I am still learning the tools to do this and am confident that this Flat course would make me more sufficient and advanced in my studies, especially since I must always be seeking out the latest technology and systems such as flat web design. I would also love the opportunity to share the lectures and screencasts with my fellow Informatics students and faculty who may not already be aware of it! Regardless, this course seems exceptional and is one I hope to take very soon and would recommend to others.

  83. Marek

    I hope you find another coupon for me. Certainly some waiting for me;). I am a beginner in flat web design and I find your blog, tutorial and advices VERY helpful! You are doing a great JOB! Thanx!

  84. Ibrahim

    Need this course badly. Very excited to learn this course. Interested very much in Web Development with good UI.

  85. Kola

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  86. Emile

    Wow I’m glad that your campaign is such a success. I love the flat webdesigns that you do an I think that what you are doing is inspiration to the world. You are teaching a new generation of media and tech to the world and you sould be proud of it.

    I would also like to get a free pass if any is still available so that I can come and be part of your inspiration and make other peoples dreams come true.

  87. Birupakhya Dash

    I think this course would add immense value to me and my students. Not only will it help my understanding of flat design and help me build on a cool idea that’s on my mind but also help me make me take the knowledge I gained to my students who in turn can add much more value to it.

    This video would help me actually build something; implement my thinking for the first time. Hope I get a free pass.


  88. David DePriest

    Knowledge is power, and I need all I can get. I graduated in October, I learned a lot from my prof errors, but there is so much more to learn. Your course would be the next stepping stone in my continuing education.

  89. Trish

    Thank you so very much for your generous give-away, guys! No ways I can afford to buy this amazing course right now so set my alarm clock for the middle of the night and was lucky enough to get a free course…enormously grateful to you and I cant wait to go through the lessons – you guys rock! ;-)

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    Very good product it will be help who are hungry to learning latest web design trend. Thanks 1stwebdesigner team for this course.

  91. Jonathan

    I would love to have this course. For one thing, I am working on a website for a client that has to be simple yet elegant. Also, my own website needs to be worked on. I got my job through a friend so it’s my first one and my skills need to be improved. This would be a great way to learn some more stuff about building websites. Thanks guys!

  92. pete

    What a bummer to wake up in South Africa and find that I missed the starter’s gun !

    I have shared the promo video on twitter and fb.

    This course will take my skills up a notch and I will be able to share flat design with some underprivileged learners at my daughters school.

    Thank you for putting the course out there.

  93. Majid

    would be nice to get a free pass to the flat web design course, because i just love to explore things in a creative fashion and it would definitely very helpful in exploring different styles!

  94. Arun

    Have been following you guys webinars and other tutorials on site , they have been really helpful. Hoping to learn more from this flat design course as well (preferably free ;) )

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  96. Carley

    I have been freelancing for a while but am really hoping to grow my business this year – Web Design has grown and changed in such exciting ways I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rutt and playing it safe. This course may really help give me a modern edge. I would love to build a new portfolio/business site using the latest trends and tools, and of course free would be great this time of year! Thanks 1stWebDesigner for offering such great webinars and spreading the love!

  97. Paula

    I’m starting my own business and trying to design my own website because I simply can’t afford to pay somebody. I need this course!!! Thank you so much for your generous offer!

  98. I would love to win a free pass to the Flat Web Design from Scratch course!

    I’m a student just finishing an associate degree in web design (this coming Wednesday’s my last class and then I graduate!), and this subject is not something we covered in any of my classes. I would really love to learn how it works and add it to my web design tool belt so that I can create websites with the most up-to-date and helpful options available. Also, because I’m a student, finances are tight, so a free pass would be incredibly helpful right now.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  99. Nelson

    I really want to learn more about flat web design because I believe it is the future of web design. The future is here and now. I believe that learning this awesome skill will help me get over the hump of my long and winding road in my quest to becoming an awesome web designer like the awesome folks here at 1stwebdesigner!

