35 Insanely Cool Magento Themes for your Online Store

It’s pretty nice to see that nowadays more and more online stores emerge. That makes people to be more and more competitive so that new quality standards appear. In order for you to create an E-Commerce website you just need to have a web host, a good domain name and also a simple free script called Magento but if you want to have success with it, you have to use a competitive design. Most themes are very expensive and hard to get, that’s why I’ve created a list with free themes which can easily be compared with a premium one. At then end I have also listed down 7 great premium themes which don’t have alternative in free version. Hope you enjoy!

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1. Sigyn SM


2. Fitness Magento Theme


3. Everson Store


4. Blue Skin


5. FreePop


6. HM Modern


7. Magento Classic


8. OutDoor


9. Cogzidel Electronic Store


10. Yoast Blank SEO Theme


11. Pet Store Theme


12. Iphone Theme


13. Magento Connect


14. Mobile Theme


15. Girly Store


16. Telescope Theme


17. Linen Theme


18. Basic Theme


19. Siam Blue


20. HM Modern – White


21. Absolute Theme


22. Red Theme


23. HardWood


24. Auto Theme


25. Glam


26. GrayScale


27. Foot Prints


28. Teal



29. Uno Store


30. The Wear Store


31. Hello Simple Store


32.  Hello Clean Store


33. Grunge Theme


34. Brage Theme


35.  Photo Store


That’s all! You can easily start to create your E-commerce website based on Magento, the most popular and powerful CMS for creating online-based stores.

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  1. calzandome says

    thank you, i was looking for something like this, i will use Hello Simple Store is perfect for my shop

  2. alice says

    I have been searching for some information about it almost three hours. You helped me a lot indeed and reading this your article I have found many new and useful information about this subject.

  3. Jan says

    boring! seriously. All the themes have between 3 and 8 main navigation elements for the product categories. ALL. While the real world holds most different amounts of productcategories. Where is a theme for a product catalog with just 1 category…or lets say 20? Definately not here. So more or less all the themes here are the same. Even worse: all themes have a left aligned topbar navigation. wow. creative! which one should I pick? they are all mediocre mods of the default magento theme filled up with nice graphics. Either you are planning on changing the graphics in these themes anyways for brand the store in your design or you just change a logo in one of these themes. Both doesn’t make sense: if you work on the design anyways the default magento theme is your starting point. if you plan on using one of the themes here and just change the logo your shop is gonna suck.
    These are the most default, uninspired themes I have seen in quite a while.

  4. InnoExts says

    I liked the article.I found it quite useful and interesting.Well done!Thanks a lot for the sharing!

  5. Jeffery says

    Just a simple non techie bod reading your article and very much enjoying it. I am looking to set up an e store so all very helpful – thanks

  6. Gabriel Ryan says

    Unique collection of themes, Great Job! Thanks for sharing this information. It’s a worthy article to read and learn.

  7. Jason Riley says

    You have gotten a good collection. I have gotten a collection of some very Magento Themes that i have been working on. Giving Away 2 free themes and i will be adding more in the coming weeks as i get time. I would love to get some feedback on the themes themselves. Looking forward to comments. J

  8. says

    Magento a simple script? You’re joking, right?

    Also, what I want to see with all these themes is how they override the default “base” package files since that will have a huge impact on the ability and effort to upgrade Magento.

    There are a lot of theme cowboys out there who have no idea how Magento works and what the best practice with creating themes is. Unfortunately, this is true for professional themes too so it pays to investigate how the theme you are planning on downloading or purchasing is structured, and how many base files it overrides. Also, if it requires jQuery since that just adds more weight to the already JS heavy pages in Magento.

    It’s prudent to be careful before getting carried away with a “cool” looking Magento theme.

  9. Ashley says

    I love these themes, personally tested sygn sm and iPhone theme and they worked well. There are few issues related to wishlist feature with Magento 1.5x and i am unsure if these are covered in these themes. But, great compilation of themes for sure.

  10. says

    This was what i was looking for, thanks for uploading themes in this blog,..the fitnes magento theme and hd are all beautiful themes..

  11. says

    Hi Cosmin,

    Thanks for putting together a great collection of Magento Themes, I love the look of the grunge theme, great design and execution! It’s always inspirational to see so many good themes in one place and with so much variety, job well done I say!

  12. says

    Great list! This came just in time! I have a marketing client thinking of entering the e-commerce arena. And this is definitely a fresh list of themes… Thanks!!

  13. turisuna says

    I never use magento before but I would like to try it soon. This is great collection of them, I’ll keep some of them and use it latter, thanks for the sharing :)

  14. Ed Baxter says

    Cool list, I’ve used some of those before. Recently I finished building a skin for a clock website (http://www.clockdiscount.com) – Maybe you guys could tell me what you think? :P

    I think there is a lack of Magento themes but hopefully that will change over the next year!

  15. Mike says

    Some of the themes are not designed very well and suited for an e-commerce web sites, I think. However, overall, this is the best list on the Internet so far on Magento themes.

  16. says

    Yes I’m looking to use Magento for my clients project soon. Thank you for this list. How about a Magento development tutorial soon? :)