40 High Resolution And Elegant Apple Wallpapers

And again I create wallpaper related article, because I believe, when desktop backgrounds are changed on a regular basis, it will help you inspire daily. This time I decided to create wallpaper collection totally related to every designer fashion and style brand – Apple company. Simply looking at Apple logo, you feel something creative, elegant and inspiring – what can be better then as beautifully designed Apple wallpaper?

Let’s think different and scroll through this article, to find something for every taste. As always I tried to find really high-res wallpapers, though there are few just 1024×768, but mostly there are 1600×1200 or 1900×1200 resolution.

1. Luxury Apple Wallpaper by Stratification

Resolution: 1900×1200,

Luxury Apple wallpaper

2. Applewood


Apple logo on wooden motive


3. Apple Metal by Fi2-Shift

Resolution: 2560×1600, 1900×1200, 1440×900


4. Apple Seal Wallpaper Pack by manicho

A simple pattern + stripe + apple seal wall.

Includes 4 color variations.

Resolution: 1600×1200, wide 2560×1600.

appleseal gray desktop-wallpaper

5. It’s like chocolate by kevinandersson

Resolution: 2560×1600

Its like chocolate apple-wallpaper

6. Squirt Apple by TheSaintIsBack

Resolution: 1280×800


6. Exagon Rainbow Apple Wallpaper by nricoagostoni

The resolution ratio is 16:10

– 2560×1600

– 1920×1200

– 1680×1050


7. Apple Stiched by Vladstudio

Resolution: 1600×1200 max and many other sizes.


8. Apple Wall by Rob Hedric

Resolution: unfortunately only 1024x768px.


9. Apple Mac Icons Wallpaper by Advent-Media



10. Aqua Apple by kevinandersson

Resolution: 1920×1200

aquawall apple-wallpaper

11. A greener Apple by kevinandersson

Resolution: 1920×1200


12. Aluminium Apple by ebcube

Four variations included: Apple, Heart, Dot and Clean. PSD included.

Resolution: 2560×1600 (16:10).


13. Apple time machine by Damagot

Resolution: 1920×1200

Apple time machine wallpaper

14. Black Leather Apple Desktop Background




15. Apple Modern by Flarup

Resolution: 1920×1200


16. Leopard “Conquer the Universe” BG

Resolution: 1920×1200


17. Wallpaper Apple Galaxy by jetc21

Resolution: 1502×1127

Wallpaper Apple Galaxy

18. BlackWidow by Delta909

Resolutions: 2560X1600,1920X1200, 1680X1050, 1600X1200, 1440X900, 1280X1024, 1280X800, 1024X768

BlacKWidow apple-wallpaper

19. -21. Apple’s Aluminum by jNCo-01 (5 versions)

Resolution: 2560×1600, I included 3 versions here.




22. Apple Carbon Wallpaper by LeMarquis

Wide: 2560×1600, 1920×1200, 1680×1050, 1440×900

Normal: 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1024×768, 800×600

Iphone: 320×480 (2 variations)

mac carbon apple-wallpaper

23. Apple Wallpaper 2 by maxwood

Resolution: 1280×800

Apple Wallpaper 2 colourful

24. Industrial Apple by Stratification

Resolution: 1920 x 1200

Industrial Apple wallpaper

25. Wallpaper – Burning Mac by esharkj

Resolution: 1920×1200

Wallpaper Burning Mac

26. Apple – Think Green by g2k556

Resolution: 1680×1050

Apple Think Green-wallpaper

27. Milkshake by Mickka

Resolution: 1920×1200, 1680×1050, 1440×900, 1280×800, 1600×1200, 1280×1024

Milkshake wallpaper-pack-apple

28. Computers Apple



29. Gosquared Apple + Digg Walpaper




30. MacBook wallpaper black by BarLevi

Resolution: 2560×1600

MacBook wallpaper black

31. Magic Wapple by Aerotox

Resolution: 2560×1600


32. HPMouse: Tiger Hires

Resolution: 1680×1050


33. Mac Crashed by pontodefuga

Resolution: 1600×1200


34. Think Tiki by Vaxra

Resolution: 1152×864

Think Tiki apple-wallpaper

35. Apple Stripe Pack by jamie-lewis

Resolution: image below.


36. Wallpaper Apple Life by hideoo

Resolution: 1680×1050, 1024×640


37. Apple Store Ginza by Atreide

Resolution: 1920×1200

Apple Store Ginza wallpaper

38. Mac Addicted by DaNaT-DuBai

Resolution: 1024×768

Mac Addicted apple-wallpaper

39. Think green by Psychopulse

Resolution: 1920×1200

Think green apple-wallpaper

40. Apple green by mr-mucho

Resolution: 1600×1200

apple green-wallpaper

Show this article to your friends, PC users, maybe they’ll start to love Apple a little bit more :)

Which one is your favorite Apple wallpaper?

Dainis Graveris

Dainis is 25 years young man, who struggled for 3 years while studying in design academy and working for local design agency, because of ignorant teachers and agency boss. He couldn't believe this is all life could offer to him! And then he discovered true Internet possibilities, he was lucky to find his passion early in life and take advantage of this beautiful Information (Internet) Age! Now he is committed to help others succeed, to help others take charge of their life and follow their passion! His goal is to open Your eyes and help unveil Your true potential!

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    I am currently putting together a simple website to offer Apple device accessories for sale.
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      Hi Frank,
      It’s absolutely fine as long as you credit the creator, informing them through PM is also good. Click on the image and you’ll be redirected to the creator’s profile page. :)

  8. Adam says

    These look great, did you design them yourself….. they really make me wana get a mac lol.

  9. says

    Great set, quite a few I haven’t seen before. Set one on my PC at work too, at least it will look more like a Mac!

  10. Rusli Zainal says

    this is great, I Will download it as I am planning to get one macbook, thanks

  11. says

    Not a huge fan of Apple / Mac’s, but these wallpapers are definitely very creative and impressive. Thanks for the share!

    • says

      @Jake we may be not fans, but we cannot miss Apple Inc creator creativity, and these wallpaper just continue to be as simple and elegant as possible! Thanks for your comment :)

  12. Luis Lopez says

    I really like most of them, industrial apple is my new wallpaper while i make one by miself.

    Great post

  13. . says

    Nice designs, although I still hate the Apple Corporation. The stuff is overpriced and half the stuff they say about why they’re better is pure lies.

  14. says

    @WebUser I am sure not all of them, because many picks are new from deviantart latest month submissions, should be so bad as you say.

    @Adhi Rachman I appreciate, thanks!

  15. Amanda says

    Nice wallpapers. makes me wish i had a mac, so i didnt make my windows feel fakola.

    • says

      @Claidheamh-righ I agree with you about prices, but otherwise Apple always stand out with beautiful designs and elegance wherever they go. And actually I am still Windows user too :) it’s cheaper.

      @Amanda Windows also can be modified by themes to make it look much more elegant and Apple wallpaper..well..I still like it though I use Windows :)

  16. Bariski says

    Great man :D
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    I got a resource from my blog too, hope you like it:

    28 Creative Mac Wallpapers


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