  100. Matthew Nolan

    Sure is a great opportunity to rebuild my website for myself, instead of using someones template and not having the knowledge on how to manipulate the template to work for me, especially on getting Google to see me more.

  101. I would love to get the free course. I’ve been trying to freelance in web design and this course would help me learn new design techniques. As a new web designer, I don’t have a lot of money.

  102. Sherry Ann

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  104. Bren

    I indeed did receive an email this afternoon notifying me of this fabulous free offer but by the time I got here they were all gone… I am fairly new to web design and am just beginning my freelance business. I am finding that a lot of my clients are looking for a responsive site with a clean look, but not necessarily minimalistic with the traditional white background so I was very excited to see that you were offering this course!! I also do a lot of “free sites” for non-profit organizations and would really love to be able to incorporate this training into work for my clients.

  105. I always wanted to learn the flat web design but couldn’t put the effort till now. I think its a great opportunity for me to grab this skill learning this course. Thank you so so much for this GREAT opportunity. Love you guys.

  106. There’s only so far that a flat template will take you before you have to take the reigns and move on yourself…. but I do need the knowledge and the tools. A little help?

  107. Rashid Saadman Karim

    I was hoping for a free access to the course but it came and went like a breeze and all the while I was sleeping and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. I am a recent Computer Science graduate and I love the way the web has developed, mainly aesthetically. I do like programming too. I think this course will give the insight into professional web designing as a whole. Aside from my interest to learn the techniques(which I would love to use in web sites/apps and later hybrids apps),my main reason to do this course for free will be because I want to use the knowledge to get my first web design freelance work.I want this because right now,I don’t have the money to pay for the udemy course nor can I get access to 1WD.tv for the same reason.With my payment via my work, I would like to continue with you guys towards freelancer financial freedom and be a part of your community and follow along with the future courses.

  108. Prateek

    Can’t wait to check the course out, specially after seeing how in-depth the topics going to be covered are.

    Thanks for the opportunity Daniel and Danny.

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    I like Web Design or Flat Web Design. This is my favourite, I hope I can learn and try to do it. I want to better Web Designer

  110. April Medina

    I am a recent college graduate and I would really like to take this course to sharpen and expand my skills as a web designer. Also with flat design being so HOT right now, I feel that this course will really take my skills to the next level and skyrocket my work as a freelance web designer. I would be so happy to get to take this course and am so thankful that your site offers such great opportunities like this one! Thanks and please.. Pick me! Pick me!

  111. I need this course! I’ve got to have this course. I have no idea what I will do if I can’t get free access to this course. I work for a nonprofit so you know what that means.., no extravagant expenses. We rad starting the groundwork for a new site. There’s lots of talk but no one has demonstrated an earth shattering answer to what we need or what will work. This very well could be a life-saving class.

  112. Would love a free pass, been wanting to learn flat web design for a while and never a clear place to start. Looking forward to this course. Any free passes left??

  113. DigiWongaDude

    Hi I’d really love to get a free pass as I’m pretty broke right now (but glad to hear your campaign was such a success though). I’ve been focusing all my learning on the new 3D techniques of CSS3, but doing some research, it does seem clear the trends are all about flat design. I would love to learn more about this perspective (excuse the pun) :-)

  114. Majid

    can’t wait anymore to get my hands on the flat web design course, cox i simply love it!!!… am sure, it’s gonna open lots of doors of creativity.. so please share your love & happiness with me!

  115. Passionate about flat design /responsive design, and anxiously
    awaiting a great experience with the course!

    Thanks for offering this to the design community.

    Kind regards,


  116. Aww, I missed the free pass distribution :(
    But to tell the truth I really really wanted, if possible, to get one of the remaining 10 passes. I’m an undergrad in IT and web design have been my passion since it connects to people upfront unlike any other core programming(server, distributed system). Despite that, our course offer little to none approach for the design aesthetic resulting in me learning the principle the hard way – by looking and imitating alone. There’s only two days left to my examination week and I have been thinking of building my own website as my holiday project. I tried it last year, too, but the result was some oddly looking, static pages. Flat is minimalist, inoffensive and welcomed by many – I believe that to deliver great content you need a great design too, otherwise people won’t be interested and Flat is certainly the solution. For now, and for the next few years – there will be only upward trend for Flat.

