15 Excellent Free Font Resources

title-typo I wanted to share web pages where to find great free fonts, so I looked after the most popular web pages where to find some. If You don’t know how to install one, it’s easy:

a) Windows XP – put font into C:/windows/fonts directory;
b) Windows Vista – right-click on the font files, then click “Install”;
c) Mac OS X – double-click the font file, then click  “Install font” button.

1. Dafont.com

Dafont has the biggest collection of free fonts and has been updated constantly. This is my personal favorite one – 8,276 fonts for now.


I like this one, because of categories split in detail and type your text preview feature – allowing You to use it like font viewer browsing over pages, while choosing the best solution.



Last update has been made at 29th April of 2007, but there are 6,846 different fonts. I think worth looking.



Also huge selection of different typefaces. There is over 8,000 free fonts out there!


4. Creamundo.com

Over 9,800 fonts available there, also has very nice preview feature.


5. Showfont.net

Over 9,800 more fonts out there!


6. 1001freefonts.com

And one more page worth checking out, they don’t say exactly how much fonts there are, but I am pretty sure that more than 1001 :)


7. Abstractfonts.com

Nice page with 11,813 free fonts available for now.



Each font has a full preview page with proprietary details.


9. WebpagePublicity.com

Over 6,500 free TTF fonts.


10. Fonts500.com

Top 500 selection of all time best fonts, pretty nice collection available there.


11. Searchfreefonts.com

This collection contains over 13,000 free fonts and over 45,000 commercial fonts.


12. Fawnt.com

Really great quality 9,348 fonts with large previews, character maps and customizable preview.


13. Acidfonts.com


14. FontCubes.com

Image is pretty self explaining.


15. FontSpace.com

All 8,992 free typefaces have been hand-categorized into 3000+ categories for all Your designing needs!


And at least – maybe You are interested how to create Your own font? There is excellent and pretty detailed article available from ilovetypography.com.



Dainis Graveris

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  1. Bollen says

    I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thank you again

  2. says

    This is a great resource. I’ll consider linking to this in my post on the subject. My post only contained the 5 resources I use, but this is a much better list.


    Big Slick Designs last blog post : About Big Slick Design

  3. Danh ba web 2.0 says

    Great resources for me ! Thanks for share

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  4. James Abney-Hastings says

    Great list! I often struggle with choosing and finding fonts I usually go straight for da font but it is great to know there are so many great alternatives to offer a different selection.

    James Abney-Hastingss last blog post : 5 Wonderful Watery Websites

  5. says

    @PoliticalDisgust I will, be sure to check out those links too, 1001freefonts website is good, but there are much more out there :)

    @Ross thank you, my friend! I really recommend at least look at fawnt.com – very great resources.

    @James enjoy the list, thanks for passing by!

  6. Political Disgust says

    Those are awesome links. I usually use 1001 Free Fonts but will definetely try out some of the others you posted. Thanks for all the links. great stuff! Keep up the good work!

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  7. Ross says

    Great post, I hadn’t heard of half of these sites, thanks and dugg!

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