35 Beautiful and Free WordPress 3.0 Ready Themes


This is a list of free and  beautiful WordPress 3.0 ready themes. They were harder to find than I thought, maybe because WordPress 3 is so new and theme developers need more time to catch up. There are some early adopters, however, and the best of them are in this list. To see the theme demo, just click on the theme picture.

1. Stargaze

Great theme with a black background. If you have a blog about games, this is the theme for you.

2. PhotoBlog

This is a theme ideal if you want to showcase a bunch of pictures.

3. Freshblog

I really like this time because it’s simply + people these days love green!

4. AutoFocus+

Great theme if you want to showcase various photos. As you can see, once you hover over the photo you’ll see a description.

5. MobileWorld

Like the name suggests, this is a theme recommended for a blog on mobile phones.

6. Animes

Ideal theme for an anime website. Those people are really sweet.

7. Perfecta

Perfect theme! Mostly for portals.

8. Simplo

Simple 2-column theme. White background.

9. Magazine Basic

As the name suggests, a great theme for magazines.


11. Gadget

12. Magazeen

13. Hybrid Theme

14. Side Blog

15. The Seven Five

16. Suffusion

17. The Morning After

18. Oxygenous

19. Orsted Theme

20. Ceres Theme

21. Polaris Theme

22. Dimenzion

23. Channel

24. Fashion Press

25. Meissa

26. Capella Theme

27. Carbonified

28. Structure

29. Mansion

30. Mistique

31. Boronic

32. Graphene

(screenshots provided instead of demo, click on the Theme Homepage to learn more)

33. Gold and Peach

34. Calotropis

(the site itself is in the theme)

35. Constructor



  1. While not some of the best themes I’ve seen out there, you certainly cannot beat the price of free! I really like Boronic, Polaris, and Orsted the most.

    Great post. :)

  2. I don’t like using newwpthemes.com because they put dodgy links in the footer of their themes, encode a lot of the files and don’t offer the opportunity to pay to have them removed.

    Horrible and very sneaky developer.

  3. Those themes are all amazing! I’m using wordpress too..and I love it, very easy to optimize…Thanks for the nice list, I’m checking one of it.

  4. Nabeel Ahmed

    I really like the Freshblog theme & I am going to use it on one of my upcoming blog soon.

  5. Machin

    There are some decent ones in there. But on the whole this list feels a lot more quantity than quality. Sorry.

  6. Furcifer

    Just so you know, Newwpthemes use dirty code in the functions file to force affiliate links into the footer of their themes.

  7. Great list, i do have one suggestion thou. Have a download and a demo link right below each theme. I know its a pain to do, but it makes it way easier for the viewers to browse the themes.

  8. JC Johnston

    Thanks for sharing the list. This is a great list. I haven’t seen most of these before and I am using the Mystique theme that I made some code changes to. Its a great theme with lots of features and easy to customize.

  9. I like the simplo, maybe gonna use it myself, always good to see templates that can work without having an awesome huge picture for every post – but come on, #33 is an eye-saw :D