  117. Recently, I saw this site, and I’m enchanted with his design, his flat design. Some days ago I was seeing too much flat design templates, but all of that have a cost. I’m begining in the world of web design and programming, and I think I can do my own blog from scratch (without using WordPress as actually). I have no money to buy a template or a course because I’m a student… And I want to take the course for 2 things:
    1. 1stWebDesigner always impressed me with his designs.
    2. I’m tired of trying flat design templates in PSD.
    Thanks if you choose me for a coupon.
    P.D.: I speak Spanish, excuse me for the writing.

  118. Patty

    I would love to take this course as I teach web design at the community college and the material is right on target-we don’t do old school web—also teachers don’t make much money so always looking for inexpensive ways to stay current.

  119. Not sure what happened to my other comment, but I’ll give the promo a try … Okay, I shared the video on Facebook and Google+ (I’ll get to Twitter just after posting this comment).

    How would I use this course? I continue to take courses and read books on Web Design and Development and then work and passing that knowledge onto my students. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the information, being the sole teacher on Web Design in our department, and I’m using as many resources as possible to keep my information up-to-date so my students are prepared to enter the workforce.

    So, I not only help to keep my education up-to-date, but pass it forward to my students.

    Thanks for the consideration and will hope for the best!!

  120. Ashwini Kumar

    I was so looking forward to this course but due to time differences, I wasn’t able to grab this on time… hope this second chance works!

  121. What is flat design? I have no idea exactly what it is. I have seen the websites and all I know is that they look cool. I looked at your video and I have the flat design fever. I am a graphic designer and web developer who wants to build on her talents and extend this wonderful creative brain. You guys rock!

  122. Debra

    Just got home and realized the coupons are all gone. :( Can’t wait to learn flat design and hope I can still get to enter it!!!! Looking forward to this free course!!

    • altenuta

      Can’t wait to learn all I can about flat web design. This course sounds great. Hope I can get it for free.

  123. Yosua Wisnu

    Well, I was too late to read this free course.
    I’m still in beginner town, I love minimal UI and flat design, and this course sounds like the one that will change my direction to the right way.
    Course with compelling subjects, that have all the elements covered for lifetime learning.
    I think it’s a rare opp, and I would jump into it right away if I got $197, which I don’t.
    So I hope I get the free pass

    • Sonal

      So much in need of this course………….its just a dream come true just what I needed and when I needed ……….but missed out on the free passes……….please keep them coming a little more:-)

  124. Janice

    The course sounds like a great opportunity to learn and put many elements together. Advise on how each component works with others would be fabulous. I would appreciate the support and look forward to learning more.
    Best wishes and thanks, Janice

  125. Chip

    As a designer flat design might not a new trend, it’s probably originated from Swiss design that focus on typography and readability, and now it’s good that we’re refocusing on the basic yet important component.

    I would like to get a free pass to learn more about web development, combining my knowledge in design to build awesome and beautiful websites that let people to access information more easily. I just shared the video promo here on my twitter! https://twitter.com/lcdvirgo


  126. Thomas M

    Wow, I’m really bummed I missed the free passes … I’d signed up to receive the emails and then, when they finally came, it had to be at a time when my wife and I go to a parenting class (5:45pm – 8:15pm EST). I thought the emails were going to come on Monday (the 16th) … I’ll have to see if I can find the money to do the course—too bad being a 1wd.tv member doesn’t allow access to this course too :(

  127. Stephan

    This May be THE finale Kick To geht into Web Design
    I really like to do the course to put me on the spot and start making web sites .

