15 Bumper Stickers to Print and Peel

Once I saw a bumper sticker that says,

There’s no place like

Bumper stickers are very good means of relieving stress in the road. It takes our minds away from the pressure of work, traffic and the seemingly endless string of daily mishaps in life. Putting them in your car somehow helps those behind you. Somehow, you’re telling them a good joke and subtly whispering, “Read and laugh with this one instead of hitting my car from behind.”

Since one of our fundamental goals is to promote world peace (or should I say, road peace), 1WD is giving you 15 bumper stickers! We hope that you have fun with them and share them by putting them on your car. You’d do a great help, swear!

BAZINGA betaj BIG FONTS DRIVE end eyedropper ie kill MAC PLEASE psd SHIFTj stoplight type web designer on board web


Having great and witty bumper stickers make you cool in the road, in both contexts of the road. Most people get impressed or chuckle with your bumper stickers.  Aside from that, it also makes you cool on the road. Whenever another driver sees your bumper stickers while he’s at the verge of hitting your car, he will stop those plans and have a good laugh. Who knows, you might even make a friend out of that! So print them now!

Rudolph Musngi

Rudolph is a geek. He loves reading: books, blogs and even nutrition facts found at the back of products. He loves to read interesting internet stuff. Since joining 1stwebdesigner last year, Rudolph has written several articles that concerns Typography, Wordpress, Freelance Lifehacks, Graphic Design and Showcase of Beautiful Web Designs. He also write poems, movie reviews and he puts them in his blog together with rants and some daily life updates.

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  2. Alex Jones says

    May i know which one is funny? All of them are interesting but none are funny.

  3. Jay says

    Not sure any of those are funny or witty, to be honest I wouldn’t be seen dead with any of them.