33 High Resolution And Eye-Catching Spring Desktop Wallpapers

It has been a long winter, and actually I am still waiting for spring though it’s almost March. If You are working with computer in daily basis, beautiful desktop wallpaper can significantly inspire and make Your coffee breaks a little more warmer with some eye-candy. I also tried to select and find high resolution wallpapers, but I was surprised, it was not easy – many people still forget to think about designers with huge monitor resolutions, I provided You with available resolution above each wallpaper, so You shouldn’t waste any of Your valuable time.

So here I present to You 33 beautiful spring related wallpapers which I hope will become handy, when You’re struggling with lack of new ideas.

Splash of Color by mrcool256

Resolution – 2560X1600px

Splash of Color wallpaper

Beautiful leaf by orbatid

Resolutions – 2560×1600, 1680×1050, 1280×800 px.


Spring Photo by 007TINAR

Resolutions – 1280×1024 px


I believe in spring by ryothorn

Resolutions – 1440×900 px

I believe in spring wallpaper

reSpring Bliss walpaper by obi-s4n

Resolution – maximum 1920×1200 px, various sizes.


Spring Fever by taenaron

Resolution – maximum 1920×1200 px, various sizes.

Spring Fever wallpaper

Spring Messenger III by webcruiser

Resolution – 1920×1200 px

Spring Messenger III wallpaper

Four seasons by mariusp

Resolution – 2048×1536 px

Four Seasons-wallpaper

Spring Grass Wallpaper Pack by ythor

Resolution – maximum 1680×1050 px, various sizes.


Four seasons wallpaper by dawn42

Resolution – 1280x1024px

four seasons wallpaper

Conquer the World by dawn42

Resolution – maximum 2560×1600, various sizes.

Conquer the World wallpaper

A Beautiful Day by little-stock

Resolution – maximum 1920×1200 px, various sizes.

A Beautiful Day wallpaper

Emergence of Spring by IvanAndreevich

Resolution -1920×1200 px

Emergence of Spring wallpaper

4 Seasons by vxside

Resolution -1600×1200 px

4 seasons wallpaper

Blue C4D Wallpaper by dan4archangel

Resolution – maximum 1920×1200 px, various sizes.


Blue C4D Wallpaper

Blue Days of Spring by GeneAut

Resolution – 1280x1024px

Blue Days of Spring wallpaper

Season Tree by xa0tik

Resolution – 1280x1024px

Season Tree wallpaper








Appalachian trail spring by Unrestr1cted

Resolution – 1680x1050px

Appalachian trail spring wallpaper

Remember Me by Aeires

Resolution – 1600x1200px

Remember Me wallpaper

Wallpaper – Water on Leaves by umboody

Resolution – 2560×1600

Wallpaper Water on Leaves

Parasol by stargirl82390

Resolution – 1600×1200


Parasol spring-wallpaper

Springtime flowers by infinityloop

Resolution – 1440×900


Springtime flowers wallpaper

Romance by chilouX

Resolution – 1152×864 px


Romance spring-wallpaper

Reborn by jonathondeans

Resolution – 1280×800 px


Reborn wallpaper

Green ears by peehs

Resolution – 1920×1200 px



Spring is coming by WoW-Sky

Resolution – 1280×800 px


Spring is coming wallpaper

‘La Solitudine’ by cocacolagirlie

Resolution -1920×1200


La Solitudine spring-wallpaper

A violent march bouquet by barnaulsky-zeek

Resolution – 1280×960 px


A violent march bouquet wallpaper

Spring Wallpaper by tritech

Resolution – 1280×1024 px


Spring Wallpaper face

Spring morning by sensukestudio

Resolution -1680×1050 px, various sizes


Spring morning WALLPAPER

Worshiping spring by SeaWhisper


Worshiping spring wallpaper

Spring Time by Tina Jiménez

Resolution – various sizes, maximum – 1920×1200 px



Hot spring, Yellowstone N.P. by Kris Taeleman

Resolution – various sizes, maximum – 1920×1200 px



I hope now You have enough beautiful, inspiring wallpapers until waiting for spring and summer!

Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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  1. Archana says

    Love all the wallpapers. They are all awesome. More natural pictures was something that I was looking for but could not get here.

  2. Sunny says

    Good Job!
    I love flowers and green I feel so good watching beautiful photos on my screen.
    Thank you.

  3. Jomar says

    very nice!
    i like green wallpapers…very refresing!

    thanks for sharing it.

  4. confused says

    Some fantastic spring themes, my favourite is this one A Beautiful Day by little-stock, the one with the little frog on the ear of corn, is a great pic/shot.

  5. Saurav says

    brilliant collection of desktop wallpapers. I love the worshipping spring and green ears. Think I am going to photoshop few of these and make them my own lol hey I am not going to publish it on the Internet I promite, its all your work

  6. Cara Dixon says

    Excellent wallpapers featuring really imaginative designs. Loads of inspiration here – my favourite is ‘Spring Fever’ – amazing!

  7. sfondi says

    Thanks for sharing these… I don’t need to continue serching wallpapers for 2-3 days ;-)

  8. Sahara says

    Nice pics :-)

    Thanks for sharing these creations.

    Saharas last blog post : Le Désert tunisien

  9. Djerba says

    They are really fine :-)

    I like the “Solitudine” ! Creative composition and that’s a model that we can follow to design a new blog generation ;-)

  10. Kikolani says

    I love the concept for the four seasons wallpapers. Overall, these are some wonderful, crisp images to brighten up your desktop.

    ~ Kristi