  128. Well, I would definitely like to get a free pass to this course, as it would enable me to better design a “flat design” website — and help some folks who need it. I am also self-taught, and typically have worked very hard to eventually win success in my chosen goals.

  129. Brian Kunkel

    I always wanted to learn how to use flat designs. With the holidays here, I just couldn’t afford to enroll into the course. I really enjoyed the free webinar about a week ago. Great stuff. Have a Happy Holiday!

  130. Some of us learned web design back when all some of us thought we needed was Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
    By the description of this course, it sounds like the progressive skills upgrade that we need–current technology wedded to aesthetics in an intelligent format that teaches the latest trends. But this is not some fad-crash course; the web development techniques contained therein are also foundational for today’s designer.

    All in all, a critically important series of lessons–looking forward to diving in!

  131. Joanne Dillon

    I think I should win a free pass because when I missed out earlier I rushed to buy a $39 course instead rather than not doing the course.

    It wasn’t easy getting your website to accept either of my credit cards – I had to use Paypal in the end. This course is what I’ll be doing over my Christmas/New Year holidays – I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for such a great opportunity.

    Ahhh…now your website is overloaded. The Internet Gods don’t want me to win.

  132. Joanne Dillon

    I think I should win a free pass because when I missed out earlier I rushed to buy a $39 course instead. It wasn’t easy getting your website to accept either of my credit cards – I had to use Paypal in the end. This course is what I’ll be doing over my Christmas/New Year holidays – I can’t wait to get started. Thanks for such a great opportunity.

  133. Would love to score the free course. It would allow me to better serve my clients. Currently, I offer my services to customize WP templates; however, to create a site from the ground up would be tremendous. Thanks for all that you offer. I’ve learned quite a bit on the business end from your collective experience. Aloha, A

  134. As a long time HTLM coder, I have enjoyed learning some of the newer techniques of today’s website design from your classes. I’m still resisting the changes, but I know that I must in order to provide my client’s with the latest in website design.

  135. Richard Bailey Jr.

    Great idea to release this course at a time like now. Many people will no doubt be looking to start the new year off with some some skills underneath their belt and this will be an invaluable tool for just about everyone.

  136. Karen

    I’d like to use the skills from this class to build responsive websites for my clients. Thanks for the opportunity to win this for free!

  137. Bit unfair for this side of the world.. the coupon were released like 4.30 am in the morning.. hence missed all the 100% of ones. Even at 5 am, I got none. I want a free pass, as I look forward to putting forward my first steps in computer science via this course.

  138. Sculley

    This is great. I am so looking forward to this course. Thank you for offering it and for your generosity!

  139. Vishal

    This is an awesome thing you’re doing — offering a great course as well as an affordable way for everyone to get in on it!

    If you have any free passes left, I’d be honored to receive one.

    (Btw, shared this on my facebook and twitter pages)

  140. Justin

    I thought that the email was going out on December 16th… well, anyway, I was really excited about this course and got it at 80% off. I think that is a small price to pay if the outcome is as good as I hope! Will be starting this course now.

    • Hey Justin,

      I’m sorry to hear the email came sooner than you expected. However, please note that the launch time was set in CET time zone. Again sorry for any misunderstandings and I hope you’ll enjoy the course!

  141. Rick Lell

    I watched Christian’s YouTube video: “Create a Responsive Website Using HTML5 and CSS3″ and learned more from this than from several classes at the Art Institute Online. Here is the beginning of a complete site revision in response to following his simple guidelines…

    Thanks, dude….and thanks 1stWebDesigner. Keep up the great work, guys.

  142. Tricia B

    It would be awesome to get a free course to start the new year off with these skills. Its been a rough this year so this would make my holiday special. I tried to register via email but I’ll try again to see if I’ll be fortunate enough to get the extra free ones. Thanks :)

  143. Ilango Rajagopal

    I love great UI design and I believe aesthetics play an important role in designs. It’s a great move to start a course in Flat UI design. Hope I get a free pass. I’d love to create awesome designs using this knowledge.

