24 Free And Premium Portfolio And Photo Gallery WordPress Themes


I got one fresh, small project, where I needed small portfolio site for a friend. It got me thinking and lead to research what WordPress can offer to me, with its great CMS platform. I was a little bit surprised, because I got even better results than I expected- theres was a plenty of interesting portfolio, photo gallery themes, where homepage was static, but still you can tie together static with dynamic content and add blog as well. Maybe it’s nothing new or signifunt for most of you, but I wasn’t aware there is possible to get such theme so easily, where of course my friend could manually change it’s content without touching or learning any code knowledge.

It was commercial theme I tested, but since most of people look just for free stuff, I gave it a try and searched for free Portfolio, photo gallery type themes. Enjoy, by the way I also put like 3-4 best portfolio premium themes I found, I hope you wont mind, they are just beautiful alternatives and for very cheap prize!

1. Photocrati WordPress “Supertheme”

Photocrati is a powerful WordPress theme for photographers that comes with 60 built-in styles plus an options panel that allows customization of most elements on the site. It comes with a fully featured gallery management system – and it’s the only photography theme with built-in ecommerce for selling images and prints. One of the premium themes I tested – with huge built-in power.

1.1. PhotoSquares2 Photography WordPress Theme

PhotoSquares is very flexible premium gallery WordPress theme that is perfect way for designers and photographers to display their portfolio.

This theme allows you to set your own thumbnail sizes so everyone will be able to create most suitable layout.

Download PhotoSquares portfolio theme here.

2. WordPress The Unstandard


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3. Gallery 1.2

Gallery is a beautiful, free, gallery-style Thematic child theme for WordPress, designed by Christopher Wallace especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers. It is extremely flexible and can be used as a starting point for design galleries and portfolios.


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4. wpFolio – Free CMS / Portfolio WordPress Theme


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5. Blue Bubble


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6. Creative by Nature


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6.1. Gridlocked: Minimalistic WordPress Portfolio Theme ($40)

I really enjoyed this theme because of it’s clean looks and in the same time powerful features built in. Beautiful theme you can easily customize.

Gridlocked is a grid-based, post-format supporting, layout-shuffling, minimalistic theme for creatives. It is both a classic portfolio for showcasing your work and a modern tumblr-style blogging system.

A truly versatile theme, Gridlocked can be configured to focus on your work, your blogging, or both. Support for post formats means you can jazz up your blog with your own self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries, asides, links, quotes and of course good old standard posts.

View Live Demo

7. Linquist


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8. Work-a-holic

Work-a-holic is a free minimalistic two and three column WordPress theme that focuses mainly on showcasing portfolios for artists, web designers, photographers and illustrators. Work-a-holic separates your portfolio from your blog, enabling easy navigation for clients in a clean, intuitive fashion. It also has a separate sidebar for portfolio (shows recent projects) and a separate widgetized sidebar for the blog and pages.


9. Fotofolio WordPress Theme


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10. Removed

11. Irresistable

Use as a standard blog or use the customized homepage layout, as shown in our demo, that you can activate via our options panel


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12. Sharpfolio: WordPress Portfolio Theme

Sharpfolio is a WordPress theme designed to enable Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Motion Designers, Artists or any creative professional to showcase their work in a simple, clean, beautiful portfolio. Sharpfolio aims to focus primarily on your work, because after all, this is what’s most important.


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13. Portfolio Press

This is a dark-colored theme suitable for anyone who wants to create a quick portfolio or wants to showcase his work through WordPress. The theme is fully CSS/XHTML validated, WordPress 2.6+ ready and comes with easy to modify code.


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13.1. Garnish: Clean-Cut WordPress Portfolio Theme ($35)

Garnish is a clean-cut, straight to the point, simple to use portfolio theme. The uncluttered, one-page, ajax-powered portfolio is perfect for placing your most important work directly in front of your potential clients.

If you have ever used a “coming soon” page in place of your portfolio on account of being too busy, Garnish is for you. It’s simple, convenient and to the point. If you’re the modifying type, it’s a pretty decent blank canvas too!

Support for post formats means you can jazz up your blog with your own self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries, asides, links, quotes and of course good old standard posts.

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14. Desk Space


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15. Snapshot


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16. WP Coda


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17. Infinity


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18. AutoFocus

AutoFocus is a WordPress theme specifically for photographers looking for a simple and elegant way to display their work online.


