Premium Like But Free Exclusive WordPress Theme: SketchPad


sketchpad-free-wordpress-themeSketchPad is a free WordPress 3.0 ready theme that’s ready to fuel your magazine or social blog style website.  With 10 vivid colors options, you’re sure to suit the style of your blog.  100% Valid XHTML and CODE ensure that you’re website will be cross browser compatible and up to standards.  Thumbnails are easily applied using the standard WordPress “Post Thumbnail” or “Featured Image” built in functionality.  Turn your blog into an attractive, easy to use, and functional website with SketchPad from ThemeSheep.

SketchPad is released under the GPL V2 license specifically for 1stwebdesigner, so you’re free from restrictions on how you use it!  Feel free to use it for any personal or commercial websites.  Just remember to share, tweet, link, and comment on this article to help support this free WordPress theme!

Features of SketchPad

  • 10 Awesome Color Schemes
  • WordPress 3.0 Custom Menu Implementation
  • 4 Widgetized Footer Areas
  • Custom Ad Management Widget
  • ThemeSheep Admin Options
  • Custom Home Page Post Layout Options
  • “Latest Tweet” Header Option (can disable from admin options)
  • Integrated Page Navigation
  • Automatic Thumbnail Integration, set it and forget it!
  • Set your own custom logo easily
  • Input your Analytics or other tracking code through admin options
  • Bread crumb navigation
  • “Related Posts” custom feature




10 Awesome Color Schemes to Choose From


Easily change the look of your website through the ThemeSheep admin options page.  Just select the color that you like, hit “save options” and you’re blog is instantly changed to the color of your choice.

Custom Post Layout Options

Through our admin options, you can easily select whether to display all large full width posts (as you see in the demo) or small half page width posts.  You can even mix these layouts up and do “X” amount of large, and “X” amount of small posts!  You’re in control of how your posts are displayed to your readers.


Custom Author Box and Post Excerpt Captions

Out of the box, SketchPad will create an “Author Box” in every one of your blog posts.  This author box will use the authors email Gravatar as the image, use the author’s name as a link to their posts, and use the “BIO” information that an author can fill out in their WordPress profile page.  Another neat feature is the custom excerpt caption.  This area is directly beside the main posts thumbnail and will first display the “excerpt” field ( you have to fill the excerpt field out whilst creating a new post ), if no excerpt variable exists, it takes the first 150 characters from your content to display.  This is a great way to give visitors a quick summary on the article and the author, capturing their interest and increasing reader loyalty.


Details Page

SketchPad is available for free download, or if you’d like to work from the PSD’s, the developer package is available for $22 USD.  Both are available on our details page

Demo Page

A full featured demo is up for your viewing pleasure.  You can preview every color options as well as check out all the features of the theme on the demo page

Download SketchPad (ZIP file 245kb)



  1. Is this still available as free? When I click the download link it goes to your site, where it shows the theme for $20. I’m okay with paying, but don’t want to if I don’t have to! :)

  2. akamine

    Hey, great theme. I choose it among more than 200 themes. But, IMO, there’s a feature that should be optional: the custom excerpt caption that is showed above the post itself. Could you please explain how can someone deactivate it? It’s the only minus in your theme.
    thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Erika

    SketchPad is a free WordPress 3.0 ready theme that’s ready to fuel your magazine or social blog style website.I appreciate a lot Thanks G-d bless :-)

  4. Ashish

    How to remove the thumbnail , Quote and about author box from top of each post. Please Help me asap. Also consider making a forum for users like us.

  5. Mike

    Hi. Great Theme. I’m trying to use it on my new blog.
    I’m newbie so i don’t know hot to make post images look like the demo.
    The pictures should have a certain resolution?

    When i click Featured Image it inserts a normal image and i can’t find Post Thumbnail.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Saeed

      Hey Mike =]

      Your pictures don’t have to be a certain resolution to work. I’ll explain how to use the auto thumbnails in steps.

      1. Click the “Set Thumbnail” or “Featured Image” link below the category and tag box on the right hand side of your “add post” page.

      2. Select or upload the desired picture.

      3. The only thing you have to do after uploading is click the link at the bottom of the box that pops up for you to add your image. It’s the link that says “set as thumbnail” or “set as featured image”. It’s a plan text link.

      After you set a thumbnail for a post, that picture will be automatically used for the preview image, and the image inside the post itself! Let me know if this clears things up for you Mike! If you have any other questions let me know :)

  6. Yauz

    It’s a nice theme…
    I love it so much… Thanks ThemeSheep…
    Your little sheep is cute…^^

  7. Tia

    This is a sweet theme! Has it just recently been released? I especially like the Latest Tweet feature.

    Running into awesome designs like this makes me want to pull my hair out when I think of all of the time I’m putting into Thesis! :) But I am going to add this to my collection of free themes for my other blogs and recommend it to others.


  8. Hey, I read 1stweb designer all the time. Great blog. With all due respect, “10 Awesome Color Schemes to Choose from” is quite the hyperbole considering the only color that changes is the nav bar. It’s a decent looking theme though.

    • Saeed

      Hey Jarret, you’re forgetting the “read more” link ;D haha. But yeah you’re right, I messed with changing more things per “color scheme” but it ended up looking too cartoon-ish.