  144. Scott Korey

    Dang! I got home from work, saw Dainis’ email, and jumped on it. Can you jump on a left mouse button? Already sold out.

    Ordinarily, I would not want a freebie. But I am canvassing door to door for a window company just to make enough money to start my own marketing business for small, local businesses in the Chicago area. As I always want to bring the best to my potential client base, I want to add flat design to my repertoire after learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery on my own.

    In marketing, I have learned to keep it to the point. And I am in a position of supplication. So, please fellas, can I take the course gratis? In return, I can post my honest, and well thought out feedback on any site you desire.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration,

  145. I cannot wait to learn flat design! This course will definitely help me impress my boss with new design concepts later this month.

  146. Nick

    Are we suppose to leave a comment on the you tube video or here for the additional free passes? Regardless I would like the free to course to be able to sell my new flats designs to pay for the rest of your courses and information ;)

  147. Larry Friedberg

    Really want to learn flat design and responsive design and money is more than tight. Help me out. Thanks in advance

  148. scott

    Flat is definitely the way to go. It use to be that it was required due to machine and coding limitations. Now we are find it is just cleaner and fits our “we want it now” lifestyles.

  149. Collin Morgan

    I really think that anyone could benefit and learn how to develop a website with a flat design from scratch from you guys at 1stWebDesigner cause I’ve seen how well and thorough your tutorial courses are. You guys are a leader in the web design market, and I know that learning strategies, coding principles, design principles is good regardless the level of experience you may have in web development. WordPress will never be big enough, and you guys are a super resource to learn the proper coding techniques for any website big or small. Thanks for your contribution to the wordpress community, and I look forward to networking with you guys wherever the web takes us all next! Perhaps your the leader and we shall follow, but that will work itself out. I appreciate your efforts in showing developers tips and tricks for getting new clients to choose you or me as their techie…always great information. Cheers!

  150. Eric

    I will use the knowledge to design good flat websites. Additionaly I will help my clients understand what all goes into designing a website.

  151. Campbel


    I missed the first round. cause i was like 30 mins late as i didt know what time it was going live.

    Ive shared the YouTube promo on my twitter . @thedailypunter . If you wana check.

    I should get this course for free because am really interested in making responsive flat web designs am a follower of the lecturer on here.



  152. Barbara Tierney

    I need all the classes I can get;) unfortunately I can’t afford it right now… But it looks like a great course to move me to the next level…
    Thanks for your great work!

  153. Jo Membery

    This is a great resource, thank you so much! I feel like I am back at uni but this time I am actually learning!

  154. Just singed up for the newsletter. Hope to have a good course.

    Also the flat website designs are really in now a days and i think this will certainly help us to get the best out of it.

  155. Nice education program ….. Techkriti Education provides web designing courses , web design tutorials, web design templates, and web design ideas through which you can improve your web designing creativities.

  156. Daniel

    Hi guys,

    I just signup up for the newsletter and got a mail which says: “The course goes live on Dec 16 00:00 CET so be sure to check your email around that time and get it completely free of charge!”

    Does this means that I won a free ticket or does “first come – first served!” refer to the sign in process on monday?

    best regards

    • Bacce

      I believe the “first come – first serve” means, when it’s start, only the first hundred can log in to the webinar.

    • Hi Daniel,

      everyone who subscribed will have an equal chance to get the course for free – the email containing free passes will be sent on December 16th 00:00 CET thus “first come – first served” means that the sooner you check your email, the better chances you have at getting the course completely free of charge.

      You’ll have to be quick though – we’re only giving away 100 free passes and the interest is quite big. Good luck!

      • Collin Morgan

        Hey Daniels, I hope to snag one, as I think this is a big tutorial that I could benefit from…thanks for your dedication to helping others be their best! Cheers!

  157. Sean

    Looks like this is going to be a super knowledgeable course. Probably will be good for all levels