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19. FotoLog


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20. Free Photo Gallery


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21. Grace Photoblog


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22. Vivee WordPress Theme


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23. Nishita – Free Photo Blog WordPress Theme


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23.1. Autochrome

New, just released theme from the same creators of Nishita. New theme really looks much crisper and cleaner – beautiful theme for photographers! Enjoy!

24. Fhi-Zin


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25. ViewPort

Viewport, a free WordPress theme created by Paul Bennett is focused around a clean and simple, content based layout. The aim is to grab the user’s attention and draw them straight into the content.


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  1. Ben K

    Deliberately misleading title. Most of these are not free. Are you wilfully ignorant or just trying to piss off your visitors?


  2. david

    My understanding of “portfolio gallery theme” seems to be a bit different than most of these designs – they are very “bloggy” in their appearance, while I’d be expecting something allowing me to create more classic pages. And as a photographer I have many pictures which I want always group in galleries – I’ll never think about showing thumbnails of individual pictures on the main page, it will always be a set of thumbnails representing (sub)galleries – again, something different than I see here (latest pictures etc.). I’m not WP developer – not sure if it’s WP constraints, or just that the authors still cannot abandon the bloggy way of thinking…

  3. Tony Meyer

    Hey Dainis, awesome post just what I needed right now. Need to update my portfolio. Thanks for uncovering these!

  4. Jignesh Prajapati

    What a great collection here. thanks for sharing. i relay like 4th one. And now i’ll update for my blog.

    • I’m sorry, this article was published 682 days ago and many have changed their plans (and some even stopped their support). We have tons of new collections, if you’d want to see.

  5. Erick

    Dainis, this is a nice collection of themes, and on top of that you have a very nicely designed site. I’m glad to see you added Photocrati to the list. If you ever get around to editing or expanding, you ought to consider adding some of the new themes from ThemeForest as well. There are some beautifully designed themes there.

    I think there’s a new style emerging now with full width or full screen images and sidebar – style menus.

    In any case, thanks!

  6. Matteo

    Great collection of Themes – It’s cool to see how in the latest years the availability of both free and premium themes has grown – WP was in the beginning only a blog engine, now it seems like an excellent platform for building almost everything. A classifieds site, a portfolio site, you name it: WP most likely can handle it.
    There’s just a problem – especially for who wants to add a personal touch: installing a WordPress theme, the biggest issue most users are facing is customization: every theme has his set of options, more and more panels in the wp-admin….and sometimes for a coder it’s simpler to work out the css or the template files rather than guessing what option to edit.
    For a newbie, all those options seem to be confusing, because sometimes is not clear what part of the template or what functionality they allow….Starting from this consideration, I wanted to develop a different concept of customization interface, allowing live theme editing, without leaving your site. Real WYSIWYG editable WordPress themes…that is my goal.

  7. Arnold

    Another really great wordpress showcase. Thanks Paul. It’s amazing to see how far wordpress has come, it really can be anything for anyone these days.

    btw – really like the minimal dessign theme – nice.

  8. Lola Cheu

    My brother recommended I might like this web site. He was once totally right. This post actually made my day. You can not consider just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  9. Krsna

    The collection is awesome. As I am favoring open source, I like to go with ViewPort. However, we can recommend Photocrati and others mentioned themes to our clients. I’ve saved your article as a bookmark in my Chrome. Good for future usage :)

  10. Aliza Shehpati

    Wow, great collection! I will be using foreword thinking, It works pretty good so far. Its worth the money! i wass thinking of findin someoane to program a blog for me but it seems easyer to use one of these. they look verry nice and simple.

  11. Enrique Stambach

    Admirable weblog! I’ll probably be referencing some of this details in my next speech. I would appreciate it when you visited my website at

  12. Teejay

    Now, why haven’t I known about the Gallery theme?! I’ll probably use that for a gallery I’m trying to build.

  13. arfandia

    nice collection list man, does any of this theme has compatible with wordpress 2.9 version?

  14. radikaalz

    Vinjas galiigi neizskataas peec free. Laikam buusiet nulleejushi :D, joks, kas joks, bet nu juusu blogs ir tieshaam fantastisks. Velns ar aaraa, shitaadi posti. Prieks i acis sviest te iekshaa.

    • uh paldies! nu tad Tev vajag pasekot arī premium theme rakstam, kas drīz tiks publicēts.. jo pa 25$ var dabūt tādas superīgas tēmas, kuras vispār prieks editēt, viss automatizēts.

      Prieks dzirdēt tādu pozitīvu LV komentāru! Cheers!